Makeup as a means of mass destruction

At present there are no women much makeup. Arsenal shines, several powders, the mountain shadows, blush, podvodok and ships - is not the limit of dreams. Even if from the tubes, jars and cases breaking dresser, always in the shop there is something you still need to be sure! From the perspective of men - all this is nonsense and a waste of money. But men do not know that with the help of all the & laquo; trifles & raquo; women successfully break their hearts. To succeed in this in the future, we propose you some new make-up options that we considered the most elegant and sexy.

Success will not be complete without important aides: sponges and brushes of all sizes. Because you have a lot of shade.

Makeup as a means of mass destruction

First on the list - makeup pink temptation. This make-up is, of course, the evening is designed for a special occasion - it is unlikely to be justified in an ordinary weeknight.

Start with the tone of the skin. First of all, you will need a scrub - it will level the surface and make the skin more fresh and bright.

Next, you'll need an air base tone with a slight pearlescent sheen. Apply it should be a thin layer using a sponge.

After your face will be porcelain,cheekbones blush tint: they should be pale pink, like tone on tone to the shadows. Shadows apply to the entire movable part of the upper eyelid and blend. If desired, you can set off the pink on the outer edge of the lilac, purple or turquoise, and the entire length of the century to hold the black arrow - the view will become even more expressive.

Nakraste Lips lipstick also rose, but more saturated color, but avoid the pearlescent colors.

Makeup as a means of mass destruction

Next, pay attention to the make-up depositsilver. Since the focus of this make-up falls on the eyes - the skin tone and the color of the lips is better to do neutral. The skin you should be velvety matte, for this you need a powder with a dense texture. You will not regret it, if before this strike to the face-tanning, because the dark skin silver shade will look even better. All you need to - get crisp pearlescent shade of silvery tint and shade them from the lash line to brow. And then to make up the eyelashes black, gray or dark blue ink.

Just as silver, out of fashion and are not going togo golden hues. It seems that summer without them will not be as hot and bright. This season we offer in anything does not deny, when it comes to bronze on his face. Not only the eyes but also the lips, facial skin, neck and décolleté should cast precious reflections. However, this makeup is not catchy, but rather refined and it is best to look at the sea shore.

To create it, we need money toflickering effect. Powder put on the face and below, not forgetting the shoulders. Then, on the eyelids, dry shade is desirable bronze shade and paint the lips pearl lipstick or gloss, without using a liner. Also it is necessary to abandon the eyeliner. Thus, the make-up does not take long and you will have a brilliant view!