How to paint eyelashes

How many disappointments experienced by women saw matted eyelashes and clumps of mascara on them. And the ink bought expensive, and like all done correctly, and the result is that one can only wash away everything.

It is not necessary to have a mascara-promoted brand and very expensive. Knowing how to properly painted eyelashes, can be obtained and the effect of a low-cost product.

How to paint eyelashes

1. If you want to give your lashes extra volume and length, begin to paint eyelashes at their roots by moving the mascara brush from left to right.

2. Then do brush movement from the bottom up. Be sure to paint over the lashes to the tips.

3. Close your eyes and go through the brush on the lashes, combing them. So you take your lumps and remains of carcasses.

4. Learn to use a comb for the eyelashes. Professional makeup artists without them can not do. Combs make it possible not only to distribute the ink, but also to keep the lashes perfectly separated.

For this procedure, apply mascara on the eyelashesbase, then take a comb and distribute the mascara to the tips. Of course, if you do not have a special comb, you can replace it with a brush on your same carcass. Only the ink to be removed from the brush by wiping it with a napkin.

5. Learn to use color ink. We all know that black ink is everything and is suitable for any make-up. But it is not always the case. If the blonde impose several layers of black mascara on the eyelashes, the eyes instead of the mysterious can become vulgar.

For everyday makeup blonde daybetter to use brown or gray mascara. Black mascara is better to use them only in the evening. And another tip: blue ink favorably shades blue eyes, green - emerald and purple mascara decorates the brown-eyed women.

6. To better paint over the lashes in the corners of his eyes, enjoy thin and short eyelashes brush.

7. Learn the technique of zigzag. Zigzag motion are performed back and forth along the entire length of the eyelashes. Especially important is this technique with staining of the lower lashes.
Painted lower lashes make eyes more expressive.

8. And now, little secret of renovation makeup from professional models. Hold the brush with mascara to the ends of the eyelashes, make a few nictitans movements.
So you paint over only the tips of the eyelashes and increase their length.

9. If you lower eyelid powder before applying mascara, you will easily wipe away from the face of crumbling pieces of the carcass.

10. If your eyelashes seem short to you, try to lengthen them using hair conditioner. Apply to the eyelashes a little conditioner. Let it dry. Comb and brush kras eyelashes. Likewise it can be done by using a moisturizer.

12. And a few short tips on how to paint eyelashes:

- Never apply a second coat of mascara, until the first has dried;
- Bending the brush at right angles;
- To make up eyelashes, wait five or six seconds before blinking. In this case, ink does not leave marks on the cheek;

But remove the ink must also be able. Put it under the lower lashes cosmetic disk or just a napkin. Close eyes. Dampen another drive in makeup remover. And conducted disk on your lashes. Ink will be planted on disk or a napkin.

Remember the shelf life of mascara and other cosmetics and keep them.

To save the life of mascara remember that notbrush must be lowered into the bottle several times. In a tube of mascara gets the air and reduces the battery life. Just perch brush in ink and a little spin its there.

The expressive and open look attracts the eyes of men, and a smile in the eyes do you not resistible!