How to paint eyelashes

How to paint eyelashes

To clap eyelashes and fascinatingaiming to shoot eyes, a little expensive to buy ink, superobemnuyu or imparting ultra-long. Mascara - it is just a tool which should be able to use, otherwise the money will be thrown to the winds. The best view is unimpressive, and at worst you risk to overdo it to the point that you will be hard to blink because of the burden of responsibility that you put on your thin lashes. And there, and close to a loss ...

It would be nice to have not in their beauty arsenala mascara, but several. Young girls who attend the disco can buy color ink, means Glitter. It was also nice to not be limited to the traditional black ink, and buy, for example, gray or brown for blondes. Modern mascara does not already have a tendency to be extremely bulky or lengthened, however, having tried several brands can be seen in the fact that it is a mascara thickens lashes, while the other more of them draws. So trial and error, you can get yourself mascara for different occasions - and more modest povyrazitelnee.

Eye makeup should be made on the cleanedface - the area is too sensitive to cosmetics it was stored. As for the direct application of mascara, this is the final stage makeup, and paint eyelashes mascara is necessary after being applied on the eyelids shadows. Be careful, make sure that the cilia are degreased, that they do not have castor oil, which is used for growth and shine that night cream is completely removed from the face, eye cream that they missed.

The first step before applying mascara to the eyelashes -This processing is crumbly powder small area under the eyes. If the coloring process, which includes both drawing and combing osypletsya ink, it will be easy to remove - a wiping brush.

After the eye region prepared forApplication of mascara should be applied to the base, if it is provided. Double Mascara with a white base - is a cosmetic magic wand with two ends, which makes lashes more voluminous than this can be achieved using only one ink. With base should work very carefully because, causing the eyelashes large number of her, then you can not paint over black, and white lashes will look through. Slowly, zigzag movements, starting from the roots and moving to the tips of the lashes stained by covering them with frost this cosmetic. After that you should give a dry basis, and only after she & laquo; grab & raquo; You can apply black mascara. No need to put the white base on the lower lashes, weighing it down - they do not need, especially for daytime makeup.

If a single ink, the same can be donewith it, if you want to give volume. The second layer is applied after the first has dried. If the ink enough thick and viscous, do not load the lashes several layers - one is enough.

Dyeing eyelashes better since the outer corners,only then moving to the interior thoroughly prokrashivaya them. At the end of the mascara is applied to the lower lashes, but it is not necessarily the day. In the evening, if you want to make the look more open, walk around the outside, without screwing them down much, only slightly touching the color, otherwise they can give the effect of a black eye.

Last but not least, and even one of the first roles forperfect eyelash brush playing. A more voluminous and fluffy brush ensure one effect only with a wave - they are good for those who need to quickly make a make-up rather denoting eyelash color. If you have the time and opportunity to stand before the mirror, conjuring over staining each cilium, take a short brush with rubber bristles that help to avoid lumps and make the lashes expressive and natural.

After the make-up eyelashes can be combedor a special comb or your existing brush from the old carcasses. So you remove the excess, which can then be showered, and divide the lashes, especially if you need to work with a bulk ink.