How to curl eyelashes?

Who among us has not dreamed to conquer one man onlywith a wave of his long curved eyelashes? How many of us spend hours trying not to give your coveted look of coquetry, seductiveness and beauty? Who among us, at last, I did not think about how to perming eyelashes?

After all, the most powerful woman's arms - it is eye - expressive and attractive, deep and promising, well-kept and framed by magnificent curved eyelashes.

How to curl eyelashes?

Methods eyelash curler

Today, everyone wants to get curved eyelashes have the opportunity to choose from the following methods eyelash curler:

* With the help of mascara
* With the help of forceps
* By means of heat treatment
* Using a perm

Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages, each of them has a large number of like fans and opponents.

Curling eyelashes mascara

Eyelash curler curls mascara - itperhaps the quickest and easiest method for achieving the cherished lashes bend. After all, it does not require additional costs, time and effort. The only drawback of this method: the cost of the carcase (the more expensive and higher quality ink, the steeper and izgibistey curl) and short-term results.

Curling eyelashes forceps

Curling eyelashes are twistingdeserved love of women for many years in a row. This is not surprising, because until recently it was almost the only way of eyelash curler. And the advantage of this method is much more important than its shortcomings.

Benefits of eyelash curler tongs:

* Tongs able in seconds to give your lashes a desired bend.

* This method of eyelash curler is considered one of the most benign (modern forceps are made of soft plastic).


* Curling eyelashes forceps need every day. And this can not but affect them in a negative way - over time they become thin and weakened (the benefit that lashes live only 3 months).

* This method of eyelash curler is not suitable for every weather - excessive humidity and strong winds can negate all the efforts they bend.

* Tampering and rough handling with forceps can cause injury and even eyelashes to their pull-out.

We decided to try this method of eyelash curler, but do not know how and from which side to approach the tong?

How to use eyelash curlers: the basic rules

* Curling eyelashes (especially the first time)should efficiently, with feeling, with the arrangement, ie, slowly and carefully, very carefully. Do not start this procedure for 5 minutes before leaving the house, or else run the risk of mangled wood eyelashes: eyelashes grab straight, pull inexperienced hand and clamp at the base of cilia, grab the upper eyelid.

* Treat eyelashes forceps is necessary before applyingmascara (not vice versa!). You do not want to expose their precious cilia unnecessary risk? After applying mascara lashes become more fragile, and therefore - brittle.

* Before using the forceps should be treated with hot water or stream, or a stream of hot air (hair dryer).

* Check the condition of his forceps: periodically check them for damage and displacement. It will be a shame because of the banal inattention to pinch your eyelashes or worse - completely cut their metal.

* If you notice that the lashes are tired, to give up their time curling tongs. Let them rest and recover. You may also want to carry out a course of treatment oils eyelashes.

How to curl your eyelashes with forceps: practical recommendations

* Short curling eyelashes need to at the verybase in three short approach-pinch (several short grips give a more natural and long-lasting results - in contrast to the single and continuous).

* Long lashes curl along the length and also in three sets.

* In this case, the forceps can not be clamped too tightly, otherwise the eyelashes zavyutsya at an unnatural angle (the effect of Barbie dolls).

* Those who wish to get eyelash-fan, you should master the following tactics: the central part of the eyelashes curled up, the outer edge of the lashes - the side (towards the temple).

* Mascara is best to use a dry and thick -Unlike liquid and dry (which often reduces the effect curly eyelashes is not), it is easier to paint curled lashes, giving them a covenant of density and volume.

Heat curling eyelashes

Curl lashes and can be resorted to heatperms. The essence of this method is straight lashes for a few seconds are handled by a special device. Thus, under the influence of a safe temperature, the cilia are changing their usual form and are bent.

Advantages of this method: a more stable and durable result (compared with ink and tongs).

The lack of just one - hold bend eyelashes is not as long as we would like.

Eyelash Perm

Are you tired to fight every day to solvetasks:? & laquo; How to curl eyelashes safely, effectively and, most importantly, for a long time & raquo ;, offer to turn the beautiful sights on the method perm eyelashes.

The essence of this method is ridiculously simple: eyelashes are wound on a special roll (its thickness is directly dependent on the length of the cilia - the shorter they are, the thinner the cushion), and then double-processed by special trains (first creates a curl, the second - his records). The last step: applying to the eyelashes nutrient (oil, usually) composition.

Procedure duration: 40-50 minutes.

Experts identify three technology perm eyelashes:

1. Radical Chemistry
2. Chemical to curl
3. complex

The latter technique is particularly popular among the visitors of the salon, because it can help to not only bend the lashes, he make them longer and more voluminous.

Benefits of eyelash perm:

* You can use it even curled short and straight lashes.

* In addition to the beautiful bending eyelashes perming gives visual length and density, thereby making the look more expressive and profound.

* The effect lasts up to 3 months, and in the case ofcombining this procedure with the procedure dyeing eyelashes allows to completely abandon the use of mascara (hence a substantial saving of time and finances).

* The procedure is absolutely painless andharmless (subject to a good salon and a proven experienced craftsman, of course), and does not affect the normal life & laquo; test & raquo; - All you can also wear glasses and contact lenses, tint eyelashes mascara, swim in the pool, sauna, etc.


* In the case of chemical agent falling intoeyes (if you turned to unscrupulous master, who caused the solution from the middle eyelashes, as expected, but closer to the root), you may receive a slight burning sensation. In this case, you need to wash the eyes with cold water and forget the way to this wonderful specialist.

* The fixing means may discolor eyelashesseveral colors, so after the perm procedure cilia best expose salon coloring (additional cost).

* Eyelashes permed in need of repair and maintenance. After it should undergo oil masks (based on castor oil or sea buckthorn, for example).

* After a time on the background of chemically treatedeyelashes start to grow new drugs (direct and relatives) that looks, frankly, ridiculous and slovenly. Correct the situation will conduct correction or a new procedure (if regrown cilia well, very much).