How to increase lips with makeup?

How to increase lips with makeup?Learn how to increase the lips with the help ofmakeup, want, probably, the majority of women. And although there is a perception that thin lips are able to give the female form finesse and nobility, in spite of this, extremely popular today plump lips and raised.

Any girl who follows the fashion trends inthe pursuit of beauty and the desired volume to agree on everything, from a variety of injection and ending with the most drastic way - operation. That's just not necessarily dealt with such measures as it is easily possible to increase the lips and on their own at home.

How to increase lips with makeup? The main rules

If you want to increase the lips, then do itYou can simulate them, but rather using the effect of light and shadow. Using lipstick, pencils and various glosses can perform a variety of tricks on their increase. Visually make a large volume of the lips can be, if obscure marginal lip line and brighten their center. Just keep in mind that "dimmers" can be used only opaque, but "brighteners" on the contrary exclusively pearl.

Only in this case, the effect will be felt.

Additionally, you can in the clarification zone to add a little shine. If you darken the outer corner, then the lips visually be pushed forward.

First of all you need to circle the lip contourpencil and paint them the same corners. When you need that part of the lip that does not cover the paint over a pencil or lipstick. Just choose them must be two or three shades lighter. Although it all depends entirely on how much makeup will be a contrast.

To make the most effective shade pencilit is best to perform all the actions with a brush. She will also be more convenient, and combine different shades of lipstick. As a result, the lips will appear more voluminous and thus complete.

A similar effect can be achieved if notseek the help of contour pencil. It is only necessary to use different shades of lipstick on the scheme described above. By the way, one more piece of advice: to get a larger volume is desirable to select only high-quality pencils and use lip. That's just keep in mind that having to help gloss, markedly reduced resistance lip makeup.

How to increase lips with makeup?

Two stunt to increase the lips with the help of make-up

The trick with pearl pencil

Enlarge lips with makeup enoughsimple and all that it will take - this pearl pen light shade. First, it must be applied evenly on the contour of the cavity on the upper lip, and then along the natural line of the upper lip.

In order to visually make more mouthsYou can hold a pencil line just above the natural contour. Then you need to carefully shaded contour traced a pencil and put any gloss or lipstick. Incidentally shade is best just a finger.

The trick in using blush / matte shadows

Another way to increase the lips can be considered the use of make-up shades of matte shades. They should be used instead of the contour pencil. It is best to choose shades of light colors.

Driving lip augmentation with their use as follows:
- Apply the shadow applicator along the contour of the lips, without touching the corners of the mouth
- Apply gloss or lipstick

How to increase lips with makeup?

That's all. So just turn increase even at home any girl.

As you can see, you can augment the lips with the help ofmake-up is quite a natural way, using only natural and natural colors and now you can safely consider yourself the most beautiful woman, because your plump lips would envy each passing girl. Do not rush to share with all their beauty secrets.