How to apply foundation on your face

How to apply foundation on your faceProperly selected and applied concealer- A perfect make-up base. With the help of cosmetics containing pigments and silicone oils, masks minor defects of the skin: blue under the eyes,

spots, rashes, redness. Tone cream evens skin tone and facial structure, moisturizes, protects during the day from the wind, frost and sun.

We'll show you how to apply foundation on your face step by step, a photo will help you understand all the technical aspects.

Subtleties choice

To face skin look perfect, tonalmeans must not only correctly applied but also to pick up. Make it sometimes is difficult, because the shelves lined with different cosmetics stores in composition, texture, shades of cream. The first thing you should pay attention to, to identify with the means - in the consistency tonalnika.

Universal option are resistant liquidagents having good density. They are suitable for all skin types, gently obscure freckles and spider veins. A more liquid consistency characteristic of the fluid. Basis with a light texture it is best to use young girls who do not have specific skin problems. For dry skin caring thick creams with oils and moisturizing active ingredients.

How to apply foundation on your face

Optimal foundation at elevated fat - cream mousse or cream matting powder. By the way, be sure to apply Mask for oily skin. Good mask major flaws, if youproblem skin can tonalnik as a stick, but for durability make it necessary to fix the powdery coating. Mineral base (especially with lifting effect) suitable owners of mature skin.

One more important thing - is to shade tonalnikamaximum coincide with the natural tone of your skin. Apply the cream can be tentatively on the back of the wrist, on the side of the neck or on the bottom of the cheek. Assess the color tone funds must be in daylight, as artificial lighting adds yellowness. If you find it difficult to choose one option from a few to compare, apply them to the skin side.

How to apply foundation on your face

Council. In the summer it is better to use not tonal foundation and BB (Blemish Balm) or CS (Colour Correction) cream: these cosmetic products also improve the complexion and eliminate the irregularities, but much more tender texture.

Technique of foundation

To impose a tonal framework can be different. Liquid means it's best to apply a flat brush of average size with synthetic bristles. Long-lasting make-up done using sponges, sponzhiki. If they are wet, the base layer will most dense and homogeneous. Dry instruments can even disguise significant flaws. Many women who are making a daily make-up, foundation is applied with fingertips. Such a method has its advantages: the cream, warmed by body heat, easy to spread on the skin, it becomes invisible on the face.

Step by step photo instructions on how to apply foundation on your face:

How to apply foundation on your face

  1. Before you apply the base, prepare the skinFace: clean it with cleanser, refresh tonic or lotion. To tonalnik subsequently went better and last longer, apply a thin layer of day cream. When it is absorbed, remove the remnants of funds cloth.

How to apply foundation on your face

  1. Gaining foundation in small portions,gradually apply it to the skin. Move the massage lines, from the center to the edge face. To make up looked natural and was no divorce, foundation needed to drive fingertips.

How to apply foundation on your face

  1. If you decide to use a brush,first means can be applied on the forehead, chin and cheeks, and then shaded from the center to the periphery. In the corners of the lips, in the eyebrows, on the wings of the nose cream applied light clapping movements. In a thin layer of the eyelid, to conduct a brush from the nose to the temple.

How to apply foundation on your face

  1. When overlaying the base cream sponge preextruded onto the compressed sponge, and then opened it, distribute the agent over the surface of the face. Feather make gentle circular movements. Especially carefully rub tonalnik at the hairline and in the transition to the neck.

How to apply foundation on your face

  1. Use concealer to eliminate skin blemishes. Liquid correcting means copes well with redness and blueness under the eyes. To disguise pigmentation and scars stikovym better to use concealer. Once applied to the problem areas it should be a good shade.

How to apply foundation on your face

  1. It gives the skin a healthy glow allowspecial products with reflective particles. Shimmer, bronzer or lyuminayzer using a round brush Apply a dot: under the eyebrows, on the cheekbones, the center of the forehead and chin. Now your face is ready for the application of the decorative make-up.

How to apply foundation on your face

Having mastered the basics of proper application of foundationface with our step by step instructions with photos, you will not only align the tone and skin texture, but also engaged in modeling. Using the equalizer on the darker tone tonalnika can hide facial imperfections, such as a large oval or cheekbones. On the other hand, emphasize the advantages of appearance can be a light proofreader.

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