Fashion make-up for the New Year 2017 photo

Fashion make-up for the New Year 2017 photoShines brighter stars in the New Year's party incircle of friends, friends and fans? With well-chosen makeup - it's easy. Despite the fact that before the New Year has long three cold and rainy months, carefully select your image must begin now.

First, depending on the selected imagechosen outfit for New Year's Eve. And secondly, you need to pre-purchase all the necessary makeup, to the very last moment not frantically running around the mall in search of the "ever" shadows that are suitable to your current hair color.

Beauty Tips for owners of brown eyes

Sacrament of New Year's Eve must necessarilytraced in the images of beautiful ladies. Natural magnetism have a brown-eyed girl. Unlike other ladies, they do not have to spend a few hours to create a New Year's make-up. Nature has already done everything myself. You're just a little bit to adjust the image created by it.

In this fashion season beauty-masters recommendpay attention to the pastel colors in makeup for mature women. Fan of shadows should pay attention to the shimmering options. Their advantage lies in the fact that unlike other shadows, they are not driven into deep wrinkles.

Fashion make-up for the New Year 2017 photo

Young the fair females is recommended to make a bright evening mejk. fashion Makeover New Year 2017 for brown eyes (photo) is based on the active use of shadows. Dominating colors - blue and turquoise. With this range of colors brown eyes become more expressive.

Tricks of make-up for goluboglazok

Blue color - the most common eye color among Slavic girls. Beauty bezdonnyhdevichih eyes in New Year's Eve to help emphasize the following tricks:

  1. Dominant colors makeup for blue eye - turquoise, lavender, pearl and nyudovye shades.
  2. To view was more expressive and profound beauty masters recommend the use of a bright pink shade.
  3. Eyeliner blue makeup make brighter and give it a festive mood.
  4. Golden and brown shade is better not to use - they look tired and will be extinct.
  5. Saturated color eyeliner allows the eye to be more saturated.

Fashion make-up for the New Year 2017 photo

Attention female readers is presented step by step make-up for the New Year 2017 for blue eyes with photo:

  1. Is applied on the upper eyelid shadow or white, for example, a primer. This will be the basis for the forthcoming New Year Meiko.
  2. The next stage - the work on the outer edge of the upper eyelid. His release in light blue.
  3. For the upper eyelid need a more saturated color.
  4. Black shadows draws the outer corner of the eye.
  5. The inner corner distinguish shades of white.
  6. Under the curb applied pearlescent shade.
  7. eye contour encircle the black eyeliner.

New Year's make-up is ready. Time to shine and re-conquer his beloved ethereal beauty. Can enhance eyes with makeup.

Fashion make-up for the New Year 2017 photo

Fashion bright make-up for owners of green eyes

The make-up for green eyes should followa few basic colors, are universal. This lilac, plum and lilac. They zelenoglazka feel a queen Christmas ball.

Beauty-masters recommend girls to pay attention to the bright rich colors. As a base shadow should use colors like beige, opal and gold.

There are also some differences regardingMakeup for owners of green eyes according to their hair color. For example, Fair should give preference shades of bronze and gold. A red hair it is best to emphasize the natural magnetism green eyes the same vivid green shadows.

Fashion make-up for the New Year 2017 photo

If a girl is blonde, you should pay attentionin the shades of peach and gold. Cat's eyes? Easily. With chocolate and green is quite possible. This is not vulgar. Languid and bright eyes - what do you need a girl to win over the New Year corporate parties and friendly gatherings attention unfamiliar satellite. Doing make-up for the New Year 2017 for green eyes, as in the photo, you should use black eyeliner.

Gray eyes Meiko optimum color for a Christmas party

To enhance the beauty of gray eyes, it is recommended to give preference to the shadows that are a few shades darker than the eyes themselves.

One of the most striking gray eyes for Meiko includes such items:

  • Arrows.

To draw a neat arrows, you must use a black liquid liner. At the same time the upper eyelid crease is drawn by approximately half, but no more.

  • Shadows.

Shadows are applied on top of the upper eyelid. Black color. The remaining area is shown with a gray shadow.

Fashion make-up for the New Year 2017 photo

To the outside corner of the eye needed white shade with a bright pearl effect.

  • Eyeliner.

Eye encircle the black eyeliner.

  • Eyebrows and lashes.

Eyebrows and eyelashes stand out in any, the most acceptable way for a girl.

Makeup for the New Year 2017 for gray eyes, as in the photo is ready. Suitable such makeup on every day.

Fashion make-up for the New Year 2017 photo

How to choose makeup?

New Year Party may take a long time. Well look all night - from midnight to early morning - not an easy task, but with the right choice of cosmetic products it can be done.

High quality and durability - two maincharacteristics that are worth paying attention to studying probes in the near-market beauty. high quality requirement is easily explained dlitelnostyuvecherinki.

Fashion make-up for the New Year 2017 photo

Water resistance is of great importance iffuture plans for the New Year meeting on the street - in the town square in the cold and snowy weather. Choosing low-quality cosmetics, she is likely to remain with the porcelain mask on her face - shadows crumble, foundation slips. It is unlikely that such a Christmas fairy wants anyone to kiss under the chiming clock.

How to apply the means?

Choose quality cosmetics - it is onlyhalf the battle. It is important to apply it correctly. In order to be the most beautiful at the party all night with extravaganza makeup for New Year 2017 (photo), beauty-masters recommend to adhere to the following rules:

  • Preparation of the skin properly to the application of makeup.

First we need to wash with a specialcleanser to remove make-up and early to get rid of street dust. Then applied to the skin tonic and moisturizer. Ladies in adulthood is recommended to use a nourishing cream and make a mask for wrinkles.

  • Application of tonal framework.

Tone Cream - the basis of all makeup. On how this quality facility and whether they know how to properly use the girl depends on many things. The color of foundation should match the natural color of the skin. Option a la "tanned summer" - not the best solution.

To align the complexion, tonal framework applied in the natural contours of your face.

Fashion make-up for the New Year 2017 photo

  • Powder.

Powder is applied strictly after the skin absorbed tonalnik. For this purpose, a special fluffy brush. Imposing the powder in such a way will carefully apply makeup without clogging pores.

In adulthood, it is not recommended to use too much powder as the person in this case will not look natural.

  • Making the eyebrows and eyelashes.

Eyebrows and eyelashes every girl allocates itsdiscretion. It is not necessary to use only black ink. If it allows the image, the original version - blue ink, as shown in the video and photos of the fashion make-up for the New Year 2017.

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As for the eyebrows, should take care of thembeforehand. For example, making biotatuazh, after withdrawing a clear form. In each city can be found the master who specializes in such cosmetic services.

Fashion make-up for the New Year 2017 photo

For New Year's make-up is characterized byfalse eyelashes. The alternative - lashes. To achieve maximum bright and open view, they in any case have additionally to paint ink (only one layer).

Owners should use the narrow eye liner. This cosmetic products can make the look a little wider.

  • Shadows.

Stepping up on New Year's Eve 2017 (photo) toeach type of eyes (depending on color) has already been discussed in this article. Taking advantage of one of the proposed options, the girl will feel like a real queen of New Year's Eve.