evening make-up

evening make-up

Evening make-up is the most extravagant withall kinds of makeup. It is designed to subdued artificial lighting. Therefore, it should be sufficiently emphasized. Evening make-up can be a glamorous and romantic, fantasy, and restrained depending on the selected image. When you create an evening make-up should be tailored to suit the place where you go to a nightclub, a restaurant or a romantic date.

face Makeup

Starting always from the base - colors. The tone is slightly lighter than the natural Careful attention to deficiencies (pimples, spots, circles under the eyes). The desired adjustment of the face. Adjust the oval area lighten T-zone.

Blusher put on the cheekbones, you can under the cheekbones. Carefully zapudrivaem (can be wet) adjustments and the T-zone area, do not forget the neck and neck, the tone of the face and décolleté are not different from each other.

eyebrow Makeup

Emphasize gray-brown eyebrow pencil, you can lengthen the tail of the eyebrows, especially if we're doing or drawing arrows.

eye Makeup

When the original contour eye make-up is required(Draws the eyeliner lashes at the roots and carefully shaded contour cotton swab). Pencils can be colored. Shadows of light, put on the mobile eyelid, emphasizing the outer corner of the eye more vivid shades, or to be movable along the border of the century and shade to the eyebrows. Under eyebrow lighten any light shadows with glitter. You can use the pearlescent shadows, shadows with glitter. Shadow can also be applied wet. The final contour of the eye is desirable. There are drawing arrows.

Eyelashes carefully stained lengthen, give volume. There are false eyelashes, eyelash bushes, capacity. Different colors of mascara.

lip Makeup

The first thing we do when the make-up of the lips, it isWe emphasize the lips themselves, using bright lipstick with gloss, lip gloss. The final contour of the lips (lipstick pencil in tone) will provide additional volume and make the lip plumper, lip augmentation is possible.