Correction of the lips and eyebrows

Correction of the lips and eyebrows

Many women have quite pronounced asymmetrylips. It is different. This displacement of the center, the lower and the upper lip can be different in size, etc. In this case, we must be able to look at ourselves, to identify asymmetries. Visually draw a vertical axis through the center of the nose and lips, hold the horizontal axis between the upper and lower rollers of the lips. Once we realized the axis, the asymmetry of the lips becomes visible and then it's easy to fix with the help of tonal resources, and lip liner. Tone cream or concealer disguises the natural contour and correct lip contour we create, regardless of the natural.

Among us are the owners of unitsideal shape eyebrows. Remaining create form in the beauty salons. Even after visiting a specialist, many are not satisfied with your shape eyebrows. Is not it ? But eyebrows are focusing makeup. Even if you have no make-up, it is worth emphasizing the eyebrows and the face is changing dramatically! The beauty of the eyebrows is very important break. To define it, visually divide the eyebrow into three equal parts 3. Point between 2/3 and 1/3 and have a break (Figure 6). When we emphasize the eyebrows are raised, feminine, more correct. Dye eyebrows desirable gray-brown pencil or gray-brown shades with a special brush. Black pencil is not desirable as well as the black ink used in the dyeing of eyebrows.

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