6 Ways to always look perfect

6 Ways to always look perfect

We offer you to get acquainted with the best options for make-up, which will always help you to be perfect!

You do not want too much to bother with makeup? Here are some simple ways to always look perfect.

For skin color. Regular use of tanning will save you from having to worry about daily skin color.

Perfect tone. Begin to make the leveling foundations for the face. Then apply a light concealer where you're sure: it is suitable to your skin, exactly lays down and easily shaded. Minor flaws and hide pimples concealer.

Mineral miracle. mineral-based cosmetics has many advantages. It protects and soothes the skin, does not clog pores and lies a thin layer. Smooth silky skin - perhaps this is all that you need for the perfect image.

Less paint. Do not get carried away multicolored. Battle color is not the best option for daytime makeup. Opt for pastel colors of shadows and pale pink or peach shades of blush and lipstick.

Smoky eyes. This is the most versatile and effective makeup. However, despite the ease of execution, be careful with the intensity of color. If pereuserdstvuesh, the result can be sloppy.

The main accents. Look stunning at the party to help 3 things: a dark lipstick, eyeliner and shimmering powder warm shade.