5 mistakes make up

Nothing so transforms the woman as favoriteman ... and cosmetics. Let us use this advantage wisely and avoid possible mistakes. And there may be few, although among the most common isolated 5.

5 mistakes make up

1. Wrong shade of foundation selected

Women who use inappropriatecreams, easy to recognize in the crowd: collar of her blouse always treacherous smeared. This means that the foundation it is applied and on the neck - so that the skin tone on the neck match the skin tone on the face. Remember: if the base make-up changes the color of the skin on the face, then the wrong shade is selected. The right shade of "tonalnika" must exactly match the skin tone. To select the most suitable shade is necessary to put a little money on the jawline, slightly shade and look at the result in the mirror suloviyah natural light. The right shade - one that will not stand out from the skin. Hint: means yellow shades suitable for almost everyone, in contrast to the rosy tones of creams. If in doubt in the shade, give preference to yellow tones.

How to choose the right color foundation?

It depends on your skin color. The golden rule: tone should not repeat the color of your face. If you have a pink face, avoid rosy tones and prefer beige. If you have a yellowish skin, choose bezhevo- pink. Finally, if you have dark skin, avoid beige tone that will give your face a grayish color, and choose a dark beige or beige and apricot.

To choose the perfect color tones, need it when buying a test. The ladies are tested foundation on the inside of the wrist. But this is a mistake, because our faces are not the same color as your hand!

Put a little test tones on the jawbone to see the effect that gives your face test foundation. The best color tone, it is not a color, and tone. If the color is too dark foundation for your skin, the result will be artificial, if the tone is too light, you will be a little tired, pale appearance.

How to choose the right texture?

The choice is also depending on skin type. Liquid tone in the bottle, which is suitable as a thin skin, and more dense. We recommend liquid texture, however, especially for dehydrated, dry skin. Styx, in general, very thick, correspond mainly skin prone to redness. The tone of loose, powder should be used in addition to the liquid tone, it allows you to fix it.

How to apply tone?

Do not your fingers! When we impose the tone and rubs his fingers, it always turns out too, the result is not uniform, and the tone is not held. We strongly recommend to apply liquid tone with the help of a little moistened sponge, moving from the center of the face to the outside thereof. A little bit of product is enough. For the upper part of the face: we stop at 2 inches from hair roots and rubs his fingertips.

For the lower part of the face: We stop under the chin. It is useless to put concealer on the neck, it stains the collars. As for the tone of the powder puff impose it - it's better than a brush, because you can not apply a thick layer of tone.

2. Rouge instead of shadows

In an effort to save time in the morning make-up,women often use and blush as eye shadow. Stay! Pink shades of blush not intended for use on mobile eyelid. Eyes in shades of pink looks tearful, but you seem tired and worn out. If the idea of ​​a "simple" make-up you cute, buy a combined means "shadow Age-rouge" beige or golden tones - they instantly give you a well-groomed appearance.

The use of shadows in the daily makeupadvantageously, above all, that they can be used to correct the deficiencies eye shape. To achieve ideal, you need to choose the right shade, the easiest to deal with it, if you know your color type.

But not only in the color case. There are a few uncomplicated techniques, which, for example, will increase little eyes. Eyes almost any shape will look more advantageous if the internal part of the century is lighter than the outside. Only here the women with widely spaced eyes, this option will not work, it will only exacerbate the discomfort. If you enter into their number, then shall do just the opposite.

When applied shadows, it must be remembered and that the distance from the eyelashes should be darker the higher the brighter.

To visually enlarge the eyes can darken crease between the mobile and fixed age. Especially it will look good, ie
If eyelids are not dyed. But this method is not for women with deep-set eyes. They will have to pick out a fold pink and beige hues, then everything will be very nice. In very small eye to emphasize the need to lower eyelid, and they immediately become broader and more.

In no case be allowed to contourshadows at the outer corner of the century was coming down. You must try to shade left obliquely upward. You can also make your eyes almond-shaped, for this we must carefully apply a thin line of the upper and lower eyelid from obliquely upward.

3.Chetkaya lip line

Use a lip pencil two or threeshades darker than the tone of lipstick - unfashionable and unrealistic. This technique creates a sense of "rings" around the lips, as if you just drank a cup of cocoa and forgot to wipe his lips with a napkin. For a natural makeup Choose a lip pencil, a shade that matches the shade of lipstick (or darker tone). Emphasize the line of the lips after applying lipstick, not before. For shading lines use a special brush.

If you are fond of emphasizing the contour of the lips with a pencil, but not quite achieved this perfection, try a few basic rules:

1. Choose a lighter shade of the pencil outline.

Best of all (regardless of the tone of lipstick) to give preference to the very light shade a neutral beige or brown hues.

[B] 2. Putting on lip contour line, holding a pencil vertically, the line spend carefully and try not to do it with the tip of the rod, and its cut.

3. Apply a light circuit movement, no strong clicking on the pencil. And only after this brush Oriflame Lip apply lipstick, first near the edge of the lips, and then paint over them.

4. The overabundance of lip gloss

A few years ago, lip gloss is almost entirelyousted from the shelves a traditional lipstick: Apply it was much easier and faster, a lot of shades and light transparent base attached glitter and glamor make-up very neutral. But here, women have managed overdo it. Now, remember, the philosophy of "the more - the better" here is not working. One layer of gloss - glamorous, three or four - vulgar.

Unlike lipstick, lip gloss gives volume andwhile retaining their natural appearance. Therefore, it enjoys great popularity among the girls: soft sponge create a feeling of freshness and youth. Older women are also fond of the subject makeup, because it masks the small wrinkles on the lips.

How to choose a lip gloss?

The main property of a good lip gloss that's that you hardly feel it. He must not stray into clumps, and, moreover, leave the feeling of the sand on the lips.

The advantage is the availability moisturizingcomponents and vitamins. And while some cosmetologists say that, despite the many moisturisers, lip gloss can never replace all sorts of salves, the more brilliance oils and vitamins - the better it protects your lips from the weather, frost and heat.

Lip Gloss release almost all manufacturers of decorative cosmetics. It should focus on your financial capabilities and preferences.

As for color, it should be remember that shine on your lips will look quite different, both in the window or on the model, because the natural lip color you have is different.

And again shine Lip should be used with caution to women with plump lips volume. They should avoid bright colors and gloss over the bright lipstick, as it visually increases lip.

5. "Drawn" eyebrows

Eyebrows should be well-groomed and have a clearshape, but even here you can overdo it: drawing individual hairs hard eyebrow pencil, made hastily or unknowingly, caricature makes eyebrows. Find the right color shade and put on the most delicate eyebrow applicator with a pointed corner, using small strokes and gently remove excess makeup.