2016 Fashion makeup: makeup trends

2016 Fashion makeup: makeup trendsYou will certainly be interested in the latest trends in the fashion makeup in 2016. Since a young age, every girl takes an interest in cosmetics. Over time, we pay cosmetics more of his attention.

Fashion Makeover 2016: main trends

The next year, the make-up mustpresent: smooth lines, experimenting with different shades, use different textures. In creating the makeup should be very clear lines, and to achieve this, you just need a little shade all clean lines. This year, you should not be afraid to mix different colors and textures. Sensual, gentle, feminine and attractive - just this will make in 2016.

The current new season will be warm andmuted tones, but they will look good only on well-groomed and perfectly clean skin. That's why in 2016 to create a make-up, try to carefully select a suitable basis. Apply an even layer on your face foundation of your choice.

2016 Fashion makeup: makeup trends

The following year, caused a fashion makeover in 2016to be quite natural. To create everyday makeup, it is desirable to use sand, golden brown and muted shades. Most makeup artists recommend using makeup tonal resources with frosted shades and satin effect. It will be very fashionable effect of smoky eyes. A similar effect can be achieved using shadow and eyeliner appropriate shades.

Fashion makeup Smokey eyes 2016

2016 Fashion makeup: makeup trendsSmoky Aes become one of the most fashionable formsmake-up next year. Smoky makeup, which is considered the most glamorous and seductive again becomes relevant. To the delight of many girls, this will make brilliantly than ever before.

This year, to create a makeup Smoky Aes possibleuse a shade of colors: electric blue, black, gray, purple, two variations of metallic or matte. Makeup Gloss 2016 can be further enhanced by an additional pearl

And the intensity of the applied makeup willonly depend on your preferences and your selected colors. You can just cut around the eyes in a circle with the help of shadows and does not use a dark liner. But you should know that the dark shadows, which are deposited in the form of liner will create a "raccoon eyes".

Fashion make-up cat's eye

To create a strict and at the same time dramatic fashion, trendy make-up in 2016, "cat's eye" will be the most effective way, and it does not matter that it will be an extravagant gothic or shiny glamor.

Actual classics of the genre will become fashionable style arrows in 1960, but some make-up artists have decided to further aggravate this idea by making eye make-up is more intense.

Makeup cat's eye in 2016, you can not performOnly by means of arrows. We can distinguish the outer corners of the eyes to make the makeup more expressive, you can use the shadow of two colors, for example, it can be purple and black shades. And to think of your eyes become more hypnotic, you must remember that the rest of the make-up should be neutral.

2016 Fashion makeup: makeup trends

Gray, plum and blue shadows 2016

If the shadows were relevant in the last seasonthe blue-green range, the trendy makeup 2016 brings colder tone. Bright and vivid blue and green colors will be replaced by a more dark and intense dark blue and gray colors. In the new season, the blue color will become purple, will be relevant lilac, plum, smoky gray, brownish-purple, gray and brown shades of shadows.

Eyeliner lower eyelids - Makeup 2016

Eyeliner in the next year will be more relevant than ever. The lower eyelids penciled 2016 Fashion makeup: makeup trendsthick eyeliner, use a largepopular in the 80s, but, unfortunately, forgot about it as much as twenty years. This winter, you can safely turn to the lower eyelids eyeliner, because you can create a more dramatic look, as a result, your mind will become magnetic and expressive.

To create the perfect make better usefor its high-quality pencil drawing to the end of the day your make-up is not floated and not smeared. It is not advisable to focus on the lower eyelids in adulthood, as it will further emphasize tired look and tone of the lost person.

Shadows of copper and orange hues in makeup 2016

If you are thinking about how to create astylish and at the same time simple and stylish make-up in 2016, then pay attention to the orange color shades, which will be relevant in the next season. In this case you need to apply different shades and shadows to create sophisticated lines itself orange color will give the brightness and strength of your look.

Copper color shades is more calm andmuted, so it can be accurately applied across the movable eyelid. A desired shade of copper can be freely combined with the basic shades of brown.

2016 Fashion makeup: makeup trends

Fashion make-up in the style of romanticism and minimalism

Most designers choose models for theirprefer light makeup. But this does not mean that next season you have to throw away your makeup. For this winter, look very attractive, you need to very carefully take care of your skin, it needs to add a little flare to your eyelids shadows, light layer of blush and add a natural shade to the lips lipstick delicate shades of creamy texture. When well-groomed appearance to use the minimum amount of makeup - it will become the main trend of the next season.

Gloss on the eyelids

Along with recent relevant frostedshadows, multicolored sequins and glitter on the eyelids will give an unusual star flicker and revive your makeup. To make-up in 2016 was the high-gloss, you can use the shadow effect of the so-called wet-look, or can be applied to the shadow of a little pearl, if you want to attract the eyes of other people, then the contour of the century can be applied sequins or colored rhinestones.

Fashion geometry makeup 2016

Unusual geometric lines a bit likeabout the famous Egyptian queen - Cleopatra and Nefertiti, who is known to dramatically emphasized eyes and chose to create artsy images. To emphasize these circuits in a fashionable make-up in 2016 in your attire must be present Oriental and futuristic designs.

You can hide the transitions, if you start drawing a secondarrow line from the very middle of the first line and continuing to the most eyebrows. You can select the geometric contours, depending on your preference and eye shape.

2016 Fashion makeup: makeup trends

Bright lips 2016 fashion make-up

Creating contrasts and combining differentopposites - it's another interesting secret to create another spectacular makeup. For example, it can be bright and saturated lip and eye shadows painted natural colors. For make-up lips, you can use lipstick red, burgundy, the color and shade of a tea rose, red-brown and red cabernet. But you can choose other catchy colors of lipstick that most match your mood.

Try to be very attentive to the contouryour lips, pencil must fully match the color of lipstick. Never give out your lips dark pencil edging. To blur the lines on the lips of some designers are using a contour pencil white. Here's a trendy make-up in 2016 is to try to do!