Makeup with red lipstick

The most vibrant, attractive and sexyimages of women are always created with the use of red lipstick. It is this lip tint, like a magnet, attracts men. It is associated with fire, passion and sensuality. However, many women prefer not to use red lipstick makeup because they are afraid to look too provocative or vulgar.

How to choose a lipstick color for hair

To make a beautiful make-up, you must take into account the various details, such as hair color girl. Let's look at this issue in more detail:

  1. Blondes are best suited soft shadesfacilities. If you do not only light hair, but also perfectly straight and white teeth - do not be afraid to try to make up a classic bright red color. This image is often trying the famous actress Scarlett Johansson, and it should be noted that the red lipstick looks at her perfectly.
  2. And without that bright brunette can become evendazzling, if properly pick up a shade of red lipstick. Note that girls with hair the color of a diverse range of face, however, it is best to avoid too bright colors. As a successful example of makeup with red lipstick can be the image of Angelina Jolie. It is quite often seen in public with brightly painted lips. Juicy and deep shades of lipstick makes her lips plump actress extremely sexy.
  3. Fair is to be selected in the shade meansDepending on the complexion. Pale-skinned ladies is the best fit bright red lipstick. Dark-complexioned girls better to prefer darker tones and more saturated.
  4. Red-haired ladies can emphasize its catchythe beauty of the red and orange hues. They are perfect lipstick terra cotta, peach or coral color. Girls with marble-white skin can safely be used in make-up classic bright red color.
  5. Brown hair of the fair sexin selecting such a lipstick can be guided by the same rules as the blonde. They should not be used in make-up dark deep tones, better to prefer a lighter and brighter tones.

Pick up means under the skin tone

In addition to hair color when choosing lipstick girls can also rely on your complexion:

  1. Those who have a white or slightly pinkish skin, the best fit cold colors with a hint of purple.
  2. Swarthy beauty can enhance your image with deep colors: burgundy, wine, dark cherry.
  3. Those whose skin has a slightly yellowish tint, will look favorably with the lipstick of warm peach or terra cotta color.

How to paint the lips

To make-up turned out neat and elegant, you must properly cover the lipstick. healingandbodywork picked up some useful recommendations on means of application:

  1. Bright lipstick is able to identify all the shortcomingsyour lips, so before using it need to make the skin soft and smooth, remove all roughness. To do this, first coat the lip moisturizer or emollient balm, a little massage them, so that the cream was absorbed.
  2. If you would prefer to delineate the contour pencil, pick a shade that will exactly match the tone of lipstick. Remember that pencil is put in the first place.
  3. Apply the lipstick should be starting from the center of the lips andmoving to the edges. To obtain a clean and color saturated, apply a first coat of a little rub it. Then blot the lips cloth and apply a second coat.
  4. In the process, make better use of a special brush - so lipstick will lie flatter.

helpful hints

  1. If you want to make your image of a laconic and strict - Use a matte texture tools. But the juicy glossy lip gloss will give the image of sensuality and playfulness.
  2. It is advantageous in combination with red lipstick will look any accessory of the same tone. Only here it is important not to overdo it, a red object clothing will suffice.
  3. Lipstick similar color looks perfect in combination with nails, painted with lacquer exactly the same shade.

Example makeup with red lipstick for blondes

To create an unforgettable evening image, blonde girls offer to use some of the recommendations of this article:

  1. Take the black eyeliner and draw a pretty straight arrows along the upper lash growth.
  2. On top of the resulting circuit, apply a strip of black shadows.
  3. Cover with a layer of the upper eyelid or beige shades of peach and thoroughly blend the colors to get a smooth transition.
  4. Coat the lashes mascara in black or brown.
  5. Outline contour of the lips with a red pencil in the selected tone lipstick.
  6. Nakraste lip in one layer and blot them with paper towel.
  7. Then with a brush, apply another layer of lipstick.

To make a light day make-up, do the following:

  1. With the help of liquid eyeliner or pencil, draw along the upper lash growth of thin arrows. Their shade is not necessary.
  2. On the upper eyelids, apply a light shade of beige translucent shade.
  3. Nakraste lashes mascara in a single layer.
  4. Select the lips with red lipstick.

Makeup with red lipstick for brunettes

If your image is present red lipstick, you can make the main emphasis is on the lips, not too while stressing the eyes. Let's look at the steps of creating makeup for a dark-haired girls:

  1. Take a pencil or eyeliner and drawdirection. Their length and shape should fit under your eyes slit, and most importantly - the arrows to do smooth, neat and symmetrical. The selected tool does not have to be black, you can use dark purple, deep blue, emerald green and shades of coffee. It is best to focus on the color of the iris.
  2. To the eyes look more expressive, you can bring a little eyebrows with a special powdery pencil. Do not forget to first make the eyebrows neat shape, pull out excess hair.
  3. The next step, use the shadows. The choice of color is also better to focus on the color of the eyes. For example, the brown-eyed girls to suit all shades of brown and purple, dark blue or graphite. Green-eyed, you can use the same scheme, as well as many shades of green. Those who have blue or gray iris, it is better to give preference to lighter shades.
  4. The final step in eye makeup is the application of mascara. Coat the lashes in one or more layers depending on what effect you want to achieve.
  5. And most importantly - applying red lipstick. Select the appropriate tool you shade and pencil of the same tone. Draw an outline around the lips neat pencil and cover them with a layer of lipstick. Gently rub it with a napkin and blot. After that, apply lipstick again.
  6. If you want to make your lips plumper visual - use a glossy shine.

Features makeup with red lipstick and red-haired brown-haired women

Girls with hair color are almostall shades of red lipstick. At the same time they should not be too much to allocate eyes as bright and saturated lip curls are a highlight of the image. In the makeup they should use a light shade of beige, pistachio, peach shades. Create a make-up is quick and easy:

  1. Draw on the upper eyelids a thin arrow.
  2. Shadows suitable colors cover the upper eyelids.
  3. Touch up the lashes mascara.
  4. Select the lips bright red lipstick. Its application technique is the same as in the above cases.