Makeup - instant reincarnation?


In fact, learn how to make beautiful makeupalmost equal ability to paint beautifully, because without patience, accuracy have little imagination can not create striking and original images, or emphasize the natural beauty.


  • 1 How to learn the art of make-up
  • 2 Paint the eyes correctly
  • 3 What eyelashes?
  • 4 Making the eyebrows
  • 5 "do" the face

How to learn the art of make-up

By and large, makeup helps a womansimulate your face, focusing on its different parts. Working on a literally everyone can achieve excellence, harmony and a sense of the right mix of colors.

Every person, regardless of gender andage, nature has a need to look good and attractive. Unfortunately, Mother Nature has endowed all not perfect skin, long eyelashes and full lips.

And here is the right make-up can be arranged. So, even hand-written beauty unlikely to give up the opportunity to emphasize their beauty, to say nothing of those who, unfortunately, are not so lucky with the exterior.

Surely you've seen on a girl or a woman,painted like matryoshka or unnaturally black eyebrows, lipstick acid vulgar, bright evening shadows in the morning. All this once again proves that the ability to properly present themselves not to be inherited, and it needs long and hard to learn. Especially because everyone wants to do it perfectly, and not "the other".

Painting the eyes correctly

The most important part of any person's eyes are. In fact, he is telling the truth about the great classic that "the eyes - a mirror of the soul," and this does not argue. So the basis of any make-up is the correct design of the eye, even if you just emphasize the eyelashes mascara.

Today, the materials about the intricacies of "eye"make countless. Special methods are created taking into account the shape, size, eye color, as well as reasons - from the morning walk to the luxurious reception. Indeed, it is important not only not to be confused with an evening make-up day, but at the same time have a sense of proportion.

It should also take into account the shape of the eye, particularly the eyelid skin, use special techniques, if you wear glasses or contact lenses.

What eyelashes?

Even the most daring color scheme willlook pale if the lashes remain out of work. And the truth is, you probably have repeatedly drawn attention, that appreciate the results of their work can not be without beautiful lashes, and sometimes he does not seem to be what you need. The standard of beauty are considered to be fluffy long eyelashes, and rightly so.

Unfortunately not every representative of the fairer sex can boast such beauty of nature, and then come to the aid of different mascara, tongs and paint.

The easiest way to purchase quality mascara effectwhich depends on the initial state of the eyelashes. So, if they are long, but thin, use a tool for the volume, and if the contrary - lengthening mascara. If you are lucky enough to get hold of the ideal, but the bright form, can be painted with special paint eyelashes. And even if you have a rare "cilia-shorty," virtually every salon offers a procedure for building beautiful eyelashes.

Strengthen and improve the appearance of this part of the eye,help all sorts of recipes for the care as well as special cosmetics. It is proved that regular use of castor oil helps not only to increase the length, but also to make eyelashes thicker.

Making eyebrows

Eyebrows play an important role in visual perceptionyour face. Their shape can make the effect of different emotions, if properly execute them. So, too inflated do you ever surprised, straight and shaggy evil, and lowered and extended - sad.

There are basic rules for creating shapes eyebrows andThis will not necessarily radically change their shape and color. In any case, using the rule of "three points" you make beautiful eyebrows and suitable for your facial contours.

To do this, attach a pencil to the outer corner of the mouth and mark the point of beginning, middle and end of the eyebrow. Accordingly, in the form to the beginning, the end and the line break.

As for the make-up of eyebrows, usespecial pencil to give them clarity, depending on hair color. Thus, the dark-haired ladies recommend using black, blond - brown. If necessary, the paint on the eyebrows line, fill in the gaps with a pencil, then comb the eyebrow brush and finish the special powder, or, at worst, matte shades in the color. And most importantly, remember that everything should be as natural!

"Making" a person

What is the make-up without face modeling? Using the foundation can not only hide minor flaws, but also significantly change the shape of the face, of course, visually.

Apply concealer should be at the very beginning,before painting the eyes and lips. As a basis, use light tone, or the base. Next, the entire face is applied a dark layer of tonalnika, but it must be very thin and well feathered.

In the area that you want to select (cheekbones, nose, mouth), apply a light shade or konsiller, but the darkest ball will be there, where you need to hide the flaws.

In fact, it's rather difficult and requiresa lot of practice and skill. For daily make-up is easier to cover the face of an even coat, a suitable color to the skin and to allocate the necessary space konsillerom. Finally, remove the remnants of the cream with a napkin and matiruem powder.

In short, everything is in your hands. Just be aware and correctly apply the knowledge you have received on the matter.