Make up for school

"Oh, what is this scarecrow it? You again took my mother's makeup? " - Sighs the teacher in the school saw brightly painted pupil. Yes, long gone are the days when painted in the school were not allowed. Now girls can come to class with make-up, but with the proviso that it was the most natural.

Girls, as well as adult women tend to be more attractive. And no matter what day of the week, time of year and location - so young ladies are trying to stand out by using cosmetics.

It happens that the majority of parents areEarly makeup skeptical. Why spoil a young skin? You're just a kid! And forbid the use of cosmetics. Often these prohibitions have caused a backlash of a teenager, and she tries to use all the available cosmetics my mother in order to prove the opposite. healingandbodywork teach schoolgirls correct make-up, which can take classes with ease.

We care for your skin properly

The error of most parents is that they do notThey teach their daughters the right skin care products. Every day teenage skin is exposed to pollution and if it is not clean, you can "get" irritation and acne. Therefore rule №1 - Preparation for make-up starts with cleansing.

Tonic is best suited for girls foryouthful skin. Clean the skin should be gently with a cotton swab. After the funds necessary to apply a nourishing cream. Do not forget that it is necessary to apply a thin layer. Then it will not be visible on the face.

Important! The girl-teenager have to be their own personal funds, which correspond to her age. Take lotion and cream my mother or older sister "for hire" is strictly prohibited.

About skin types and types of makeup

Know what type of your skindesirable early. The girls in their teens may be different skin: someone is dry, and someone on the contrary, oily and prone to rashes. It happens and combination skin - on the forehead and chin, dry, and on the nose and cheeks more fat. It is very important to cosmetics matched to skin type and age.

Also schoolgirl is necessary to clarify that there are two types of makeup: night and day. First, you can easily "draw" on a date and a disco, and a daily option is just perfect for school.

It is advisable for the school to make-up the girl wasunobtrusive. And if thickly painted lashes and scarlet lipstick perfect for discos, one afternoon this option will make the caller sound. For a hike in school is more appropriate lipstick-gloss pale pink hue, and beige or peach-colored shade.

What to buy cosmetics?

To not look vulgar, it is necessary to buy a discreet makeup.

healingandbodywork recommends:

  • If no tonal framework can not do, then choose a light foundation that will match your skin tone;
  • This rule also applies to the choice of colors of powder. Buy loose powder light shade;
  • If you are using shadows, then give preference to lighter tones. You can take nice blue eyes, light green, light brown or light blue shadows;
  • lipstick to change the natural lip gloss shades. It is visually enhance lips. Choose these shades: beige, peach, pale pink or transparent;
  • if there is a need to use an eyebrow pencil - its color should match the shade of your brows. Pencil can be changed to a suitable matte shadow colors;
  • Mascara must exist in the beautician schoolgirl. Owners of short cilia more suitable lengthening mascara, and for rare and long lashes - volume.

How to properly apply makeup

As you know, all the girls love to sleep in the morning. And once stood, starting to fuss and in a hurry to gather in the school. On the make-up is given a maximum of three minutes. Then it turns out that a quick "make-up" becomes a cause of ridicule classmates. Stylists are advised not to rush. Even if you are left with very little time, you can use the mascara and lip gloss. That will be quite enough to emphasize their natural beauty.

If you have more time, and surprisingly family even get up in the morning for half an hour before - you'll have a beautiful gentle daily make-up.

How to make-up girls to school:

  1. After washing, apply a little cream on the skin. Do not rub it vigorously! Generally with young skin should be treated very carefully.
  2. If your skin has a beautiful color, it is clean and free of pimples, then cover it with powder and tonal means is not necessary.
  3. Pimples and bumps on the skin can be maskedwith a special masking a pencil or use foundation and powder. Take the applicator for applying foundation and accurate movements put on skin. Distribute and wait until the cream is slightly absorbed.
  4. The next step - powder. To remove the shine, take a little loose powder on the brush and lightly "pritrusite" face. It should not go to the dense layer, not to get the mask effect. During the day, you can use the compact powder to remove excess shine from skin.
  5. Now it is necessary to emphasize the eyebrow line. Use a pencil or a suitable shadows. If eyebrows hairs stick in hand, they can be first combed the special brush, and then apply a drop of fixing gel for eyebrows. Unwanted hair can be removed using tweezers (but this is not a morning make-up procedure).
  6. To visually open the eyes, uselight shadows with nacre. If you are an experienced user of cosmetic products can be used to make two shades of shadows. They are applied on the inner corner of the eye to the opposite. Try to keep the applicator confident to do the extra strokes. "Refresh" makeup can be white shadows - apply a little on the upper eyelid (in the middle), and over his eyebrow.
  7. Use the pencil to highlight corners of the eyes, drew a short thick arrow. Thus, you make the eyes more expressive.
  8. Now it is possible to make up the eyelashes mascara browncolors. This rule must comply with fair-skinned and fair-haired girl. For brunettes and brown-haired women suit black ink, but it is necessary to apply only two layers. Nakraste only the upper eyelashes (but not from the roots themselves), and the bottom paint is not necessary. Make sure that on the cilia do not form lumps of paint.
  9. The final stage - applying lip gloss. Smuglokozhih girls better to take shine a light pink or peach shade. Girls with fair skin is more suitable beige caramel color or shine.

Blush make-up are not used for the school. But if your skin is very pale, it is permissible to use quite a bit of blush. Distribute cosmetic neatly to the cheeks not turned excessively red.

Of course, first you'll need more time to make up school, but eventually you will be quite a few minutes to beauty guidance.

Tips for Beautiful Skin

  1. At the end of the day the skin necessarily need to be cleaned. For this purpose, suitable tonic without alcohol and facial wash.
  2. For oily skin, choose a foam or gel for washing, dry - cosmetic cream.
  3. To remove mascara and shadow, use a two-phase medium and a cotton pad. You can not vigorously rub your eyes, so you can stretch a thin skin.
  4. After removing the makeup on the skin need to apply a nourishing cream.