Make-up for small eyes

The true woman, perfectly studied all theirdisadvantages, is not offended by nature and does not blame all the misfortunes genes - it challenges them! Thalia is not present? Tighten the belt more tightly! Sparse hair? Zavem! Eyes are small? Draw more! Go!

So, to small and expressionless eyes turn into magic "mirror of the soul", we need a bit of manual dexterity and skill!

Beautiful ladies as interesting

In general, we, the women, some new subtletiesmakeup is difficult to surprise - we have long since decided that suits us, and what should be avoided. But let's still more time to brush up on compliance with the color palette of shadows ottenkmakiyazh natural eye for young eyes.

Amazing colors of green and gray-green eyes accentuated by pink, gold (copper) and plum shade. You can also experiment with purple and brown tint.

Brown eyes rightly considered universal whenchoosing a color palette. They underlined the depth of shade of green, blue, gray and silver, and brown on the tone or two lighter than the iris, the color will give a special look smoky softness. Dark brown eyes "sparkle" on the background of gray-green, peach or golden shades.

Blue eyes "revitalize" a contrasting color -orange, yellow, red colors. Ladies with a more conservative view of the make-up, you can use gold, sand and terracotta (brick) shadows.

Neutral color gray eyes can be donericher and brighter. Note the hue of the skin by selecting the shade. If nature gave you a warm skin tone, for gray eyes are an excellent option gold, sand and bronze shade. In combination with cool skin tone steel gray eyes sparkle through the blue, purple, green, turquoise and blue shades shadows. The winning goal for the gray-eyed women will also be a gentle make-up of beige-pink, light brown and light purple palette.

It is not necessary to select the shade "color to color" - they will merge with your eyes and make them lifeless. Tint shadows in any case should be slightly different from the color of the iris.

Owners of small eyes should be afraidmakeup, exaggerate on his face. Your makeup should certainly leave a pencil eyeliner and black colors, the shade of dark shades. Fascinating haze fashionable today technology "Smokey Eyes" unprofitable to emphasize the size of a small eye, much heavier its natural lines. Applying to the upper eyelid black line liner further narrow the eyes do look heavy, but the overall image - simply vulgar.

However, the reasons to be upset with you and not beshould, because at your disposal the widest palette of shades that will help your eyes "wide open"! Here are some interesting facts that will add to the information of "baggage" of any beauty:

  • nacreous strip (or light shades), shade under the brow does look open, refreshing face and enlarges the eyes;
  • light shade shadows small deep-set eyes make it more prominent and larger;
  • if we impose darker than the iris, shadows on the region of the outer corner of the eye in the form of the bird's wings, the eyes visually stretch out;
  • increase the power of small eyes bright eyeliner;
  • extensively applied pearlescent shade disadvantageous stress dry skin century.

Daytime makeup for small eyes

The main objective of the day make-up - make a facemore expressive, while maintaining its natural color. Shadow small eyes need to choose a lighter shade, and shade them with a brush in the direction from lash to brow. In the most saturated color it is painted movable part of the century. To visually lengthen the eyes of their outer corners summing soft pencil, a shade which should match the color of the eyes. Ideal for light eyes will be gray or blue pencil for dark - brown. Having eyeliner line is slightly thicker in the middle of the eye, you can visually raise the upper eyelid, thus making the eye more. On the outer corners of the eyelids becomes thinner line liner is pulled up toward the temple. You may also want to emphasize the inner corners of the eyes and the edge of the lower eyelid white pencil. Under the experienced hand with eyebrow pencil acquire refined bend, visually making small eyes look more open.

Do not forget to follow the shape of the eyebrows - wide andWe need to thin out thick, and the areas where the hair is missing - to paint a pencil or special shades. Under the most eyebrow always applied and carefully shaded line is lighter shade. And the final touch - mascara dark brown. Apply it in a single layer, then gently comb the lashes.

Evening make-up for small eyes

Conjuring over the evening make-up, it is important not to go toostick. Our goal - with the help of bright and saturated shadows make the eyes not only shine, but remain natural. The palette of cosmetics for the eyes should not make a dissonance in your overall image, her tone must be chosen based on your skin color, hair and dress. The color of lipstick should give in eye color - be a tone or two lighter.

The same rules apply to the eyebrows - their color,which will become more crowded thanks to the pencil should match the tone of hair. This does not apply to blondes - the color of their eyebrows can be two tones darker hair color, but not black!

Lengthening mascara, two coats, giveseductive lashes bend. However, you need to use it very sparingly - lashes should be a beautiful border to the eye, but not plush caterpillars, which live a separate life from the eyes.

Subtleties of eye makeup for those who wear glasses

The worse myopic eyes see, the morebecome thick spectacle lenses, which, unfortunately, distorts the eye, making it smaller. This means that the eye make-up, hidden points, you need to pay special attention.

Above points are always visible eyebrows, so theymust be in perfect condition: the desired shape, the color you want. If you doubt their abilities, the master trust for the correction of eyebrows, he will tell you what to do with them. An important caveat - that there was no double illusion of eyebrows, the color does not match the color of the rim, let it be lighter or darker tones for a couple. Points must be chosen so that the upper part of the frame does not cover the eyebrows, it is also unacceptable to have the same width of the rim and eyebrows.

Selection of color solutions for eye makeupcomplicated - shadows shade should "sound in tune" with the rim color. For thin rim or if it is not at all suited bright shade, not superfluous will and eyeliner. Glasses with a thick rim "will not tolerate" the rich color shades. It is enough to use a pencil and mascara. Give preference to the best shades of neutral and pastel shades.

The skin around the eyes need more light tintshade than the person. Shadows are applied as usual, under the brow - light colors, on a movable century - darker. Winning options shadow points - light beige, brown and pink. Eyeliner can be done on the upper and the lower eyelids - for effect. Lengthening mascara, deposited in a single layer, will be the final touch to the eye make-up under the rim glasses. Lipstick, choose natural colors.

And finally healingandbodywork give you some advice, overheard by professional make-up artists:

  • If you have small eyes, not necessarilytrying by all means at any cost "redraw" them with the help of cosmetics. Make emphasis on the lips, clearly outlining them and having made up a tempting shade of lipstick. The eyes in this case, you can simply underline a couple of strokes mascara for eyelashes;
  • Master the technique masterly possession of a pencilfor eyes. Then you can with one flick of the wrist to draw thin lines neat, somewhat departing from the lash line. So eyes will look bigger and wider. White Pencil and body color should be applied to the inner lid after you have done the basic makeup to mascara and shadow did not break the line.
  • should experiment a bit with formeye to using makeup to make it bigger. If you have narrow eyes, draw an arrow from the middle of the upper eyelid lash line a little higher, but do not pull its sharp edge to his head, and went down to the base of the lashes, ending at the outer corner of the eye. Transform the shape of small round eyes can be a conventional thin arrow, pulling it beyond the natural contour of the eye.