Makeup for redheads

The color of copper, dark cherry, mahogany,Red, orange - all bright shades of red. Happy holders of red curls can afford the most striking and diverse make-up than just to emphasize his unusual hair color.

makeup Basics

Usually pick up artists make up the color of the eyes, skin, age and women of fashion style. But as for the red-haired girls, here, you must first start from the color of their curls.

Choosing shades of tonal framework, makeup, consider the following rules:

  1. In beauties with natural red hair color leatheroften bright with pronounced freckles, and this means that the shades of foundation and powder should be in the skin tone, freckles and not to face did not look dark spot.
  2. The tonal basis should not be pink shades to the face did not look like a lifeless mask.
  3. Freckles and skin irregularities can be masked by a proofreader for the skin, the tone of which should not be darker tonal framework.
  4. Do not mask the irregularities and inflammation on the skin tight cosmetic basics.
  5. If your skin is perfectly smooth and does not require alignment, instead use the tonal framework light compact powder.
  6. Remember the rule - light skin are more suitable means to align the skin tone ivory and beige shades to choose darker skin.

Tonal basis applied in the following order:

  1. To apply a tonal framework, it is desirable to use a cosmetic sponzhik slightly moistened in advance, which will help the cream to stay up straight.
  2. First, work with the T-zone - Apply foundation on the forehead and nose wings. To do this, take the base a little lighter. This will help to visually reduce the large nose.
  3. For an area of ​​cheekbones and chin, use foundation to darker tone.

Blush - an important part of the make-up, with the help of which one can well highlight cheekbones:

  1. Red-haired beauties most suitable blush peach, apricot, sandy shades.
  2. For dark skin or evening make-up, you can use the bronze blush.
  3. No shades of pink or red, they will look out of place spots.
  4. Blush Apply only on cheekbones. To determine exactly where you are, a little smile - protruding parts will be your cheeks and cheekbones.
  5. Remember that paint should not be too bright, their function - highlight cheekbones and refresh the face.

Makeup for eyebrows and eyes

After applying the tonal foundation and blush, you can proceed to the correction of eyebrows:

  1. Color correction eyebrow pencil redheads should be light brown in color, and in any case not black.
  2. Fashion today are wide and dark the brow arch is not to face a light-skinned redheads Best, but you can not leave them natural, too.
  3. The best option for natural red - light brown pencil. For dyed in red color pencil to choose the right shade of the hair color.

Eyes - the most important part of our face. It is important to emphasize them, to make them more expressive.

Choosing shades of shadows, keep in mind that redheads are tsvetotipu "Autumn":

  1. Shadow Palette can be very diverse - from copper to chocolate.
  2. For day makeup is better to choose calmer colors - peach, beige, light green.
  3. Also, when choosing a shadow is necessary to consider the color of eyes- To the brown eyes are all good tobacco, cinnamon color, shades of brown, yellow, golden. Shadow green-eyed - all shades of green, malachite, color of wet asphalt for evening makeup.

Red-haired with blue eyes can not get involved in mother of pearl shades.

When choosing a mascara give preferencetones not black and brown and dark brown. Black mascara is too rough look at the background light and delicate skin. An exception can be made for owners of dark red shades of hair with a dark skin. For evening make-up would be appropriate under the mascara eye color - blue, green, gray.

Lip Makeup

When choosing a lipstick or gloss, healingandbodywork recommended to take into account expressive eyes. If they made an emphasis, the lips should attract less attention:

  1. Red-haired to face almost all shades of pink, burgundy, cherry, coral, red and orange colors.
  2. If you like bright colors in lipsticks, eye shadows should be more calm.
  3. If you are not in favor of bright lips, then givepreference restrained tones - peach, beige, dark crimson, creamy chocolate or use colorless shine. The main thing is that the color of lipstick in harmony with the shade of your hair.

Nude makeup

Ginger on the nature or dyeing as anyone suitable makeup Nude style - the so-called natural makeup. But it is necessary to strictly adhere to the following rules:

  • this kind of makeup will not look, if you are too tired or have not slept;
  • facial skin should be smooth and non-inflamed;
  • blush color, choose a quiet, natural;
  • If you have bags or dark circles under the eyes, they need to disguise proofreader;
  • no bright colors, pastels and only natural.

For Nude makeup cosmetics, use the following:

  • brown mascara;
  • eyebrow pencil to your natural color;
  • translucent tonal basis;
  • powder;
  • gloss or lipstick in Nude style.

Nude makeup application

  1. First, we put the tonal foundation.
  2. You can emphasize the freckles and birthmarks. But do not overdo it! They can emphasize it, not draw, so they look natural.
  3. Make a pencil eyebrow correction.
  4. Now it is possible to tint eyelashes and mascara to make arrows pencil or eyeliner.
  5. The final touch - powder and lipstick, glitter.

options for make-up

Casual makeup.

Casual makeup should be soft, restrained. Use pastel colors:

  1. Apply translucent tonal foundation.
  2. Under the eyebrow line, apply a light beige shade on the upper eyelid peach or apricot.
  3. Nakraste eyelashes brown mascara and eyebrow pencil podretushiruyte color hairs. Natural dark lashes for daytime makeup can not handle at all.
  4. The final touch - lipstick bright colors or colorless shine. Casual makeup on it is finished.

Evening make-up.

Going to a party in a restaurant or theater,You can afford a vivid image. There is already allowed and shadow to brighten, adding pearl and sequins. also do not hesitate with lipstick and blush - juicy colors are acceptable. The main thing that it was picked up in one key with hair color.

Make-up for the bright red hair with orange tint.

  1. On the flat, having no defects can not cause the skin tone foundation, use a cream with moisturizing tinted slightly yellowish tint enough.
  2. Over the tonal framework powder the skin and apply a thin layer of bronzer.
  3. For daytime makeup use brown mascara, the evening you can make up the black and draw arrows dark eyeliner.
  4. Extravagant your eyes give copper shade and dark chocolate color with a golden tint. For daytime make-up, take brown and beige shade.
  5. In choosing a lipstick, prefer pink and peach tones and natural.
  6. Highlight cheekbones peach blush, and in the evening you can apply more colorful blush - bronze, carrot, bright pink.

Makeup for red-brown hair.

  1. Red-brown hair looked even more beautiful against the backdrop of sunburnt skin.
  2. Tonal framework should not have pink shades. But gold or coral - your color.
  3. Leverage effect powder foundations with a bronze tint.
  4. The dark brown mascara and eyeliner color of dark chocolate or a copper-colored underlined the depth of your eyes.
  5. Shadows can be golden, all shadesbrown, maroon, the color of ripe cherry, plum. Evening make-up allows for a bright red, orange, dark pink shades. With this you can not be afraid to experiment, picking up to her eyes.
  6. Also with lipstick - will suit the color of plums, ripe cherries, wine, ruby.
  7. Blush - coral, cherry, red-brown in color hair.

Make-up for the bright red hair.

  1. Choose a foundation to match your skin, and it is possible to apply a base with the effect of sunburn.
  2. Powder choose dark pink or apricot. On tanned skin bronzer will look good on the darker tone of the tan.
  3. Mascara suit and black and brown.
  4. Effectively will look gray or brown shade.
  5. Lips can be emphasized by all shades of red.

As you can see, the choice of colors for redheads is huge. Do not be afraid to experiment, look for options that are right for you.