Make-up for the impending century

Drooping eyelids - a common problem amongwomen over 50, but it happens that a similar phenomenon occurs in a fairly young members of the fairer sex. Whatever it was, to remedy the situation fundamentally possible only with the help of plastic surgery, but to correct the problem will help visually correct make-up. In this article we will talk just about it.

Subtleties makeup for drooping eyelids

In fact, there is nothing difficult toeye make up on their own, without the help of make-up artists. The most successful appearance to emphasize the dignity and hide such as the impending lack of eyelids, helps knowing a few secrets.

  1. Firstly, do not paint the eye when closed, as make-up on open eyelids will look very different than when it is applied.
  2. Secondly, wisely approach the choice of cosmetics and tools. So, to create a make-up on the overhanging eyelids, you will need the following:
    • compact bright shade of natural shades that are sure to be well combined with each other in color;
    • soft pencils for drawing arrows, preferably not black, and gray or brown;
    • mascara, it can be any color;
    • eyebrow pencil;
    • applicators and brushes for drawing shadows.

A beautifully emphasize the eyes can be the case if the pay due attention to all the details:

  1. The first thing to draw eyebrows. It must be said that their line should be neat, smooth and slightly elevated - this effect will distract attention from the troubled century, will make eyes look more open. If your eyebrows too thick, they should pull out to the desired thickness. Regarding the camber, the correct secret line is as follows:
    • internal endpoint can be determined, leaning pencil to the wing nose and the inner corner of the eye;
    • slightly move the pencil so that the second end is opposite the pupil - this is the highest point of the eyebrows;
    • even slightly move the line so that it passes from the wing of the nose to the outer corner of the eye - so you define the place of the end of the eyebrow.
  2. Upper eyelids need to paint the shadows of light colors,which, as can be better suited to your type of appearance. Avoid using dark colors, as well as refuse nacre, opting for a matte media. The process of applying shadow on the upper eyelid can be described as follows:
    • take a suitable applicator and cover the outer corner of the eye the most intense color of the selected range;
    • in the middle of the century, apply the lighter shade, blend colors border;
    • the inner side of the eye to be the lightest, so white or light beige tool can be used for its design.
  3. The lower eyelids are emphasized so that they do notIt was dark and heavy. To do this, the most intense shade of color can be applied only to the outer edge of the eye. If you draw a dark line along the century, the eye visually reduced - and this is contraindicated in the case considered by us. It is best to paint on the lower eyelid in the following way: Take a pencil soft warm shades of brown or gray and draw a line to the middle of the eye. With applicator rub her, making vague outline. It should be noted that the brightness and saturation of lines out of place in a make-up for drooping eyelids, so any kind of have to give the shooter.
  4. Applying mascara on the eyelashes - a mandatory stepcreating an image. Color tool you choose can be anything, but must be carefully applied mascara. Unlike the upper eyelashes which must be completely dyed, the bottom can not touch at all or only to emphasize them in the outer corners of the eyes.

Makeup for drooping eyelids - step by step instructions

This section healingandbodywork would like to give an example of how to create the perfect image, even though imperfect eyes. We describe the process as a sequence of actions:

  1. The best option in the case of makeup drooping eyelids is considered a popular technique «Smoky eyes». The only requirement for routine cases should be selected soft and calm shades of funds.
  2. Before the start of the decoration of their eyesyou need to prepare, having put on the eyelid primer. It will not only help a good shade to shade, creating a smooth transition of colors, but also provides an image brightness for a long time.
  3. To visually correct impending eyelid firstit needs to be adjusted. For this natural shade darker tint coat the outer corner of the eye, as well as the upper fold. The smear should be wide enough to create the effect of volume.
  4. The same shadows cover the lower eyelid from the outside to the middle.
  5. Take another matte agent of any liked color and apply it on top of the previous shadow.
  6. The next step you need to select a light shade (they can replace highlighter) and cover them following areas:
    • area under the eyebrows;
    • inner corners of the eyes;
    • line along the upper lash growth.
  7. You can make the image more expressive, outlining the upper contour of the eyes is very thin pencil line.
  8. To enhance the effect of the volume can be on top of the dark outline of the arrow to draw a line light pink color.
  9. The same pink pencil to move the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid - so you will visually enlarge the eyes.

helpful hints

In this section we will look at what to avoid when creating makeup for drooping eyelids, and what to look out for. So, here are some recommendations:

  1. In no case did not outline the eye contour thick line, avoid saturated dark arrows. Better to opt out of these elements make-up.
  2. As for the liquid eyeliner - its application is highly undesirable. Damage with the help of circuit is too sharp and clear, moreover, such a remedy can not be shaded.
  3. Bold and brilliant shade - not an option for those whoIt has a problem forever. Through such means look becomes heavy, and themselves shadows gather in the folds over the eyes, creating an untidy and sloppy appearance.
  4. It is best to choose the means of bright and dull,and this applies to both everyday and festive makeup. To underscore the eye contour, you can use a pencil, but the line should be a little shade.
  5. With drooping eyelids makes sense to focus on the lips. Choose a beautiful, rich shade of lipstick or gloss, the main thing that the color came to your appearance and create an image.
  6. Try not to paint the lower lashes mascara. Although you can highlight their bit in the outer corners of the eyes and see if you like to the image of the face.
  7. When applied shadows can be combined with one or several shades of colors, combined with each other. Eyelid covered with shades of colors, it does not look very nice.
  8. Classic makeup, made in the technique of «Smokyeyes », involves the use of black and gray shadows, and these colors are not recommended for use with overhanging eyelids. In this case, they can be replaced brown dull tones.
  9. To learn how to beautifully and professionally applied make-up, it is better to visit the special classes in make-up, where experts in the field will talk about all the subtleties and nuances of this business.