Makeup for green eyes

Which only epithets are not gifts to greeneyes witch, magical, mermaid. This color of the iris is quite rare and hard to argue with the fact that this shade is considered one of the most beautiful. And if, moreover, right to emphasize it with the makeup of the green-eyed beauty will be hard to look away.

Variety of colors of the iris

So as not to make the wrong choice of cosmetics,It needs to start correctly determine which kind you have green eyes. As a rule, are 4 basic hue. healingandbodywork tell you more about each of them:

  1. Jade color. Saturation and intensity of the colors reminds us of the green dense forest. To the eyes of this kind it is best to choose a dark brown or graphite shade, however, so make better use as an evening. For daytime, choose a lighter version of the same tool palette.
  2. Iris with a turquoise hue. Such eyes are sometimes called "chameleons" for their ability to change color depending on the light or pick up clothes. Beauty with the eyes of the sea should be preferred shade lighter shades of green, turquoise and even blue tones. Among other things, like the iris can be beneficial to emphasize using the blue eyeliner, which completely is not recommended to girls with different color of the iris.
  3. Dark green eyes with a touch of goldconsidered a classic version. Allocate them only with the help of light means dark shading only the outer corners of the eyelids. When applying makeup shade it should be selected so that they are in any case not be darker than the color of the iris.
  4. Gray-green eyes are the lightest andall. Very often the owner of the shades can not find the right makeup. They can advise gray and light green range, but we must remember that the shadow should be translucent. Too dark or saturated funds will look harsh and unnatural.

We select the eyeliner for green eyes

To accentuate eyes, green-eyed beauty can choose liner in the following colors:

  1. Brown, purple and gray. If you use these dark and saturated hues, will look bright and expressive.
  2. Gold, terracotta and light brown. This eyeliner - perfect for a natural day makeup.
  3. Colors of plum or lavender. Tools such scale will make your eyes irresistible and will allow you to stand out from the crowd.
  4. Turquoise or saturated blue eyeliner is good for make-up in cold tones.

In addition, there are some colors eyeliner, which is strictly not recommended to owners of green eyes. These shades are:

  • light blue;
  • white or silver;
  • beige;
  • pastel green.

Choose a mascara

As a rule, classical black mascara suitsfor any eye irrespective of their color. In addition to the black ink, the green iris can emphasize brown. Limit is a means of blue or blue tones.

To make-up for green eyes turned especiallygood, apart from the general recommendations should also take into account the features of the exterior of each specific green-eyed girl. Let's look at how you can emphasize green eyes beauties with different tsvetotip.

Make-up for brunettes

If you have light skin and darkhair, emphasize the green of your eyes to help gold, lavender or violet shade. If your choice has fallen on the means of decorative cosmetics green range, give preference to dark olive green and brown shades.

Whiter person help isolate light pink blush and lipstick caramel or beige. As for the evening make-up - do not be afraid to use a rich red lipstick.

If your skin is dark enough, it is best to chooseblush with peach or golden shimmer lipstick and warm, bright colors. As the shadows you more suitable means of brown color: beige, sand, cocoa color.

Green-eyed brunettes should avoid blue and blue colors in makeup.

Make-up for blondes

Girls of this type in decorative appearancethe design should emphasize the eye brows. Pencil for this you need to choose according to hair color. As for the shadows, the colors that suit blondes: light brown, the color of cocoa, olive, pistachio, sand, deep-green and taupe. In the evening make-up will look nice shade of plum.

Blush should be chosen according to the colorskin. Dark girl can give preference to funds with a brownish tint, white-faced more suitable pastel pink or beige blush. Lips can be covered by a pink, peach or red lipstick.

Green-eyed blonde is better not to usepink shadows so as not to create the effect of the patient's inflamed eyes. Black eyeliner - also not an option. It is better to replace brown, coffee, golden tones.

Tips for make-up for the brown-haired

As blondes, brown hair should be paidattention eyebrows when creating makeup. They should be the same color as the hair or the face will seem unnatural. As shadows can choose the means of light brown, sand, amber tones. When you create an image of the evening, you can pick out the corners of the eyes and the crease of the upper eyelid dark coffee, ruby ​​highlights. If you want to stand out, use a rich turquoise color in the evening eye makeup.

Shadows greens, oddly enough, it is better not to apply. Instead, you can cut around the eye saturated emerald or dark green outline. Use the eyeliner or pencil for the shooter.

As for blush - light brown-haired suitWarm scale: milk chocolate, beige, peach. Lipstick can be selected at its discretion, try a brighter and more natural options. Mascara should be black or dark brown.

In no case can not be painted pink or blue eye shadows - this will make the image of the caller, tasteless and vulgar.

Makeup for red-haired beauty

Red hair color is quite rare, andif such tresses woman has more and green eyes - she simply has to make a splash among the opposite sex. The main task of the ladies with this type of appearance - not to spoil what is given by nature, and beneficial to emphasize its advantages.

Note that the red-haired beauty canuse in makeup every imaginable shade of green shades. In addition, for the daily make-up so the girls will approach light brown and violet range. Evening image can be created using the plum, copper, coffee tones.

Mascara can choose black or brown, andBlush should be natural colors: beige, peach. For evening suit image bright lipstick, the tone of which is darker than the tone of your hair. Natural day makeup can emphasize bright natural shades of lipstick or lip gloss.

We hope that the above suggestions will help you highlight the beauty of green eyes and make you irresistible.