Makeup for brown eyes

It's hard to argue with the fact that the brown eyes - the mostbright and expressive of all. Their main advantage lies in the fact that even without the use of cosmetics, they stand out on your face. And yet, if properly emphasize - the girl will be difficult to look away. In this article we will talk about makeup for brown eyes.

Saturation of color of the iris

Note that brown eyes are divided into several types depending on the shade. healingandbodywork identified 4 these options:

  1. Dark, almost black. These eye shadows suit different colors, but it should be noted that the means may be too rich to make the look heavy. It is best used as a basis for natural light shadows, and the outer corners of the eyelids highlight deeper shades.
  2. Golden-brown eyes are perfectly combined withlight green, sand, bronze and gold shadows. For more expressive, you can highlight the crease of the upper eyelid and outer corners of the eyes darker colors of the same scale. As for the shooter, then a better emphasize the iris dark brown instead of black outline.
  3. Eyes the color of chocolate. This iris will look great with a variety of shades: violet, lavender, purple, gold, copper, dark green, and many others. Do not be afraid to experiment with images, try to use eyeliner or an unusual combination make-up funds from the different color schemes.
  4. Dark brown eyes look great withdecorative means a bit darker shades than skin color. It goes well with a gentle iris colors: pink, lilac, peach, pastel green. As the liner is not necessary to use a black pencil or liner. It is better to give preference to brown, purple or bronze means.

Selecting the shadows for brown eyes

Most harmoniously with any color of the iriscombined means the same scale as that of the iris itself. This means that the brown-eyed girls for natural and natural make-up must be chosen shade of brown, sandy, golden and close to the shades. For the bright image of the evening, you can experiment with different colors and saturation.

Ladies with dark skin and light eyes,warm hazel colors fit well walnut, olive, bronze tones. Black-eyed brunettes can emphasize the eyes using a dark-blue shadows, which should be applied not to the entire eyelid, but only on its outer contour area and near the growth of eyelashes. But girls who have pale porcelain skin and brown eyes, is to try to make up the shade of fuchsia and aqua. Such an image may look unusual, but quite attractive.

Select eyeliner

Eyeliner - an important touch to the makeup. It can not only interesting to emphasize the nature of the eye, but also to fix their shape, if the latter has certain disadvantages. In addition, correctly outlined the contour does look flirty and expressive, so we can not underestimate the role of the liner.

And color means may be any structure. On brown eyes looks nice dark brown or black liner, depending on the saturation of the color of the iris. In addition, you can outline the eye contour pencil to the purple arrows, plum, dark green, brown or bronze color. Remember that the color of eyeliner should certainly in harmony with the color of shadows. For example, black contour does not fit in the case, if you create a natural way, using light vehicles. Similarly plum arrows will look strange in combination with green shadows.

How to choose a mascara

When applying makeup on the eyes without mascara doesnot enough. Especially it is necessary to remedy in the event that you create a vivid image of the evening, using dark and rich shade. Mascara decorates eyes even more, makes eyelashes long and thick, so do not neglect it. Here are some tips for using this tool:

  1. If you have blond or reddish hair, you better not give preference to black and brown mascara.
  2. Brown-eyed brunette perfect black - it will make look attractive and passionate.
  3. Should I use mascara whether to increaselash volume - you decide. It should be noted that all is good in moderation, so if nature has not cheated you beautiful eyelashes, too expressive mascara can give you unnatural or even vulgarity.

How to make a daily make-up for brown eyes

The main color shades to create a natural image can be used sand, olive, walnut or pink shades. Consider the process of applying makeup stages:

  1. Cover upper eyelid shadow base. The area under the brow highlighter can make it lighter.
  2. On top of the basics, apply another layer of the shadows of a darker hue.
  3. In the corners of the eyes and on the upper eyelid crease is necessary to add a darker color.
  4. All the boundaries between different shades should be carefully shaded.
  5. Inner corners of the eyes can distinguish very light flickering shadows.
  6. After that you should outline the upper eyelidswith a pencil or eyeliner. Select the most suitable means of color and draw a thin line along the neat growth of eyelashes. The tip of the arrow a little print over the edge of the eye, make it a sharp and upbeat.
  7. Then apply mascara, powder the eyelashes slightly beforehand - so they will appear thicker.

Day make-up for brown eyes ready.

We create the image of an evening

In contrast to the natural day make-up,evening makeup brown eyes gives more room for imagination and experimentation. Not only can you use a shade of dark saturated colors, but also to try different shades, which are unlikely to allow itself in everyday life. Very good to allocate the eye with the help of contrast agents. Let's look at step by step process of creating the image of the evening:

  1. First, prepare a person to clean the skin and covering it with all the necessary facilities. Then proceed to the eyes.
  2. For a bright make-up must alwayshighlight eyebrows. To do this, select the tool (or pencil shade) most approximate in color to your natural hair shade. Gently bend Draw eyebrows, without going beyond the hair growth. You can slightly extend the line at the end, but it is important not to overdo it.
  3. The area under the brow highlighter Clear up or pearly shades. Do the same in the inner corners of eyes.
  4. On the upper eyelids apply basic, bright, color. The product does not have to be dull, evening make-up and allows the use of pearlescent shade.
  5. In the outer corners of the eyes and on the upper fold, add the darkest shade.
  6. The central part of the century shadows cover the intermediate tones.
  7. Thoroughly blend the boundaries between the colors and check whether symmetrically made up eyes.
  8. When using liquid liner or a pencil, draw a straight sharp arrows.
  9. The final touch to the eye make-up - applying mascara. For evening image of the eyelashes should be thick and expressive, so the ink can be applied in several layers.