Makeup for Asian Eyes

Eyes-asian girls are unique. They are mysterious and seductive. But due to their particular shape, emphasize the individuality you need to learn. A little patience and knowledge of the art of makeup tricks can help to make the look more open.

If nature has awarded you the Asian slit eyes, healingandbodywork teach, as in cosmetics help to visually enlarge the eyes and emphasize their exotic beauty.

East type of person has some special features.

Make-up artists say the following:

  • almond-shaped eyes;
  • lips clearly defined form;
  • skin "sandy" color;
  • highlighted cheekbones;
  • hanging over the eye lid;
  • not very long and straight lashes.

It is because of the last two features: the impending century and direct cilia usually very skimpy, it is necessary to approach more closely to the application of makeup.

We select the right makeup

Before proceeding to the main point - the art of makeup for Asian eyes, healingandbodywork recommends to prepare such cosmetic products:

  • Foundation;
  • blush;
  • shade;
  • liner;
  • pencil;
  • lengthening mascara;
  • lipstick.

For beautiful women with oriental type of person you mustmore thorough approach to the choice of color tone means. Remember that take undesirable pink hues. Choose a concealer beige, gold or yellowish hue. Color blush should be peach or bronze.

In eastern women have dark hair and beautiful eyes chocolate hue. They can be used almost the entire palette of shadows.

Eye makeup is traditionally performed in beige,pearly, fresh shades of green or gray. It is necessary to avoid shadows pink shades, as you can get the opposite effect - inflamed and swollen eyes.

In the business, it is desirable to eliminate the shadow makeup with mother of pearl and matte use. And you can even give them up.

Shadows of dark colors used for the expression of the eyes. Cover them should not be completely the entire eyelid, and only the outer corner.

The main bar of the eastern makeup - studylashes. They first need to allocate a pencil line growth or dark eyeliner. Maintain a smooth line, which is slightly expanded at the end. Arrows can deduce raising "tail" up.

Short lashes need to cover the ink with the effect of lengthening. Apply it only on the upper eyelid, lower lashes should not be painted.

makeup Objectives:

  1. To achieve the effect of wide-open eyes.
  2. To emphasize the natural beauty of the almond-shaped eyes without making substantial changes.

In the first case with a pencil or eyelineradditional line is drawn, it will create the effect of the natural folds of the eyelid. Thus, it would seem that the height of the century became a little more.

The second method involves the application of cosmetics without special techniques. Used light colors shadows, and depth can emphasize the shadows in dark colors.

everyday makeup

  1. First you need to even out skin color. Use the tonal resources with a hint of lemon. You can also try to mix two shades: light yellow and pale pink. This tone will be the most optimal for the Asian skin type.
  2. When applying foundation must be rememberedthat means apply a dense layer can not. It is important to stress just a little freshness and radiance of the skin. Irregularities and other minor defects corrector will allow the mask. If you have dark circles, they also desirable to obscure the eyes.
  3. It is now to pay attention to the eyebrows. At the eastern style women eyebrows correct form. They should be slightly corrected in pencil. You can also take a special shade for eyebrows and distribute a small amount.
  4. For everyday makeup, take shadenatural shades. Arm yourself with a brush and apply it to the inner corner of the eye light tone. On the mobile eyelid, apply the shade of bronze color. The border should be smooth. The final touch will be a drawing of the shadows of a darker hue. Sitting in front of a mirror, you need to lift the lid with one hand and put the shade on the outer corner of the eye so that the "outline" the eyeball. Blend shadow line and see what you got. If shadows are applied correctly - your eyes should appear more expressive. It is easiest to work with dry means than with shadows wet and oily texture.
  5. Take a black or dark-colored pencilDraw a line. To do this, trim elongated arrow, and the tip-up output. Then you need to brush carefully shaded eyeliner to highlight the opposite corner of the eye. This method helps to give the look more expressive. It is also necessary to draw the brush for the shadows of the lower lash line circuit. Use the dark shadows. Try to work as carefully as possible. Use a thin brush to get the small touches, creating the effect of the density of the eyelashes.
  6. The final stage in make-up - all the attentionlashes. The peculiarity of the eastern type of women is that the eyelashes grow straight. You can help the special tweezers for eyelash curler and mascara. Work with the instrument being careful not to damage the lashes. After that, apply a thin coat of mascara and wait. After ten seconds, you can make up cilia second time. To do this free hand gently lift the lid slightly and paint over them thoroughly, paying attention to each hair.
  7. Make-up is almost ready - there remove the shine from the face and use friable powder, then apply blush and lipstick.

Makeup for Special Occasions

Women Oriental type when creating a ceremonial makeup is permissible to use the shadows with nacre saturated colors.

The first step in creating makeup for special occasions - the application of foundation or basis.

Emphasize the beautiful shape of the eye will help to shadepurple hue. They need to put a beveled on one side with a brush on the eyelid so as to obtain a small triangle. The next step you take - to try to smooth out the clear shadow line. Another two-times repeat the same movement, and try to draw the triangle. Only this time it is not necessary to dip the brush into the shadow, and the skin - just touch the instrument.

To draw the lash line, you need to use a pencil - walk along the lash line and then smooth the brush line.

Enhance the beauty of Asian thin arrows eye. They draw on the inner side of the eyelids black pencil.

Finally, do not forget to pay attention tolashes. They, as well as in the daily make-up, you need to curl tongs and cover with the effect of lengthening mascara. For parties and special occasions, you can use artificial lashes. Choose analogues are not too long and curly, not to get a "puppet" look.

Complete makeup applying blush on cheekbones and bright lipstick shades.

Do not be afraid to experiment, and if a mistake - you can always remove makeup and start over.

For the first time, you will need half an hour, but witheach time to restore the beauty you will spend less and less time. When adapt himself, then at creating makeup for Asian eyes you need only ten minutes.