Makeup "cat's eye"

For sure you pay attention to the expressivethe eyes of the ancient Egyptians. They lured and attracted. Have you thought about why women do yourself a makeover? It's very simple - because the Egyptian tried to get the power and grace of the sacred animal - cats.

The so-called make-up "cat's eye" wasinvented in ancient Egypt. A characteristic feature of cat eyes attracted the Egyptians, and they have tried at least a little closer to the divine animal, and thus get his magical powers.

Especially popular make-up was in the 50s. And now he is again at the peak of popularity.

His style will suit any woman, regardless of the form of the eye, and will be appropriate everywhere. The main thing - to control the intensity and learn to draw "cat's eye" beautiful.

What's the Difference?

Most of the girls do not know what it isUnlike such a make-up from the traditional. Indeed, many are used to draw an arrow like every day. But the distinctive feature of this makeup is drawing black outline around the edge of the eye so that it has acquired an elongated shape.

What you need to draw

Girls do not worry - to create"Cat's eye" does not need to purchase any special tools. You will need quality tools that are commonly available and so everyone in the beautician.

Prepare several shades of shadows that are suitable to their tsvetotipu.

For make-up is required:

  • several shades of the same color of shadows;
  • eyeliner. Without it does not do the make-up form. You can take a liquid or use a pencil to take stock of the circuit. In addition, to paint a beautiful arrow, not necessarily to take only black eyeliner. For this purpose, suitable purple or dark green. The main requirement for a means - the saturation because the line has to be seen from afar. If you are only going to buy eyeliner, be sure to check on the back of the hand as it draws;
  • mascara;
  • foundation makeup.

Preliminary points

Undoubtedly, the success will come to you, but first need to try to draw a "cat's eye" beautiful.

To do this, you must followapplication technology. Of course, no one says that you should not dream. Conversely, if the will to make its own flavor, and the result will satisfy you - this will be your little victory.

Do not be upset if you do not immediatelywill make beautiful makeup. A little patience and practice - and you will be irresistible. And while MirSovetov recommends starting with applying foundation. This tool will allow for the skin cosmetics go smoother, but for the delicate eyelid skin is an excellent nutrient and moisturizer. Furthermore, the shade base allow to apply evenly.

If you do not have this cosmetic product, try to replace it with concealer or take a matte shade lighter shade that will suit to your skin tone.

Base makeup - contour drawing on the eyelid. So as a result you are not upset, you need to master the technique of application of cosmetics:

  1. To your mind was like a cat, you need toextend a little, and then lift the corner of the eye by a thin line. If your eyes are almond-shaped - just enough to repeat their path. If your eyes are slanted, then you will need more time to drawing correction lines. Secret ideal line is as follows: its "tail" should continue arcuate line which starts from the bottom and ends close to the eyebrows.
  2. Make-up in the Oriental style is performed with the use of liquid eyeliner. It must carry out the contour of the lower and upper eyelid, and then slightly lift the area.
  3. To make up looked more festive, it is possible to use pearlescent shade in different shades.
  4. Beautiful broad line will look good,if it is not to shade and maintain a clear path. Its width should be no more than three millimeters, if you are using liquid liner, and about five millimeters - if drawing with a pencil.
  5. A clear line is drawn on top of the shadows. Thus, the view will seem more expressive.
  6. To date or suitable party arrows average thickness contour, the corners must be thin line, and a raised "tail" can be drawn at an angle of 90 degrees relative to the line.

Makeup Technique "cat's eye"

Before performing any type of makeup you needto prepare the skin. First, you must clean it, apply eye cream and wait for about twenty minutes until it is well absorbed. Bold shine (remnants of the cream) can be removed cosmetic tissue.

Now you can apply foundation or concealer. If it is a light pink shade, it will help to refresh mind, and if the yellow - mask the dark circles under the eyes.

Apply shadows:

  1. Take a shade of dark color and put them along the lash line on the upper eyelid. You can take any saturated color: brown, black, blue. Good blend circuit.
  2. Take the shade of the same color, but lighter shade. Apply them to the place where the lid is moving - from the middle to the outer corner. The line should extend slightly beyond the edge. So you can change the length and shape of the eyes. When applied shadows must take into account the natural size of the eye, and not to allow them to be dyed unnatural.
  3. The third top layer is drawn shadow linedark color. It will be held in the middle of the century (its moving parts) and slightly beyond the edge of the eye. Lines need to be shaded and smooth the border between the tones of shadows.
  4. The allocation of the shadows, make sure that that boundary is not increased. This can be avoided - Use cloth. Attach it to the border, it will not allow to go beyond the limits of the circuit.
  5. The final touch of makeup, "cat's eye" - apply a shade of dark saturated colors in the middle of the century rolling stock.

draw arrows

After applying the shadows begin to drawthe most important element in the make-up - the creation of the arrows. Before you pick up a pencil or eyeliner, mark the corners of the eyes and draw a thin line. At outline will be easier to work with.

Draw an arrow on the target line. Make sure that it did not go far. If the needle is too thick - you can gently bring the applicator, but so as not to disturb the layer of shadows.

Now we have to focus on the eyelashes. Usually, if you draw a makeup, it is necessary to highlight the lashes on the background layer of eyeliner and shadow. In this case, use brasmatikom with lengthening effect or take artificial eyelashes. They do not have to glue on the entire eye, can be attached to bundles only on the outer corner of the eye.

makeup Secrets

If you want to quickly master the technique of this type of make-up, healingandbodywork recommends:

  1. Draw a thin line, then it will be easier to expand.
  2. Try different design arrows. That may suit you can not look at another woman. Therefore, when applying makeup, consider the size and shape of your eyes.
  3. Apply mascara on the lashes need both the upper and the lower. And if the lower cilia is a thick layer of mascara, then it will open the eyes visually.
  4. The image of the female cats will not be complete without a scarlet lipstick. In order not to spoil the work, circle the lip contour pencil, and then nakraste lipstick. In this case, your makeup will be perfect.