Chinese massage technique

Chinese massage has long been famous for itsunusual properties - it helps not only to improve the physical condition, but also helps to balance all life processes, such as the location of the human spirit. Today healingandbodywork more talk about the ancient technique of Chinese massage.

The essence of Chinese massage

Chinese massage technique is considered to be one of thethe most ancient on the planet. Often, to master it, the true masters learn all the subtleties and nuances of months and sometimes even years. This is because the main canon of Chinese massage - the unity of the human body with Mother Nature. The purpose of an unusual technique - resume for free, so-called energy Qi through the body and thus balance all life processes, bring body and soul into a state of harmony with the world. Those who have mastered the techniques of Chinese massage in full, not just massage the body and affect certain point - corporal meridians, chakras opening clogged person. Massage Guru confident that with the help of Chinese technology can not only adjust the balance of yin and yang, and even uncover the supernatural abilities of the individual.

There are several varieties of Chinese massage. Among all stand out clearly:

  • Thuine classical massage;
  • Shiatsu (finger pressure);
  • Gouache massage;
  • Tibetan massage;
  • June and massage, and others.

Often, different types of Chinese massage combined with other techniques. Popular acupuncture, herbal medicine, acupuncture.

To date, the Chinese massage techniqueIt remains the most mysterious of all. Many scientists still doubt how the physical effects can affect the psycho-emotional state. That is why at the moment of world-class experts to succumb to Chinese massage comprehensive clinical and scientific research. So far one thing is clear - in this technique a great future and it is not surprising if in a few years, Chinese massage will be one of the main types of treatment for many ailments. Today it is already possible to note a fairly wide range of effects from massage.

They include:

  • deep relaxation of muscles and tendons;
  • the elimination of toxins accumulated in the body;
  • deliverance from back pain and joint pain;
  • balancing the yin and yang;
  • normalization of biochemical processes;
  • improving blood flow and lymph flow;
  • normalization of metabolic processes in the joints and the body's cells;
  • relaxation of internal organs;
  • gentle spinal traction;
  • improving memory;
  • increase efficiency;
  • elimination of headaches;
  • struggle with insomnia and fatigue;
  • reduce the risk of hypertensive crises;
  • treatment of bronchial asthma;
  • eliminate constipation;
  • elimination of bronchitis;
  • treatment of stomach ulcers;
  • slowing the aging process of the skin;
  • struggle with neuroses and stress;
  • dulling pain;
  • intoxication;
  • activation biotochek on the human body and others.

Classical Chinese massage as a whole and the entireOriental medicine is based on the principle - treat approach is not a disease, and the patient. Many people think: "Is not this the same thing ?!". As it turns out, no. In the eastern teaching is based on the correction is the human energy field, its adaptation to external factors. This is achieved by acting on the special energoprovodyaschie way. Each point is responsible for a particular organ or region of the human body. Thus, stimulating these points, the master work and stimulates the organism, which enables to achieve a therapeutic effect. In addition to these processes, there is a connection energy field of the masseur and the patient, and the second like "absorbs" a positive energy. This interaction is the whole secret of the therapeutic properties of Chinese massage. It is worth noting that one of the main conditions of Chinese teaching is a healthy and rested master and, importantly, no bad habits. Otherwise, it can throw your negativity on the patient, and significantly harm him, even in spite of the perfect massage technique. You also need to consider that approach to each client selected purely individual, even if two different people handle the same diagnosis.

Chinese massage technique

Chinese massage has a very sophisticated technique. Hold it without some experience and deep knowledge in this area is very dangerous. First of all, it is worth considering that the master come to the sessions with the "purified" of energy, and to make it possible only with the ability to work with the chakras. Therefore, MipSovetov not recommended to take on patients without undergoing a course of Chinese massage. Yet anyone who has ventured into this wonderful method of dealing with a variety of ailments, needs to understand how sessions are classic oriental massage. It includes the following list of techniques.

  1. Kneading. Often, kneading is performed first session. It helps the body to adjust to a more tangible impact. To properly perform kneading, it is necessary to squeeze his hand into a fist, the thumb sticking out. So, during the procedure on the body should act solely pads of the thumbs of both hands, all the other fingers should not touch the working area. Movement should be smooth, without abrupt jumps, you need to work through each section in a circular motion clockwise.
  2. Pressing. Traditionally pressing followed by a second procedure after 25-30 kneading. Running as the pad of the thumb, and the rest - half-bent and do not touch the body. The first "party" compressions should be performed slowly and smoothly, with increasing force by the end of exposure.
  3. Stroking. Running as the pad of the thumb, the other - bent at the knuckle. Stroking is done in two opposite directions at a uniform force that is applied to both sites. At each session, the pressure on the body should increase.
  4. Trituration. It can be conducted as the pad of his thumb and palm, and back of the hand. Rub the site should be to the point that it becomes hot.
  5. Pushing. Running a hand or radiation surface of the thumb when other clenched in a fist. Movement should be directed to the center point of the massaged. Traffic intensity is enhanced with each pushing.
  6. Stabbing. On the body is exposed to one or two fingers - thumb and forefinger. This movement is carried out very slowly, thus gradually the pressure increases. At each point the finger to keep at least 30 seconds.
  7. Vibration. Done a large pad or middle finger. Each zone "vibrate" during 20 seconds.
  8. Cutting. Running thumbnail. Technique is the same as in the stabbing. The intensity increases gradually cutting. Often this technique is effective in fainting or shock.

Contraindications to the Chinese massage

Chinese massage - just a specific procedure. Like any other method, it has a number of contraindications. Among them:

  • effect in the injured area;
  • spinal injury;
  • malignant tumor;
  • menstruation;
  • tuberculosis;
  • mental illness;
  • skin ulcers, and others.

healingandbodywork also recommends that when choosing a master of Chinese massage to pay attention to his emotional state. This is one of the most important components of this therapy.