Moon manicure

Capricious lady fashion every year comes up with allnew tricks to transform our appearance and give the world even more splendor. Here and in the coming season, it makes its own rules, and healingandbodywork willing to share with the readers of excellent beauty secrets.

Moon manicure - a mandatory attribute, the next fashion trend, or simply unobtrusive addition to your image? Today we'll show you how to make moon manicure at home.


There is an opinion that appeared in the moon manicureforties of the last century in Hollywood. In France it is known as "Hollywood manicure." But fashion is changing rapidly, and to replace the lunar manicure came other ways to decorate nails.

After almost 60 years of global fashion house Dior"Resurrected" for a long time forgotten moon manicure. As the saying goes. "All new - is well forgotten old" It happened with the moon manicure. The classic combination of Dior - a luxury black bronze manicure. But today it is possible to experiment with absolutely any lacquer, creating a new and original images.

On the moon on each nail

Moon manicure - it is not just a romanticname. Unlike their brethren in the family art of manicure, pretentious and have pretentious names such as "Flower of Aphrodite" or "Venetian Night" moon manicure is simple and laconic. Imagine a newborn moon, which timidly peeks out from behind the dark clouds of night and illuminates the world with its silvery radiance ...

When you create a moon manicure is admissibleUse nail polish of any color and with any coating character. Red glossy lacquer or matte black - everything will look great! The only thing better not to experiment with samotreskayuschimsya varnish, because it can bring disharmony and excessive sharpness of your manicure.

So, you enjoy complete freedom of choicecolors and shades, but a mandatory condition still exists. Any moon manicure should consist of two colors, one of which (usually a lighter shade) is represented by the very newborn moon. Here you also can "play" with colors. But do not forget that the selected range should be in harmony or to reflect an "adequate" contrast. Manicure made in shocking colors, is unlikely to produce the expected positive impression ...

Helpful advice: regardless of the chosen colors, moon manicure will visually shorten the nail plate. Therefore, owners of short nails is better to abandon this nail art or grow a beautiful long nails.

Stepping moon manicure

Before embarking on any work with flowers,you need to efficiently handle nails. Otherwise, even the most refined nail art would look clumsy and untidy. Thoroughly clean your nails, treat cuticles and polish the surface.

Apply a basic framework for your manicure. This foundation will be the color of "months". Nail the basics can be anything, as long as it was combined with a second selected color. The easiest and most neutral option - transparent varnish.

After a nail-base will dry up, youYou need a special sticker for the lunar manicure in an arc shape. Stickers - a must, because without them it is impossible to perform a smooth and beautiful coloring, no matter how you tried! Subtract one "arc" from the base and mount the nail in the cuticle area, so that it completely covers it. Good press sticker and fix it on the nail.

Attention! To begin the stage of the label need only after you made sure that the nail-base carefully dried and cured! Otherwise, your manicure will immediately be spoiled and have to do everything again.

Cover the nails second color. Select the second shade is necessary so that it contrasted with the base, but do not "cut" the eye. So, for our example with a modest colorless foundation is suitable saturated red. This will give shape nails expression, and image - a touch of brightness and femininity.

When the second coat of varnish to dry completely,gently peel off the sticker by your nail. Your moon manicure is almost ready! But to make it a perfect and secure effect, it is necessary to cover the image with a transparent varnish. La Voie! Simple and nice manicure will not take much time and will look elegant and stylish.

Optimal combinations of colors for the moon manicure

Freedom in the choice of colors for the moon manicurecertainly a nice thing. But often it introduces a large variety of confusing and makes us take wrong decisions. As they say "look at first." Therefore MirSovetov decided to help his admirers, and called the most optimal combination of colors for the moon manicure for all occasions.

Gold and black - one of the most luxuriouscombinations. With such a manicure is not recommended to go to work every day, so as not to "waste" wasting its splendor. Black and golden moonlight created for magic, celebration and solemnity. Therefore it is best to reserve the combination for a special occasion - parties, New Year's, or going to the opera.

Crimson-Black - a bold combination. Juicy berry crimson "burns" on a black background. It will give your image notes recklessness. Such a "oglamurenny punk style" for young fashionistas.

White (cream) -Black - strict and incredibly stylish image. Ideal for the "working" manicure. Perfect for the office, conferences and business meetings.

Inversion - dark and bright month basis. The peculiar phrase "protest" against the classical rules on the moon manicure. It creates an even greater contrast and is suitable for those who are not afraid of a little shock the public a vivid way.

Juicy "fruity" colors (yellow, orange,green, magenta) - perfect for creating a fun and relaxing way. Perfect for holidays, the campaign for a student party or a meeting with friends.

Helpful advice: to diversify the moon manicure, you can vary the size of "a month." A thin rim at the very base of the nail or confident "peeping" crescent - experiment and find your best option!