Liquid chestnut slimming

For centuries, women have dreamed of a harmoniousfigure. But nature is designed so that not everyone can be graceful. What did not tried a persistent lady, to get rid of the hated kilograms and get closer to the dream. Today healingandbodywork tell wishing to become slimmer, a new tool - liquid chestnut.

Liquid chestnut - a new tool thatonly recently appeared in the beauty industry. The fat burning product consists of basic substances - guaranine and theophylline, as well as a number of supporting components, including vitamins. With this news the majority wishing to have managed to get rid of a few kilograms, not years, adhering to the exhausting diets, and just a few courses.

What is the secret of this chestnut? It turns out, the plant, which is prepared on the basis of this drug is growing in the Amazon. For many people in Europe, guarana - a fairly common name, which possesses a number of unique properties, but first of all - helping to reduce weight.

As always, when a new drug,Most potential buyers are skeptical about the new product, because it is not known whether or not to carry out experiments on himself again, or better "sit" on your favorite diet. Dietitians who are constantly exploring new items in the burning of excess weight, maintain that the use of liquid natural chestnut contributes to the breakdown of fat, as well as speeding up the metabolism in the body and increase energy expenditure.

It turns out that the calories will not linger in thebody. In addition, substances that are part of the guarana, enhance immunity and increase the body's resistance, help to improve the mental and physical activity. Continuing the list of actions you can add liquid chestnut, it helps to avoid slagging of the organism.

Feedback from those who have already received liquid chestnut,we can conclude that this drug for weight loss reduces appetite, detoxifies, and its natural ingredients act on the body gently and safely.

On the composition of

Many will be wondering how one plant canperform so many functions? The secret lies in the unique composition of the liquid chestnut, which includes several useful components. They make the body get rid of toxins and extra kilos.

The preparation includes:

  • guaranine;
  • theophylline;
  • theobromine;
  • antioxidants;
  • minerals.

The first two substances are familiar to many because theycontained in a small amount of green tea and coffee. The first component is considered to be the main active substance and its effects on the body is similar to caffeine. Guaranine effect on the body gently, and it is allowed to use for people who have problems with the stomach and intestines.

The second component - without affecting the nervous system, has a mild effect on the muscular system.

The third component helps restore the energy supply in the body and helps to concentrate.

Antioxidants and vitamins help the body get rid of toxins, and do not feel tired.

What are the benefits

Liquid brown long been used for medicinal purposes, to strengthen the immune system and improve memory. But the main purpose of the chestnut - burn calories and fight against overweight.

Useful properties of guarana:

  1. It helps accelerate the metabolism in the body.
  2. It increases energy expenditure.
  3. It strengthens the immune system.
  4. It increases physical endurance.
  5. It reduces appetite, and those products that a person uses during the course of treatment with liquid chestnut absorbed fully, and the body gets all the nutrients and valuable substances.
  6. Outputs from the body, helps to cleanse the entire body.
  7. It restores energy balance.
  8. It is safe for the body and has no contraindications.

If every day people will eata certain amount of powder (dosage spelled out on the packaging or in the manual), then this will help smooth the loss of extra kilos. The drug is entering the body, it begins to work so that those fats which are already in the stomach, start to dissolve (their cleavage occurs). It turns out that fat is simply no time to be deposited in the subcutaneous tissue. This suggests that this is a common problem in women, cellulite will disappear by itself.

In addition, due to the fact that the chestnut tree is considered safe, it may be used by both women and men.

Thanks to these positive properties, the drug is called "Liquid chestnut" is gaining huge popularity among other drugs for weight loss on the market.

How to apply?

You could buy a pack of chestnut powder? Take a good look at the manufacturing date and the final date of use. Do not use powder, if he was overdue.

The package contains a powder of crushed chestnut (guarana) light or dark brown. Most often prepared from powder drink, diluting with water, juice, tea or coffee.

You must strictly adhere to the dosage indicated on the package - a "tea" spoonful of powder a day.

The ideal is considered twice-taking the drug: in the morning and evening. The liquid is then necessary to add only half the daily norm of powder.

Furthermore beverage preparation chestnut powderYou can add in cereals, soups, cocktails. The main condition - the powder will dissolve only in a liquid medium, so if you cooked buckwheat porridge, then it is not worth putting powder.

It is not harmful?

Any drug, regardless of the fact that it is beneficial, and could harm.

The composition includes a huge amount of powdercaffeine - about 600 mg, and the percentage is higher than the daily consumption rate of the substance by more than one thousand! And though they say in the instructions on the absolute safety of the drug, healingandbodywork notes that people who have a tendency to cardiovascular disease, care must be taken to take the drug.

Also not ruled idiosyncrasyone or more powder components. Therefore, after you took half the daily requirement of the drug, it is necessary to listen to their feelings. If there was shortness of breath, nausea, tachycardia or hypertension, and tremor of the limbs - should immediately stop taking the drug, stomach wash and go to the hospital.

It is possible that the drug has not passeda thorough examination, and its popularity is so high that it is safe to say, is it possible to benefit from a chestnut or liquid damage is impossible. Therefore, rely on their own intuition! And even on the way to the sacred harmony you will have fewer barriers. Good luck!