The modern world presents to appearanceHuman quite demanding. That is why many regular pace yourself diets and beauty treatments. However, traditional methods are sometimes unable to cope with the time and nature.

To help in the struggle for beauty and youththe advent of modern methods of correction and face and body rejuvenation. Lipofilling - widely used in aesthetic medicine procedure that allows to solve many problems at the cost of "small sacrifices" - without surgery, anesthesia and prolonged recovery. It consists in the transplantation of own fat from one body part to another, thereby making it possible to eliminate a variety of cosmetic defects, increase breast volume buttocks, lips, to correct facial defects, to correct the shape of the cheekbones, smooth nasolabial folds, to remove wrinkles and others. MirSovetov tell you on the functions and features of this method.

So, what do you need to know the woman, decides to lipofilling? First of all, let's look at the term and its occurrence in modern medicine.

Modern alternative transactions

This technique is a transplant procedure the client's own adipose tissue for facial and body.

Even in the nineteenth century in the last centuryMedicine used correction technique using the patient's own fat. However, in order to improve this process, experts took the whole century. Today lipofilling is one of the safest methods. I love this procedure because it is quick and painless, while giving a striking effect. Thanks lipofilinga an opportunity to transform a person to change his appearance, as well as to eliminate various cosmetic defects. We can say that this method is by far the absolute alternative to surgical procedures.

Where are the material for the procedure

Most often it is taken subcutaneous fat in those areasthe body where it is abundant. Of course, each patient is treated individually. But in most cases, these sites are the hips, stomach and buttocks.

The first stage - the fence of fat cells.

The first stage is a sampling of fat cells. For this purpose, using small puncture in the body, which subsequently leaves no scar, shown in required amount of fat. After that it is thoroughly cleaned of blood fractions. It should be noted that while no blood vessels or nerves do not harm.

The second stage - moving fat.

In the second stage, the resulting fat cellsplaced in the desired area for correction. It is worth noting that more than half of the transplanted cells die after a few days. However, this is normal, and the skilled artisan considers this point in the determination of the required amount of material. To achieve the desired result may sometimes be needed to hold two or three treatments.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia. It takes thirty minutes to two hours.

The third stage - rehabilitation.

After the procedure lipofilinga rehabilitation period of up to two weeks. However, the hospital stay is not required.

At that time, experts recommend that patients refrain from any physical activity.

The fourth stage - the results.

Following the lipofilling procedure is possiblethe appearance of small puffiness. However, after a few days they pass. It all depends on the volume of the affected area. Hide the traces on the face will help cosmetics and sunglasses.

In general, the final result of the carried outthe operation can be seen in three months, and during the more serious procedures, rehabilitation can take months. During this period, there is a full recovery, and begins to enter the necessary nutrition in the body fat.

Make the process more speedy help special preparations.

It saves the results in a few years, and if you spend a few procedures - indefinitely.

Benefits lipofilinga

  1. The main advantage of this technique consists inthat the material used is taken from the patient. "Native" the tissue during the procedure does not allow rejection. As a result - the procedure takes place without consequences for the organism.
  2. The applied material does not contain anyharmful substances and additives. On the contrary, it contains such important organism for stem cells. Due to this problem in the field improves the color and texture of the skin, and blood vessels filled germinate. This gives a guarantee for the long effect of the procedure.
  3. For the lipofilinga does not require lengthy examination. This not only saves time, but also a lot of money.
  4. This method solves two problems at once: on the one hand - to remove excess fat in the body, on the other - to correct problem areas.

The most popular procedures

  1. Correction of age-related skin changes.

    With lipofilinga alignment procedure can be performed on the skin contours. Namely - to fill the voids under the eyes, remove wrinkles, tighten facial contours.

  2. Breast augmentation.

    This method is an alternative to siliconebreast implant. It is worth noting that the increase of its size will not be possible for some sizes. But to hold it correct, make more symmetrical Lipofilling under force.

  3. Lipofilling lips.

    The procedure is performed to correct the lips. With lipofilling can change their shape, smooth out wrinkles. The effect persists for a long time.

  4. Elimination of nasolabial folds.

    With this technique smooths wrinkles, improves the appearance and condition of the skin.

  5. Improving the contours shins and knees.

    The technique allows to correct deficiencies - to remove the curvature of the legs, making them slim and increase the shins and knees.

  6. Improved shape of the buttocks.

    The procedure will help to correct the shape of the buttocks. After modeling forms the surgeon gives the desired volume with the help of their own "material" of the client. Recently, this technique has become the most popular and ousted the buttock implants.

  7. Improving the appearance of hands.

    By introducing a small amount of fat in the hands, wrinkles are smoothed. Result - young and elastic arms, marked their rejuvenation and eliminate dryness.

Contraindications lipofilinga

Lipofilling is considered a safe procedure, but still has some contraindications:

  • manipulation can not be performed in patients with impaired blood supply;
  • Lipofilling contraindicated in people with diabetes. With this disease the fat cells die when transplanted;
  • lack of fatty tissue. In this case, perform the transplantation of large volumes is not possible.

To the procedure is successful, it is very importantpre-select a qualified lipofilling. Read reviews about the clinic, where you will pass the procedure. Ask reviews about the doctor, get recommendations from clients. It depends on the effectiveness and quality outcome of the procedure.