Lifting of breast, mastopexy

How to make a breast lift procedure? This question is highly relevant to a large number of representatives of the fair sex. Especially often thought that it would be quite good to tighten the breast and improve its shape, occur in women after childbirth. And age does not spare any one cell in the human body, including the breasts.
How to make a breast lift procedure? This question is highly relevant to a large number of representatives of the fair sex. Especially often thought that it would be quite good to tighten the breast and improve its shape, occur in women after childbirth. And age does not spare any one cell in the human body, including the breasts.

Causes of breast ptosis

What are the main reasons for the omission of the chest and the deterioration of its form?
Firstly, it is worth remembering that the breast tissuegland is under the influence of hormones. Hormonal same background in women fluctuates constantly, and this can not but have a negative impact on their chest. Particularly strong influence on the part of the altered hormonal status of the breast undergoes during pregnancy.
Secondly, it is terrible spoils the shape of breast breastfeeding process.
Third, the shape of the breast affects women body weight change. So breasts sag noticeably if a woman manages to complete enough to become slim again.
Fourth, with age comes a decrease of tone and elasticity loss of the breast that is very worsen its appearance.

Indications for surgery

If you have decided on what to improve formBreast lift and hold it, then remember, you will inevitably have to resort to surgery, no cosmetics can not help. The operation to change the shape of the breast is called mastopexy.
First, such a procedure is shownwomen with small sagging breasts. This healingandbodywork would like to stress that if a woman is planning to have children in the future, mastopexy is not recommended. Pregnancy and breast-feeding will drive the whole effect of the operation on the "no". Also not shown operation to lift women with large sagging breasts. In this case, mastopexy simply can not cope with its task, as to correct the shape of the mammary glands of a large volume, a combination of this operation with the breast reduction surgery.


Firstly, contraindications for surgery for breast lift are common diseases: diabetes, hypertension, cancer.
Secondly, mastopexy prohibited if mammary tumors, including benign tumors.
In addition, it is not recommended holding mastopexy women planning to have children in the future, as well as women who are overweight.

Preparation for surgery

Preparation for surgery for breast liftIt begins with a thorough examination of the patient. First, in consultation with a plastic surgeon mammologist and addressed the issue of whether, and if needed can be carried out, in principle, mastopexy. Assess the state of the mammary glands and skin, the chest is made common card.
If the question of the possibility of the operationa positive solution, the patient need to undergo a full medical examination, including examination by an oncologist and an anesthesiologist. The operation can be carried out solely with the full health of the patient. Even a mild illness is a contraindication for mastopexy.
Seven days before the operation you should stop taking any drugs, which include aspirin, vitamin E and lecithin.
On the eve of the operation is recommended bath reception. Dinner should be very light.

The essence of mastopexy

Typically, breast lift operation lasts aboutthree hours and is performed under general anesthesia. In cases of very minor omissions local anesthesia while intravenous sedation.
The operation of lifting the breasts - is the removal ofexcess skin and lifting the nipple with the pigmented areas of skin surrounding it, called the areola. This healingandbodywork considers it useful to know that, depending on how much was drooping breasts, a different technique of the operation can be used.
When deletion of the chest slightly tobreast lift are two variants of the section can be used. In the first case, an incision is made above the areola in the form of a crescent, and by removing the skin of the nipple areola will rise up. The second option involves an incision around the areola and removing the skin around it, as well as some reduction in most of the areola. After that there is the imposition of the contraction joints, which leads to a tightening of the chest - this technique is called periareolar mastopexy.
During lifting operations at a sufficientlystrong breast ptosis have to make an incision around the areola and a long vertical incision under the nipple coming to the crease under the breast (vertical mastopexy). In addition, surgeons often resort to cuts under the chest. In such cases, the incision is made around the areola, a vertical incision from the areola to the crease of the breast and a horizontal incision under the breast (T-shaped mastopexy).
When using any technique of the operation of the areola size can be reduced.
Mastopexy is very similar to operationBreast reduction. The main difference is that the breast reduction not only requires the removal of excess skin and fat, as is the case with mastopexy, and excision of breast tissue itself directly.

The postoperative period

Immediately after the operation at the seams overlap gauze bandages and elastic bandage over them or compression bra
Immediately after the operation at the seams overlap gauze bandages and elastic bandage on top of them or a compression bra. During the first two days, the gauze dressings are replaced periodically.
If the operation was normal, then on the secondor third day after the woman can go home, and a week to go to work. In strictly prohibited to lift weights for the next month and a half. commonly prescribed analgesic medication to reduce the pain, which should take two weeks.
Despite the fact that the operation to lift the breast does not affect the risk of cancer, a woman must necessarily go through mammograms and no later than one year after the procedure.
Full manifestation of the effect of the cosmetic surgery will be noticeable only after a few months. Unfortunately, this effect will not be eternal. Time once again take their toll.

Possible complications

Many women have almost dared to surgeryfor breast lift, it stops the possibility of formation of post-operative scarring. The question of whether the scars remain, given their patients of plastic surgeons frequently. The answer, unfortunately, can only be affirmative. Scars really are. Of course, the doctor tries to make the scars as inconspicuous as possible.
With scars over time, begin to presenta thin line of skin color, which are not visible even in strong low-cut dress. However healingandbodywork must say that there is always the likelihood that normal wound healing does not happen and the process of regeneration of the skin go the way of the formation of ugly hypertrophic or keloid scar. The tendency to the formation of such scars has a genetic basis. And, therefore, the presence of a family history of the formation of ugly scars - this is a serious reason to think: "But is it really so much need surgery for breast lift?"
What else can threaten mastopexy? It is natural that after this operation as after any other surgery, may experience different side effects.
All adverse events mastopexy is divided into temporary and permanent.
By the time include:
- Swelling, often resulting in deformation of the shape of their breasts and asymmetry;
- Chest pain, aggravated by movement.
Permanent side effects - it is:
- Scars;
- Changing the nipples in one direction or another strontium.
It should be noted that the operation for breast lift almost never leads to the development of really serious complications, such as bleeding or infection infection.

cost of operation

Like any plastic surgery,mastopexy is not cheap. However, much depends on the region where you are going to carry out the procedure. Of course, the farther from the capital, the cheaper: as an operation carried out in Chelyabinsk, may cost about 40 000, and in Moscow the price of the same operation starts from 60,000 and can increase from clinic to clinic, up to 100 000 rubles.
Moreover, the price of breast lift operation is highly dependent on the severity of breast deformation process, and hence the complexity of the operation.
And finally, the third factor influencing the price -qualifications of the surgeon and his name. In the same clinic operation cost of the same complexity times may vary depending on whether the surgeon will carry it. Want to give yourself into the hands of the young surgeon and only pay 25,000 rubles, prefer to use the services of a skilled professional - it is can result in a total of about 75 000. It is important to look at the results of operations already carried out, the pictures "before" and "after" if possible, to contact and communicate with those who have gone through surgery you are interested in a specialist (often former clients leave reviews on websites clinics).
In such cases, you should never rush with the choice,and listen to the advice of a plastic surgeon, especially if he has a great experience in such operations. It is better to go through a consultation with several specialists, so you will be easier to determine what is really needed in your case. The more you ask questions - the better it is for you, because how will take into account the condition of your breasts and health complex will depend on the effect achieved after surgery.