Hair length does not limit you in choosing hairstyles


Tired of short hair? You just do not know how lucky you are, because with such hair can do a fantastic hairstyle for a minimum of time!

A little imagination, a little skill, and you will always be enchanting with different hairstyles for short hair.


  • 1 Why is shorter - is better?
  • 2 Simple experiments
  • 3 What are the hairstyles you can do?
    • 3.1 Laying without "stacking"
    • 3.2 Asymmetry in Fashion
    • 3.3 curls and ringlets
    • 3.4 Again comb-over?
    • 3.5 braids and barrettes

Why is shorter - is better?

And by the way, why did you no longer like the short hair? Maybe in a popular TV series - you do not like cats? You just do not know how to cook them!

Butch is useful at any age, and thatIt did not bother you, it is necessary to find a great hairdresser. It will not only make a great haircut, but also show how it is possible for quite a few minutes to change your appearance.

For example, everyday hairstyles for shorthair sometimes do not even require the intervention of a specialist, sufficient knowledge of the gel for hair styling and hair dryer. Just do not think that you can change your look just by changing hair color - that's the latest way and is not the best, because the color can not guess.

This hair styling can experiment almost every day. Washed hair, rinsed them balm and forth to new heights, "the home of hairdresser's art" - learning to do hairstyles.

Simple experiments

Do you want to emphasize the splendor of his hair- mousse youin your hands! With the help of short hair is easy to climb on a round brush from the roots, and hair as if she "flies". You can select an elegant hairstyle outline on gentle hair with wax or cream, slightly delaying the individual strands. This "tousled" hair can be done on dried hair.

Deliberately disheveled hair will give your face a nice and somewhat mischievous expression, as if you were not doing this hairstyle, just a light breeze swept strands.

You want to be in pretty curls all day? Special mousse or foam rigid fixation designed for gentle hair styles for hair (hair should be moist!), Allow to think about how to look your head under the rain drops. Your amazing curls started in the morning to the evening will be the same luxury if slightly hair with lacquer.

And, in general, if short hair - it's not an excusesad ... First, the long hair to the middle of the cheeks - a great opportunity to do enchanting hairstyle almost every day, because the time on the most fantastic styling will in times less than long hair.

Secondly, with only a picture ofhairstyles, you do it yourself, and only an experienced hairdresser will understand that hair did not in the cabin. And finally, thirdly, you will save a lot of money if you learn to style short hair yourself is not that hard - it would wish.

What are the hairstyles you can do?

The most simple hairstyles for short hair that can be done at home:

Laying without "stacking"

The easiest option can not be. You will need shampoo, shower gel or foam for hair, hair dryer. When will wash your hair, lightly air dry their hair dryer - but only just!

Then, squeeze a bit of gel on your palm, and from the massHair select individual strands - soak them with gel, put the way you want. After that hair dosushit to the end, keep hair away from the head, that was as natural drying.

You can specifically pick out some strands using tinted coloring shampoo, and the hair and smooth, and "luxury disgrace" will be equally good looking.

The main thing, the hair is very easy to pick up,leaving open the neck - this amazing hairstyle is good for young girls with graceful neck. The high forehead and ears also remain open, so visually makes hair Woman higher sleeker.

Asymmetry in Fashion

The hair can be divided in a parting, including asymmetrical. The hair can be combed smoothly and fixed varnish, but so that they look natural.


As a rule, this hairstyle hair cover their ears, slightly concealed his forehead, and hair the most - the crown. Again, this hairstyle for visual "growth" figure.

Curls and ringlets

An elegant look of short hair curls or small curls. You will need a modeling mousse, which is applied to dried hair.

Curls fit your fingers, and recorded varnish. Irons can use tongs, small diameter rollers. Curls do not comb, just divide your hands, fix with varnish.

Again comb-over?

Just a simple look with slicked back hair and hair up. The ears remain open also bangs combed back and secured with varnish or barrette.

It is rather a business haircut or hairstyle for receptions, but make it a snap.

Braids and barrettes

Simple hairstyles with braids, in the Greek style, barrette and many other hairstyles for short hair, which are readily available in home design.

Invent and realize his dream - to look stunning every day, you can even with short hair, you just convinced of this yourself!