Bay leaf acne

Known to all the hosts successfully bay leafIt is used not only in cooking, but also in the treatment of problems such as acne unpleasant. Cope with them will help decoctions, tinctures, lotions and masks from the leaves of the laurel tree.

The beneficial properties of bay leaves

Initially, the bay leaf is unusedin cooking, it put in a wreath on the head of winners in ancient Rome. He was a symbol of courage and victory. Only bother worthy of this award. And bay leaf in just a few centuries, began to add in cooking as a seasoning. But through the years, it turned out that wonderful aroma, is not its only advantage. Today, bay leaf extract is found in many ointments and lotions, skin diseases they treat and used in the care of their appearance.

The leaves of laurel tree a lot of essential oils,organic acids, trace elements. Due to its composition this seasoning is called a natural antibiotic, it fights germs, soothes and heals wounds. Therefore, it is often the bay leaf used in the treatment of acne. In the treatment of used decoctions, tinctures and masks on the basis of this medicinal product.

Treatment of skin with tincture

Bay leaf is the first place in the folkMedicine among the products that treat acne. And the recipes are so simple that anyone can prepare a useful drug at home. First of all, you need to learn how to prepare a tincture. The effect of its use usually exceeds all expectations. To prepare it, you need to take a small bowl, can be a half-liter jar, put it in a bay leaf, so that the fourth part was occupied. If the leaves are used dry, they can be easily broken, and fresh - break. When the desired number of leaves fill the jar, the top need to pour vodka, close the jar and put in three weeks in a dark, cool place to infuse. At this time, alcohol will take over all the beneficial properties of the sheet. To use this infusion is necessary, moistened cotton wool in it and rubbing the problem areas. It is desirable to conduct this procedure twice a day. If you suddenly feel some discomfort or pain, then immediately wash with cold water.

You can make a tincture, which not onlyIt will treat acne, but at the same time removes excess fat from the skin shine. To prepare it, you need to break off small bay leaf and put it into a glass, then add hot water whose temperature is 80 degrees, do not get hot water, otherwise all the beneficial properties disappear. Leave the infusion stand for several hours, you can leave at night. Then strain, cover well and refrigerate. This infusion wipe the problem areas should be three times a day, immediately after meals.

Decoction for treatment of acne

In order for the skin not only got rid ofacne, but also get a nice color, you can treat it in such a decoction: take two to three leaves, put in a small dish, as long as it is well-closed, pour boiling water so that the leaves are covered and leave, until the broth does not become cold. Then you need to drain fluid. The broth in the refrigerator and take the morning and evening, apply to a cotton pad to wipe the face. It is very important not to skip the procedure, otherwise the result will be minimal.

It is very useful to do from broth and steam bath. To pores fully open, to keep the face over the steam for fifteen minutes. After the procedure the skin is desirable to wipe the tincture. Such steam baths MipCovetov recommends no more frequent than twice a week. After the first three times you will notice how your skin is transformed before our eyes. It becomes elastic, and with acne will be gone and headache, because the bay leaf and struggling with this problem.

Masks of bay leaf against acne

Masks for face in dealing with acne every daygaining more and more popularity. Especially effective is the mask, which must be mixed with a bay leaf medicinal clay. This mixture should be diluted tincture bay leaf to the consistency of sour cream. Apply this mask on your face and hold for ten minutes, and the wash after the mask is best chamomile tea.

Another good mask, not only removes acne,but at the same time more and tighten the facial contour. First you need to prepare a decoction, use 30 grams of boiled water for 15 laurel leaves for him to put on a little fire and leave for half an hour to boil, then cool. As the broth to cool, take a tablespoon of it and beat three egg whites, two tablespoons of olive oil and 10 grams of burnt alum, which can be purchased in every pharmacy. All the ingredients you need to mix and apply on gauze, which is then put on face. Leave the mask on your face for half an hour, then remove and rinse with warm water and a mixture of residues.

Another mask that tightens pores, preparingthus: to mix 1 tbsp. l. decoction with a teaspoon of honey, 10 th drops of olive oil and add the same amount of lemon juice. Before you make a mask, you need to clean the skin with lotion, mask kept on the face for half an hour and then wash it with cool water. This procedure removes acne and tighten the skin. The mask should be done about once a week and combine with other drugs based on bay leaf.

Lotion and tonic against acne

To prepare a therapeutic lotion based onLaurel, which will make your skin clean and silky, you need to take 200 grams of leaves, pour 100 grams of water, bring to a boil and leave to heat for 3 minutes. Then you need to remove it from the heat and leave, without touching on the hour, then drain and it can be cleaned not only the face but also the neck, and décolleté. Lotion desirably stored in a refrigerator.

Enough time to remove acne vulgaris inday, wipe the face tonic. To cook it you need to add two tablespoons of infusion of laurel in a glass of boiled water. That's the whole recipe, lotion should be applied on a cotton pad and wipe his face with. There is only one caveat - no need to use lotion before going out in cold weather or in strong winds, because this drug is highly moisturizes the skin, and it can be in such circumstances harm.

Precautions for use

These folk remedies There are severalshortcomings that although the background of strengths and fade, but they are still worth a few words. So, do not expect the application of laurel instant results. It will take some time to get pimples disappeared. And even better to use these funds as a preventive measure. And in order to avoid recurrence of the disease happened, you need to use a bay leaf in combination with other therapeutic agents.

It is not necessary to use a bay leaf in the periodpregnancy and lactation, as well as in the period of exacerbation. In addition, if you are suffering from allergic reactions before applying lotions and masks with bay leaf, consult with your doctor and make a test on a small area of ​​skin. If all goes well, then you can safely use the popular recipes and see your skin clean and rejuvenated.