Laser peeling

Nothing so clearly does not give a person's age ashis skin. In his youth, a large supply of collagen makes it smooth, supple and beautiful. But with age, the skin begins to lose its aesthetic appearance and each new year of life leaves its mark on it.

Wrinkles, dryness, age spots, stretch marks,flabbiness - all signs of aging. Fortunately, modern science does not get tired to invent new and new means to preserve such precious and coveted by all youth.

The essence of the species, and laser peeling

The word peeling takes its name from the English«Peel» - «peel, peel." The essence of the procedure is to cleanse the skin from dead, dead cells and reproducing new layer of the epidermis. As a result of this update the skin becomes more smooth, smooth, elastic, becomes healthy color and velvety, with her disappearing wrinkles and scars, pores are cleaned.

There are two types of laser peels: cold and hot. MipSovetov tell more about them.

  1. During the cold peeling laser beamuniformly vaporizes the upper layers of the tissue, without affecting the deeper layers of the epithelium. As a result of this procedure, with the skin surface of dead skin cells are removed, and a variety of pollution, the skin looks smoother and healthier.
  2. Hot Cold peeling differs from thatwhen removing the upper keratinized tissue also occurs heating of the deeper layers of the dermis. This process triggers the active regeneration of the skin, resulting in wrinkles, scars, increases elasticity and smartness. Traumatic hot laser peeling up and recovery time longer. However, the effect of this procedure is becoming more visible in the next few months, persisting throughout the year.

The laser itself is divided into two types: Erbium laser and laser karbondioksidny CO 2. First we need to work with the upper layers of the skin. Its working principle is based on the passage of the laser beam through a special filter erbium. It is up to the thickness of the filter depends depth to which the laser will penetrate the skin. It least damage the epidermis can be used for resurfacing the lips and the eyes, but it too is not capable of smoothing wrinkles. Its safety is much higher than the CO 2 laser and application is not needed after a long recovery period. Also excluded trauma to the skin.

Second, karbondioksidny laser CO 2, hassuch a barrier-filter, so that is able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. It promotes active clean it up, smoothing the wrinkles of long-standing, deep removal of age spots. However, a disadvantage of this laser are certain risks in its use. If not set correctly, the device, the laser beam may damage your skin too much, take a deep incision down to the muscle, which is fraught with long healing and scarring.

Indications for laser peels

Laser peels can be used for bothcosmetic and medicinal purposes. If you can help get rid of the procedure of vascular lesions, such as birthmarks. To eliminate them in the face and neck to pass about ten peeling procedures. If the goal is to get rid of facial wrinkles, the effect will be noticeable from the first procedure. For deeper wrinkles require a longer course.

Moles, freckles, age spots - is anotherindication for the use of a laser peel. In addition, this cosmetic procedure will help get rid of scars, as well as scars and stains that remain due to acne.

Laser peels will help to rejuvenate the skin, removetraces of age-related changes: flabby, enlarged pores, poor skin tone, wrinkles. laser resurfacing will result in a beautiful, elastic, velvety skin, glowing with youth and health. A few months after the restoration of the oval outline procedures you will notice the face, smooth skin, smartness, flexibility, lack of age spots and wrinkles. There remains this result for quite some time. With proper nutrition, absence of bad habits and good skin care, it is possible to maintain the effect for a few years.

Preparation for the procedure

For proper and safe conductlaser peeling is necessary to conduct some training. Her first step is a consultation with a dermatologist. Skin Recovery program is selected individually for each case. This takes into account the skin type, age and nature of the damage. From the patient depends on the observance of a few simple rules before the procedure:

  • it is not necessary to sunbathe under the sun or in the solarium, two weeks before the procedure;
  • Don'ts cleansing facial or chemical peel, during the same time;
  • it is desirable not to use decorative cosmetics;
  • is to give up smoking and alcohol, it will reduce the pressure on the blood vessels.

Carrying peeling

peeling procedure can be performed only in specialized beauty clinic that has the appropriate certificates.

  1. laser resurfacing process begins with the selection of the type of laser master, setting the operating mode and the penetration depth of the beam.
  2. After that, the skin specialist covers certain funds with the effect of the anesthetic, if peeling is superficial.

    Important! If you will be involved the deep dermis to minimize the pain anesthetic injection can be made. If it is a facial peels, eye, too, must be protected. To do this, use a cloth or a special mask.

  3. After applying the desired anesthetic skin surface is treated with the laser beam flashes. Upon completion of this stage the skin becomes pale and dry.
  4. To moisten a layer of another agent, and the surface is processed again. The entire procedure takes from 40 to 50 minutes.

Contraindications for laser peels

Even though laser treatment rather simple cosmetic surgery, she has contraindications:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • oncological diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • epilepsy;
  • ulcers on the skin or inflammation;
  • Low blood clotting, hemophilia;
  • chronic diseases in the acute phase.

It should be noted that if the peeling procedure is carried out with a highly qualified specialist, observing all the rules and taking into account all contraindications, the risk of side effects may be reduced to zero.

The recovery period

Restoring skin after laser treatmentsPeeling is a necessary and integral part of the entire process, ensuring the duration of conservation results. The duration of the recovery period typically takes 7-10 days. Immediately after the procedure you can watch much redness of the skin and swelling. To get rid of them, the skin must be covered by special means of antibacterial action. This is done immediately after peeling, then every two to three hours for seven days.

Using makeup to bedeleted. The first time is also better not to go out, since UV radiation may have a negative effect on sensitive skin. Remember that for a month after peeling skin needs daily protection. To do this, use special cream, enhances regeneration and every day to apply moisturizers and sunscreens.

It is impossible to carry out additional purification procedure. It is also desirable to avoid contact with skin, aqueous salt solutions, for example, sea water, because the salt at times can enhance stimulation.