Laser liposuction

You can not overcome the overweight? You can not limit yourself to a long time in power? Then a new way, which offer beauty centers - for you. Try to bring your body back to normal with the help of laser liposuction technique.

Liposuction - is a form of surgery in the human body in order to remove excess fat. Types of liposuction, there are two:

  1. Vacuum.
  2. Ultrasonic.

During both procedures, the fat deposits are removed by means of pressure that passes through special ducts.

But it is a new method of laser liposuctionconsidered one of the most effective. The first effective method of getting rid of fat accumulation discovered in the United States and some European countries. First of all, women were satisfied with both the conduct of the procedure, as well as its efficiency. Its main advantage - the absence of pain. Many patients call this method beauty - Hollywood due to the fact that you can look at lunch time at the clinic, perform evacuation of fat and back to work.

By laser liposuction - the medical term "liposomes" - used by many celebrities, among them the lead actress Demi Moore and Nicole Kidman.

The uniqueness of this method is thatthat reduce the fat volume can be in different parts of the body. The method works on the principle of the skin portion having a sufficient amount of fat is directed laser beam, its wavelength is 1064 nm. Ray contributes to the destruction of the membrane of fat cells. After the destruction of fat, which becomes like a transparent fluid excreted from the body on their own.

In addition, a significant plus painless,People are not only saying goodbye with fat, but also gets a lifting effect on the target area. Incidentally, under the influence of laser fat cells are destroyed permanently and at this location they will not be restored.

During one session, which can last for a maximum ofa couple of hours, you can remove up to a pound of fat in each area. And if the human body has accumulated a very large number of fat cells, while the patient is prescribed a different type of laser liposuction, using a very fine needle.

For more information about carrying out procedures

This section MirSovetov acquaint its readers with how laser liposuction and how to behave after the operation.

Before you go on the operating table(No need to be afraid, in any case must comply with strict sterility!), Your doctor will talk with the patient. Man photographed naked and fix the volume using ordinary centimeters. This item was preparation for the procedure is simply necessary: ​​the patient will always be able to see clearly how its volumes decreased after the operation.

Then, the patient is administered a local anesthetic, becausethat not all people are able to move even a small pain. And the doctor and the patient will be quieter. After the onset of action of an anesthetic drug, the skin is treated with antiseptic and under it introduced a very thin (only 1 mm) needle. It is called a "cannula" due to the fact that the end of the needle there is a thin tube with a laser probe. After the introduction of the cannula through a tube enters the laser light and under the influence of the fat cells begin to break down. It is released from cells in the form of a turbid liquid and slowly absorbed into the bloodstream to the liver in neutralized afterwards.

The patient note: Most clinics offer their patients to take advantage of dual method of getting rid of the fat, laser and vacuum (just happens pumping oil through a special tube) liposuction.

By the time the pumping procedure FatIt takes about one to two hours. If the case is not running and adipose tissue is not too much to hold one session is enough. Even if a procedure Laser Liposuction without further removal of fat, the result is visible after a couple of weeks, a month.

The postoperative period

According to experts, this type ofcosmetic procedure is considered minimally invasive, so special care after the evacuation of fat is not required. After the procedure, you can almost immediately go home. Within an hour, you need to lie down in the room, so that the body rested. During this period, the patient will observe the health worker, if necessary - to measure blood pressure and body temperature.

Immediately after the procedure and for another pairweeks should refrain from physical activity, try not to burden the body, do not lift weights, get plenty of rest, eat right, do not make long walks and do not be nervous.


It is strictly forbidden to perform laser liposuction people:

  • diseases of internal organs;
  • blood diseases, especially dangerous is poor blood clotting;
  • diabetes;
  • malfunction immunity;
  • umbilical and inguinal hernia;
  • after suffering a stroke or heart attack;
  • Obesity, which arose as a result of hormonal disorders.

If a person who wants to go through the procedure to get rid of body fat, there are a number of diseases:

  1. Chronic diseases in the acute stage.
  2. SARS disease in the acute stage.
  3. Violation of the skin at the site of the intended pumping fat.
  4. Moved surgery.

In each case, regardless of the wishes of the patient, the decision to hold the procedure the doctor makes. It conducts a full examination of the patient.

The advantages of the procedure

The top three benefits include:

  1. The procedure is painless.
  2. Short on time.
  3. The absence of scars on the skin.

Even despite the fact that the skin is punctured with a fine needle, puncture trace is left, as opposed to standard liposuction, when skin is incised with a scalpel slightly.

In addition to these advantages, while laser liposuction skin tightening occurs spontaneous, it becomes Gorny and looks healthy.

And another advantage: after one session of liposuction, even if the weight of the return, in places where the fat is removed, the more he will not be refunded.

With the help of a laser can achieve the effect ofuniform fat removal. Even the surgeons specializing in laser technique point out that with the help of a laser can be literally "sculpt" re beautiful shape.

the effect will be seen in the most efficienta small area of ​​skin, such as on the face. By the way, with the help of laser liposuction can get rid of scars, both consequences of surgical liposuction. But the most popular and is considered to be a popular area of ​​the stomach - because that's what this place is 80% of the female half of the population problem.

About complications

Despite the seeming simplicity and relatively easytolerance liposuction, this type of cosmetic surgery is one of the most serious. It is therefore not necessary to trust your body "experts" at home, working in the dubious beauty salons located in the basement, and so on. D. Choose a professional with a good reputation, ask for certificates and diploma of education. Do not be lazy and do not hesitate to talk with patients who underwent this procedure. From the doctor's qualification depends more 50% success rate.

It should be ready to complications that are sure to announce a real expert:

  • the appearance of bumps and irregularities on the skin of the patient when insisting on the removal of a large amount of fat;
  • death of some areas on the skin;
  • bruising;
  • suppuration;
  • inflammatory processes in the tissues, and infections;
  • when broken fat on the legs may cause inflammation in the veins, and violation of the fluid output;
  • allergic reaction to anesthetics.

The price of issue of laser liposuction is very high. After parting with a round sum, you can get rid of Zhirkov in only one part of the body, while others - the hands, hips, cheeks and tidy and so remain in the long-term expectation... Weigh the pros and cons before you decide on laser liposuction.