Laser nanoperforatsiya

Laser is one of nanoperforatsiyarelatively young skin rejuvenation techniques. However, she had already proved themselves to be excellent, because under her power to remove hints of skin aging even with the earliest manifestations of 25-30 years.

If you need to get rid of increased pigmentation, stretch marks, traces of broken vessels, or wrinkles, this procedure - something that is necessary, in addition, it can be done regardless of age.

What is the procedure of laser nanoperforatsii

The name comes from the two proceduresGreek and Latin words "applied" - the dwarf, and the word "perforating" means - punching. They define the essence of the procedure, during which a small beam of laser light makes thousands of very small holes that are invisible to the human eye. Then comes the time of the manipulator generating these rays and manage manipulator sets the correct dosage rays and the method of their direction on the skin. The advantage of this method is that the laser is not able to damage the skin and cause harm and pain, adverse events do not exist. During laser perforation connective tissues that hold the elastin and collagen fibers are activated, these fibers and are responsible for youth and health of the skin, so young, the skin can heal quickly and recover well. A laser nanoperforatsiya helps develop artificial material to remove defects and prevent wrinkles.

After the procedure, the skin returns elasticity and smoothness, even fairly deep wrinkles are smoothed, pores are narrowed, and the skin becomes beautiful and healthy hue.

Of course, there are many procedures that canrejuvenate the skin, but it is thanks to nanoperforatsii process of recovery and rehabilitation is minimal. It takes only 3 days to the complexion restored, flushing took place and there was not the slightest trace of the operation of the laser. After the procedure is necessary for the entire three-day period of rehabilitation to protect the skin from sunlight, chemical and mechanical exposure. If you like to use all kinds of cosmetics, tanning in the sun or using a sunbed, you will need to be patient just a couple of days, and you will return again to their former way of life.

How is the skin nanoperforatsiya

For the procedure requires a special laserequipment, choosing a clinic, keep in mind that the license for the production of this equipment has a relatively small number of companies, so always ask for documents on the laser, if the clinic is a serious and values ​​its reputation, then you will be happy to tell you everything and will provide all the required help.

Crushing nozzle for laser treatmentsselected depending on skin problems and the desired result. With this nozzle micro-rays will be converted and sent directly to the skin. Very soon, the epidermis will independently produce fiber and to eliminate skin defects. This process will begin in the tissues of collagen and elastin, which will start the regeneration and restoration of the skin. Almost after a few such procedures skin becomes noticeably smoother, supple, improve relief and disappear traces of wrinkles. Due to the fact that the laser beams are distributed evenly over the skin, burn tracks, they can not leave. However, reducing the activity of the cells takes place only during the procedure, and then the skin processes are working as usual.

skin sensitivity and laser nanoperforatsiya

Unlike many of the procedures are not nanoperforatsiyaIt can cause painful reactions and anesthesia is not needed. Even patients with hypersensitive skin mark relaxing and pleasant feeling of warmth during the procedure, is very rare mild tingling. After the procedure, it may be noted redness of the skin, but this is a common reaction to the laser, do not worry. Redness of the skin occurs due to the fact that through the dilated capillaries passes a large flow of blood, it is extremely useful because the tissue is enriched with useful substances, the epidermis and increases the recovery process occurs rapidly. Within 3 days of redness will be over.

After a week you can see the changes of the skin and body - it will look noticeably younger.

This can be performed laser nanoperforatsiyu

This procedure is allowed if you turned25 years old, but rejuvenating treatments at this age do not need, but to adjust and fix the problem points to the perforation of the skin by force. The procedure is able to remove the defects of the abdomen, stretch marks and scars, dark spots, the procedure can be performed anywhere on the body.

As with any cosmetic procedure, laser nanoperforatsiya has its contraindications, these include:

  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • hepatitis, diabetes and similar diseases;
  • problems with blood clotting.

Already after the first treatment you will noticereal increase in skin elasticity, skin changes color and a relief for the better, wrinkles are smoothed. After the first few treatments fade dark spots and narrow pores of the skin. Accordingly, scars and hollows of eruptions become less noticeable with regard to stretch, then just after the first procedure, they are not as noticeable, and eventually disappear altogether. To obtain a maximum, a survey prior to the procedure and its implementation must necessarily carry out a qualified technician. Typically, sessions are held with a break in the month and in order to properly determine whether the next procedure, you need to observe the changes taking place. For a month the skin time to recover well and have already seen, there still deal with any defects need. If a series of procedures carried out correctly, the result is saved 5 years. Vacuum massage, bio-revitalization, mesotherapy can significantly improve the results of laser skin nanoperforatsii.

Note that this procedure is in any case notIt should be carried out together with the peeling. The price of a session depends on skin problems and the scale of the impact zone. The most expensive treatment zones are considered to be the face, neck and décolleté, these areas of the skin can reach the price of twenty thousand rubles.