Lamination eyelashes

The world of cosmetology offers more and morenovelties for the fair sex, so that they become even more attractive. One of the most urgent service today remains lamination eyelashes.

The advantages of the procedure

The effect of lamination eyelashes about the same,as well as by increasing or biozavivki. Why, then, women choose this procedure? It's all about natural ingredients that are used in lamination. Because all chemical drugs, what effect would a chic was not them, it is still harmful to the hair structure, but also can trigger allergies.

The purpose of laminating - to make their thin cilialong, well curved, and this goal is achieved thanks to the keratin contained in the preparation, by the way, this procedure is often called also "keratin lamination eyelashes." Make it should be only in the salons, and only the professionals. Because very often under the guise of doing the usual lamination customers biozavivka. This is possible dishonest masters, if they see that the customer came to the first procedure. Therefore MirCovetov recommends visiting salons only licensed to carry out such manipulations.

The procedure itself takes about an hour. And after that you can get up and go about their business, no recovery period is not. The only recommendation - do not wash the eyes during the day.

The procedure consists of several phases:

  1. First eyelashes prepare a session with themremove makeup, dirt and excess fat special preparations. This is to ensure that all the nutrients that are found in the composition of funds, absorbed into the lashes.
  2. To protect the delicate eyelid skin from the aggressive action of the drug, it means a thin layer is applied, which smooths the skin, soften and protect.
  3. On the lashes wearing silicone mold, which will give the required type of cilia and lifts them.
  4. Eyelashes treated solution, it penetrates inwards and makes longer and thicker hair. At this stage you can select the color pigment for eyelashes.
  5. Each cilium is treated with keratin.

You can choose any color of the five proposed. Through their eyes get weary. As a result, the woman receives a lush eyelashes voluminous, strong and coiled up. And all this only from their own cilia, without adhering foreign bodies. In addition, another lamination and conditions, many nutrients in its composition.

Indications for laminating

Lamination can make any woman whowatching their appearance. But the specific indications for the procedure have those who are going to go for a vacation to the beach for a long time. There, eyelashes will be exposed to direct sunlight, sea water and gusts of dry wind. In addition, it is useful to make the procedure for those who live in the frosty climate. Laminating protects the cilia from the cold and wind. And if you live in an industrial area, and you could constantly surrounds and flows out of the tap chlorinated water, then you, too, a direct path to a beauty salon.

All these negative natural phenomena and factorsadversely affect the eyelashes and lead to hair loss. If you do lamination regularly, you will be able to opt out of mascara and eyeliner, they will simply not needed, and so will look alluring soon. Laminator make sure that the cilia are healthy to the scales, which are located around the hairs flat against the trunk.

Pros and cons of the procedure

In addition to these advantages in the form of a healthy andbeautiful eyelashes, there is another - the effect of the procedure lasts about three months, that is, throughout this period can hardly remember that once you had to contrive to give your lashes a normal appearance. In addition, a laminated hair, you can safely swim, swim wear contact lenses and painted any cosmetics. This procedure is indispensable in summer, when heavy makeup just is not the place, but I want to look like just a cabin.

From contraindications experts distinguish betweenpregnancy and lactation. And also do not recommend the procedure for those who have any eye disease. In order not to provoke the exacerbation of the disease.

There is also a downside of this procedure can take itthe relative high cost. On average, the cost of lamination is more than 4 thousand rubles, which is several times greater than the capacity and biozavivka. Price great, because the rights to products owned by several companies, mostly American and shveytsarsikm, so we can assume that the product is exclusive.

There are lovers do in the salon treatmenthome. Since lamination is unlikely to succeed, because the drug is available for sale is not sold. And even if you buy it in the salon, be prepared for the fact that the result can not confirm the expectation.

Lamination home

If you really believe in your power to makelaminating yourself, you can, of course, and try. First you need to at least once to make this procedure in the cabin and watch what actions the wizard performs. Then purchase the necessary materials. Buy them can be in the showrooms, where this procedure is carried out or ordered from online stores, but this option is fraught with forgeries, so use it only if you have a proven suppliers.

Procedure for laminating a lashthe same as in the cabin. If you will be doing themselves, refer to the drug is not hit in the eye. If this happens, rinse the eye with plenty of water and if the burning does not pass, then immediately consult a doctor. Before the procedure lubricate the skin around the eyes with bold nutritious cream, put on a special attachment to the eyelashes and apply medication.

Special composition envelops cilium filmthat lines the surface of the hair and protects it. This film is breathable, it is thin and does not feel on the eyelashes. Some ladies do in order to save lamination do not shop preparation and diluted gelatin, according to the type of hair lamination. Hurt by this procedure will not effect in the cabin too. But still lashes will look livelier.

To prepare a home laminator, you need todissolve gelatin with hot water 1 to 3, and when it swells, heat in a water bath until smooth and add a balm. Apply gently brush mascara to the drug is not hit in the eye. And rinse with water after half an hour from the beginning of laminating.

In any case, if you do the procedureat home or in the salon, you will nourish your eyelashes and make them stronger. After 3 months, you can make the correction, this period can vary depending on how often you wash, what means to use make-up remover, and some ink paint cilia. Another advantage lamination is that this drug is not overdose. Eyelashes take for himself just as many components as you need them. Moreover, the greater the damage, the more they absorb the drug. With each correction eyelashes become thicker and look healthier and stronger.