Japanese manicure

You want to have a perfect, well-groomed handles long fingernails, and no funds are not helping? Do not despair, try a new kind of manicure, which has been used successfully in Japan.

Japanese manicure came to us recently. Those women who have tried to imagine its action, claiming that it is the real magic. The nails are strong, cease to exfoliate, and the skin on the hands becomes velvety. What's the secret? healingandbodywork tell you, our readers, about the Japanese manicure technology.

A little history

The Japanese have always been considered one of the most polite andcourteous nations. It is true the Japanese are different calmness and iron exposure. And all the new products that they invent, based on centuries-old traditions of the country. The Japanese thoroughly studied and successfully apply new technologies, it's not just high-tech processes and new products of the beauty industry.

Residents of Japan, each procedure was converted tobeautiful ritual. For example, to drink tea, every Japanese should know and have the skills, how to brew tea, which varieties can be mixed, which are served in the daytime, in the evening or in the morning, and that what utensils to use. And it is not only in relation to the tea ceremony. The feeling of the beautiful young Japanese woman instilled since childhood. The ability to love your body, keep your hair and hands turns into a real science.

Well-groomed hands of every person, especiallyfemale, as well as hair and flawless skin - the card. That is why the Japanese are able to follow up his hands in a special way. Now manicure from Japan became for our women's particular pleasure and a great opportunity to touch the wonderful world of harmony.

In the world of this procedure it was recognized as early as 1958, and in Japan - Place of ritual, more than 400 years ago. This type of nail care refers to one of the most effective and aesthetic.

Positive contrast treatments compared to other species:

  1. Japanese procedure can be performed on male and female nails.
  2. The purpose of a manicure - not the creation of nail decoration, and their wellness.
  3. After the procedure, the nails become shiny.
  4. Nails gain elasticity and become strong.
  5. It is used after a long worn pavement, to restore the nail plate faster.
  6. It promotes rapid growth of nails.
  7. The procedure involves only the use of natural materials and components.
  8. Used gentle processing technique of the nail plate.
  9. No contraindications for women in special situations and in lactation period.

This is a service

for nail service experts recommendnot to resort to the procedure during the bad state of the nails, and always, even when they look good. This approach allows you to keep your nails in top condition, to give them a more natural luster.


  1. In poor condition of nails.
  2. When a person eats a little or are on a diet.
  3. When the nails become brittle.
  4. When dry the nail plate.
  5. During delamination.
  6. With frequent use of aggressive himkomponentov.

How is

This type of nail care, gives clients a lot of positive emotions.

Consider its stages:

  1. Before starting to work, the master willdiagnosis of your nails. Using a special table, the wizard builds for himself tactics and selecting the right products. Each client is looking for an individual program.
  2. Master will handle special handsDisinfectant composition, which contains beeswax. The liquid has a triple action: softens, kills bacteria, prevents the appearance of inflammation. After treatment, the nails become elastic and no longer stratify.
  3. On the cuticle apply jojoba oil, which itsoften. Instead, the oil can cause the master syrovotku, which will help soften the cuticles. With orange sticks (or ceramic) push the cuticle. This place is a lubricant, which is composed of extracts of bamboo, seaweed, vanilla, lotus seeds, red tea extract and oil of ylang - ylang.
  4. After softening the cuticle comes the turnstrengthening the nail plate. On the nail is applied mineral paste, which was composed and trace elements. Components such as calcium strengthen a fingernail, and pulverized powder of natural pearls facilitates alignment of the plate itself. Minerals help the nail to grow faster and does not delaminate. Included in the special components paste contribute to the strengthening of the upper layer of the nail and hold moisture. On top of the nail is a thin layer of powder, which will protect the plate. Powder contains silicon, it closes the previously applied tool and protects the nail from frequent washing dishes and other aggressive influences.
  5. Then nail platinum undergoes softsanded using a block of rice and then polished calf skin of genuine unit. Make the color plate will help pearl powder, which includes a lot of vitamins, amino acids and trace elements.
  6. After giving the nail strength and shine, applybase-coat with bamboo extract and oil. They stimulate the growth of the nail plate, prevent foliation. Coating rich ceramides, which are firmly fixed are corrupted, weak points of the nail. Ginseng extract applied to the nail, would restore the optimum water balance of the plate.
  7. Completion manicure session - special massage withusing hot bags. The pouch is sewn of silk, it is filled with mineral salt or a special sand and quartz, as well as essential oils and dry Japanese flowers. Massage helps to increase blood circulation, relax the hands, will help relieve the tension.

The timing of the procedure is aboutan hour and a half. As a result, after this procedure, the client hands and nails will be smooth, well-groomed and nails strong and shiny. Manicure should be done twice a month, by the way, the Japanese technology provides nail health recovery not only in the hands, but also on his feet.

The cost of the Japanese manicure - about a thousand rubles. That's a lot - some cry, but the pleasure is received by the client from the procedure, and most importantly - delicious result is worth it.

manicure Components

As mentioned earlier, the components are selectedand can be individually varied. Each beauty salon has developed a set and the technique of this procedure. No matter what components are used, the technique of Japanese technology remains unchanged.

To perform the manicurist usevitamins A and E, panthenol, glycerin - ingredients that moisturize the skin, as well as zinc, minerals, seafood and a variety of essential oils - Apricot, peach, grape.

How to master the procedure yourself

Not everyone will be able to leave a decent amountmoney to visit the manicurist. Can you master this technique at home? Master's reply that it is necessary to specially trained, but a simplified variation of the Japanese manicure can try to do it yourself. To perform manicure need to buy wooden sticks, polishing buff, as well as a special mineral powder and paste. Silk bags easy to do yourself and fill them with either sea salt or a mixture of dried herbs and inflorescences. In this regard, everyone should feel, what components to fill the silk bag.

A home can be a procedure of Japanese manicurecombined with traditional, classic manicure. Can an ordinary hand cream add a few drops of a mixture of essential oils to make easy peeling of the skin with the help of wedges of lemon. In any case, all these activities will be useful for hands and nails, but replace the professional procedure, to experience the fun and get amazing results you will be qualified.