Many women are wary of thehardware cosmetology, especially if the working principle is the impact of electric current on the skin is by iontophoresis. But experts say that it is not only dangerous, but on the contrary, is very good for the skin.

Operating principle

Literally translated as iontophoresis"Transport of ions." Its essence consists in the interaction of the electric current and pharmaceuticals which are applied to the skin. In the past century, scientists have conducted studies in which it became clear that if work on the cell membrane current low power, you can change its properties: increase skin permeability, accelerates metabolism, and cells begin to recover. When an electric current acts on the medication, positively charged particles are formed. The ions penetrate half a centimeter deep into the skin and are the conductors of nutrients. In addition, during the procedure removes dead skin cells, dirt and excess fat.

Iontophoresis is performed by means of the anode or cathode. Using the cathode alkaline solutions are introduced, they act on nerve endings, resulting in skin tone, leaving it soft. Usually, this procedure is prescribed to women with mature skin or prone to fat. But with the help of the anode in the skin are administered acidic solutions, they strengthen the tissue, relieve tension and thus constrict the pores disappear redness, swelling and inflammation.

In addition to effects on the skin, iontophoresis has a positive effect on the entire body, stimulating the nerve endings, the electric current to send signals to the brain, improves overall health as a result.

The use of iontophoresis

Iontophoresis is carried out not only for skin, but for all the problem areas of the body. From the first session, and there are about 10, comes improvement, which is visible to the naked eye:

  1. Around the eyelids, lips and neck wrinkles become less, and not only small, but also large.
  2. There is tissue hydration (ie, ions molecules attach themselves to the water molecules and as a result the skin becomes very humidified).
  3. Prevented the further development of cellulite and smooth out the existing manifestations of the disease.
  4. The skin is cleansed from dirt, toxins and free radicals.
  5. Bags under the eyes disappear due to improved blood flow and movement of lymph through the system.
  6. The skin becomes elastic, is in good shape, has a nice color and smooth texture.
  7. a large amount of nutrients coming into the tissue.
  8. Get inconspicuous scars and dark spots due to the fact that the skin receives a substance which destroys the melanin and lightens the problem area.

"Plus" procedure, of course, is itssimplicity and of security, it is impossible to somehow injure the skin by mechanical means, are excluded wounds, scratches and swelling and no pain. The maximum that a patient can feel - it is a slight burning sensation in the beginning of the procedure, which passes very quickly.

Preparations for iontophoresis

When selecting drugs for iontophoresis (his, by the way, if the unit is carried out and at home) MipSovetov recommends that adhere to certain rules:

  1. When selecting drugs pay attention to all of them, water-based, as the use of fat emulsions can harm the skin.
  2. For the negative electrode has its own cosmetics that can not be used for a positive charge, and vice versa.
  3. For best effect, expertsrecommends a course of one drug in ten sessions to change the drug, rather than using multiple components. In this case, you can easily avoid the side effects, and only one substance will accumulate in the skin, which is aimed at eliminating the problem that is focused on the interaction with other drugs. If, however, the choice fell on a mixture of substances, they should be no more than three with the same polarity.

To use the anode by iontophoresis, should pay attention to such drugs:

  1. Copper sulphate.
  2. Therapeutic mud.
  3. Vitamins B1, B13, E.
  4. Zinc sulfate and hyaluronate.
  5. Saline.
  6. The juice of aloe.

For the cathode to choose such preparations:

  1. Hyaluronic, ascorbic, nicotinic acid.
  2. Sodium salicylate.
  3. FIBS.
  4. Unitiol.

Caffeine and sodium benzoate - Universala drug that can be used for both positive and negative charge. In addition, in beauty salons can be purchased ready-made means of iontophoresis.

Carrying iontophoresis

Before you begin to iontophoresis, you mustthoroughly clean the treatment area. You can use alcohol, just be aware that it is very dry skin, or spend Desincrustation. To do this, you need to prepare a net mask of cloth soaked in her soda solution (teaspoon of baking soda per cup of water) and put on face for 15 minutes. At this time, you need to take a negative electrode and led them on a mask on the massage lines. To restore the acid-alkaline balance of the skin, after the procedure is necessary to change the polarity of the positive electrode and a mask to handle them another two minutes. This procedure will loosen the upper layer of the skin, and the nutrients will be better penetrate inside.

After cleansing with an alcohol or othercosmetic substances, you need to prepare the machine to work, it needs to connect the electrodes, given that they are, both active and passive. Active are divided into positively and negatively charged. They are used to carry out the procedure, and give the patient the passive electrode in his hands.

Before the procedure, you need to remove allmetal objects, the electrodes wear special hydrophilic gaskets, without burns remain on sensitive skin. On the skin cause the selected drug (it is necessary to ensure that the electrode polarity and drug match), the device includes an outlet and an active electrode lead over the entire area of ​​the treated area.

At the beginning of the procedure the person can feelslight burning sensation at the site where the electrode is in contact with the skin, but soon the discomfort persist, if this does not happen, then the machine should be turned off. One session lasts about 20 minutes. After switching off the machine should be treated with a skin lotion or tonic with moisturizing effect.

Iontophoresis Contraindications

Before the first march on iontophoresis should consult with your doctor, you may enter the number of persons to whom this procedure is contraindicated in:

  • pregnant women, since the drugs are not safe for the child;
  • for cancer and predisposition to them;
  • if there is damage to the skin in the treated area;
  • in the presence of the pacemaker and heart problems, especially with cardiac arrhythmias;
  • if there are problems in the field of thyroid and hormonal disorders.

For more information about side effects and contraindications, you contact your dermatologist and cosmetologist, which will make its verdict, examined in detail the results of the tests and examinations.