Iodine polish

Brittle nails - not just a problem for women, butsometimes men. Nails are generally able to tell you about the health and status of many, because tips on caring for them is always relevant. The beneficial properties of iodine for nails heard by many, but ratings have tried very different. Someone says that it really helps and someone insists on an even worse result.

Causes of brittle nails and bundles

First we need to determine exactlyroot cause delamination and brittle nails. It is only by removing it, we can be confident in the result of treatment of one hundred percent. So, our nails can delaminate if:

  1. You use varnish and liquid too often toits removal. One can not argue that the coated nails look rich and manicure - a complete, but we must not forget that the nails - live, as well as our skin and have pores that are simply clogged with harmful substances, which are contained in the lacquer. Try often to give your nails a break from varnishing.
  2. Interaction with household cleaning products have harmful affects onthe condition of nails - for anybody is not a secret. It is best if all the work at home you will perform in rubber gloves, then you will save not only the health of nails, but also to young hands.
  3. Changes in temperature: warm and dry house is cold and wet outside. Remember, the aristocrat of yore did not go outside without gloves? But they very diligently followed the beauty of its handles.
  4. It is important to observe the correct manicure process: set aside scissors or pliers, nails should be cut away just gently.
  5. If you swim in the pool, it can also adversely affect the health of nails. Yet chlorine - a chemical and it must not be forgotten.
  6. Think about your diet. Very often brittle nails may signal the lack in the body elements such as selenium, calcium, zinc, iron, and of course, vitamins A, D, E.
  7. The most serious signal that may applyexfoliating nails - a malfunction of the endocrine system. Sometimes they may be followed and the cause of the cardiovascular disease or nervous systems. Probably your best bet is to visit your doctor.

So the benefit or harm of iodine?

Now I would like to make a little excursion into thebiology and pharmacy, and remember or know what the iodine. Extract it from algae and seaweed have long been known to the world as a scientist fount of useful minerals. Incidentally, iodine and have one of their minerals. At the same time it is believed that there is the same algal cell activity that can be compared to human skin, hair, of course, nails. That is why various algae extract is part of a large number of cosmetic products. And iodine, which is produced just from the algae (Laminaria), penetrates deep into the nail structure and helps strengthen it.

So why do so many complain about the uselessnessiodine for nails? The fact that iodine is generated in medical applications, 96% consists of alcohol. After contact with the nail, it removes fat, allowing the already pure iodine as far as possible to penetrate into its pores. At the same time, alcohol performs and "bearish" service, overdrying the surface of the nail, and the abuse and lead to burns.

Thus, the type of advice, "as often as possibleapply iodine on the nail "is not relevant and can harm: nail condition worsen or even leave a burn. Website MirSovetov recalls that in all you need to comply with the measure, including in personal care. Applied iodine with nails in pure form as possible, but not more than once in 2-3 weeks. Do it best at night to left on the surface of yellow spots, and if in the morning you see them all the same - rub a piece of lemon. It removes iodine residues.

Means to strengthen nails based on iodine

In addition to direct contact with the nail iodine, therestill a whole lot of money that does not act as aggressively, while restoring the structure and reducing breakage and separation of the nail. It can be as baths and mask. They are still useful in that one nail plate procedure recovery is due to the influence of several substances.

Baths for nails need to spend up to two times a week, here are the most popular ones:

  1. Bath with sea salt and iodine. These gifts of the sea will ensure the growth and strength of your nails. Sea salt not only strengthens the nail plate, but also contributes to the treatment of nail fungus, so a bath can be prepared not only for the hands, but also feet. For its preparation you will need 1 cup of some water (of course, a comfortable temperature, 36-37 degrees is best), in which you need to add 1 tablespoon of sea salt and drop 3 drops of the medical iodine. To apply such a bath for treating toenails should be increased in accordance with the proportion of water. Dip fingers in water and let it sit for 20 minutes. After using it you need to wipe your hands to use fat cream.
  2. Tray with orange juice and iodine. Citrus juice is valued as an excellent means to strengthen nails. When cut off a piece of lemon or orange, you can leave a small slice of polish and gently lubricate them. As for the bath, then for its preparation you will need half a cup of warm some water (stick to body temperature - it has a tonic effect), you want to add 2 teaspoons of sea salt, half a glass of fresh orange juice and 4 drops of iodine. Keep your hands should be about 15 minutes, then wipe and also use fat cream.
  3. There are also special mask for the nails. They are best carried out once a week and take the full course, and this is about a month and a half. Do you need a mask before going to bed, because the nails with water contact is removed for several hours after the procedure.

  4. Mask with lemon juice and iodine. Take a tablespoon of any vegetable oil. Of course, the best olive, it has more useful properties, but it is possible and sunflower. Gently reheat it (if the oil becomes a fat, as losing all of its beneficial properties), but, by the way, and you can leave the normal room temperature. Add the lemon juice and iodine - and that, and that three drops. Cosmetic Stir with a cotton swab and apply on each finger. The procedure takes you 15-20 minutes, during which time all the necessary absorbed into the nail, and the remainder can be removed with a cotton pad and go to sleep quietly.
  5. Mask with olive oil and iodine. Here you will need a tablespoon of olive oil, which also must be carefully warmed in a water bath, then add no more than three or four drops of iodine mix. Rub each nail for a few seconds and leave for 10-15 minutes. Remains also carefully remove with cotton pad.

Using these simple tips, you will be able tohelp restore your nails strength and relieve them from breakage. However, remember that if you do not see any apparent effect, no matter what you do, it is best to consult a doctor. After the necessary tests, you are together will not only bring back the beauty of his hands, but also to restore health.