Interesting hairstyles for little fashionistas


Some women think that younggirls may be only a few kinds of hairstyles and therefore their daughters conventional braid or plait, or by using a rubber band, collected in their hair tail.

But is it really, and hairstyles for girls may be only a few species?


  • 1 Reasons for changes hairstyles
  • 2 Hairstyles for each day
  • 3 Easy Hairstyles
  • 4 Hairstyle for a little beauty
  • 5 of braids hairstyle
  • 6 Hairstyles for School

Reasons for changes hairstyles

Today such a hairstyle for girls"Ponytail" or "KOLOSOK" there are few who can be surprised. As clothing or shoes have their own fashion, which is constantly changing, so changing fashion and hairstyles.

There are two main reasons why the change and hairstyles for girls of all ages:

  1. Young ladies often wish to be similar to their mothers. And as my mother used only with modern hairstyles, then their daughter also want to have something more original on its head.
  2. The second reason is that for every momIt can bother each morning braid from her daughter's one and the same pigtail; they want to try new ideas, and hairstyle for my little beauties.

How a woman can change their hairstyles, and alsogirls, they may change according to different occasions. For each smart dress I want to decorate at his daughter's head and some unusual haircut.

Some hairstyles can be for babies, while others - for the older ladies; they are meant for different occasions.

Hairstyles for each day

Everyday hairstyles for little fashionistas musta person can open more to the strands could not turn a blind eye. The main requirement for them is that they should be simple and easy to performance; otherwise the same for my mother an opportunity to use their imagination.

So what could be the girl's hair every day?

  1. Hairstyle of the tails.
    To do this, comb your hair, dividing themat the same time into two equal parts and roll a two temples near the tail. After that, using the hair elastic bands are pulled together at the back and are joined in a common tail.
  2. The original tail.
    All hair are collected into a single ponytail, then you need to wind their curling irons, to obtain the volume curls. Instead, you can braid them into a large number of thin braids.
  3. The original beam.
    Must be made on one side of the headhigh ponytail and secure it. one strand is selected from the total number of collected hair braided in a braid and fastened a thin rubber band. Pigtail rises up and curls beam tail and the residue thus hidden underneath by means of studs.
  4. Unusual pigtails.
    Kos is braided on the head circumference, - when it is necessary to stick to the hairline. Kos should at the same time very well keep their shape, so as not messed.

Easy hairstyles

When my mother nearby, it always helps to makebeautiful and original hairstyle. But what to do when she is not around? To do this, you must teach her daughter, so she could take care of herself.

There are easy hairstyles for girls, which can handle even the baby-doshkolnitsa.

  1. Comb the hair is divided into two parts. Both halves of the need to hold the turn and twist of each of them on the harness. But here there is one thing: to harness could not fall apart, it is necessary to twist inward. After that, the two harness tightened together by means of pins, to get the tail. Then hairpin turns lock of hair, and the ends are fixed to the inside of the hair.
  2. On the sides of the head are made of the tail and two highfastened with rubber bands. With the bulk of the hair strand and is separated from her braided pigtail. Then braid wound on the tail, and its end is fixed underneath. On the other tail made the same actions.
  3. On the back of his head tied two tail, and freehair braided in pigtails. One braid passed through the netting and the other is twisted into a bun. To braid rasplelas not, it fixed the end of a clip.

Hairstyle for a little beauty

Every woman, shaking hands on a smalldaughter, dreams that when she grows up, her head will decorate with bows and among all the hairstyles for girls will choose the most original. When she goes to kindergarten, I am here and will be able to practice the art of mother doing hairstyles.

But it is necessary to take into account one very important rule: the girl should be comfortable on the head should not feel discomfort.

  1. Naughty and soft baby hair needscollected in two pigtails, fixing them with colored rubber bands. The tips of the hair should be wrapped around the tail and secure with bobby pins. The length of the bangs or removed under the hoop should be secure clasp. Barrette or ribbon can be placed a small funny little animals.
  2. Tail knotted at the nape, and its end is wetted and rolled around the finger. Hair should be dried hair dryer - they are locked in this position and you get pretty nifty curl.
  3. Braided hair in braids and each of themsecured by small rubber bands. Braids can be decorated with colorful ribbons or lace. Since young children are still very thin hair and are difficult to weave, you can use the balm for their mitigation. It is better to abandon the bulky hair styling, as well as an abundance of accessories - they will only hinder the child.

Hairstyle of braids

Any pigtails are a real adornment for girls of all ages. It is thanks to them that mothers are much easier to take care of the head of its subsidiaries.

No haircut for girls does not look more elegant and beautiful as the one in which there is a pigtail.

  1. "Crown".
    Braid braided in the usual way andIt fits around the head. At the same time it must be secured using stealth or crabs. This hairstyle can be easily converted into a more festive if woven into her elegant ribbon. You can use tape instead of a thread of beads or decorate braid small flowers.
  2. "Snail".
    Spit is necessary to weave from the center in a circle(Using the usual "spike" technique). After that it fits around the head. Those hairs that were not braided, also woven in one single and must be put before the last row "Snails".
  3. "Heart".
    Two braids spikelets from the center of the head andside. Each of them is placed as poluserdtsa and fixed together at the bottom of the head. To make this hairstyle sophistication and originality, in braids can be woven red ribbons or strands of beads.

Hairstyles for School

Any hairstyle for a girl who is already walking inschool should be different beauty and cleanliness - it must not distract her while studying. Modern schoolgirl braids refuse because they believe that they can only little girls.

Therefore, in most cases, usedtails or hair gathered in a bun. Moreover hairstyles considered more practical than with two tails and one. The hottest hairstyles are not suitable for daily activities, as curls at the temples will only interfere.