Ingrown hairs on legs

Perfectly smooth legs in the summer - this is the dream of everywomen. Without waxing in the warm season can not do. How to avoid a fairly common phenomenon as ingrown hairs? On this and will tell healingandbodywork.

The procedure for removal of unwanted hair on the legs -simple and widespread phenomenon. I have not met a woman who ignores this rule. Even young girls are trying to get rid of the vegetation on their feet and dream of having smooth and even legs. But it is not so simple as it seems at first glance. Consider the methods of getting rid of body hair:

  1. Shaving ordinary blade or machine.
  2. Hair removal using a special cream.
  3. Depilation method of applying wax to the skin.
  4. shugaring procedure.
  5. Getting rid of the hair with the help of elektrodepilyatora.

All of these options have a verybad drawback - the hair growing into the skin. With the help of devices or use the cream, the principle of getting rid of hair is such that only the portion of the hair is removed, which is above the skin and the hair bulb remains intact. After these procedures, with time the skin becomes rough and the hair, which are gaining momentum of growth, it is difficult to grow through the thick skin. Hair continues to grow, wrapped, folded and begins to grow inside, and do not try out. This phenomenon is called ingrown hairs on the legs. The medical term - folliculitis.

Ingrown hairs deliver a person a lottrouble occurs redness, inflammation, apparently it does not look attractive. And even if there is an inflammatory process, at this point the black dots are clearly visible. This problem can lead to the appearance of fungus, bacteria, viruses, and when the skin has constant inflammation and small wounds - after healing of the skin are red spots and pigmentation is broken.

Tactics of Conduct for folliculitis

If you notice that after getting rid ofunwanted hair on the legs you appear ingrown hairs, it is necessary to change the method of getting rid of hair. For example, if a woman previously used the wax, you can try to go on the depilatory cream or buy epilator. It is advisable to give your skin a rest for a while. It would be better if depilation temporarily cut during the winter months. So all wounds and inflammations heal faster.

If you use another method to get rid ofhair, you need to learn how to apply the technique in which the blade (using the cream), or guide the machine head depilatory will move in the direction of hair growth. You can not shave against the growth, so again it is likely to injure the skin on the inflamed area recently. With this method of hair removal would have to spend more time, but it will be much safer for the feet. This method is also used, and recommend to their customers in beauty salons.

What if there were an ingrown hair?

If you have at least one ingrown hair, the problem can not be ignored. To remove the hair you need:

  1. In this place put a compress. As compress the cotton swab is used which is wetted with warm water and wet applied to the affected area for 15 minutes. Compress relieve irritation and soften the outer layer of skin.
  2. After softening the skin with the help of medicalNeedle (sterile or disinfected) very carefully lift the hair and pick it. When the hair will protrude above the surface of the skin, it can be gently pulled out with tweezers.
  3. Once completed place to be processed with alcohol or any other disinfectant.

This method is suitable for the hair, which were discovered not so long ago, and their ends do not have time to grow into deep under the skin. If it formed a long-standing problem, because it simply can not be solved.

To get rid of ingrown hairs on the legs, especiallyfrom those deeply rooted, it is necessary gradually. First, carry out the procedure using exfoliating scrubs, then you can rub the washcloth place, preferably a natural and stiff. The procedure will be carried out carefully, the more chapped skin layer can be removed and thus get to ingrown hairs. When the hair is very close and clearly visible, it is possible to accurately pick up with a needle and gently pull out with tweezers. Just need to be patient, because this method is not considered to be fast and "taking" a single hair will take about a month. It is advisable not to run his legs into such a state. It is much easier to get rid of the problem, when it is detected at an early stage.

This can not be done

There are rules that should be followed when removing hair, if we neglect them, you can get a backfire. What not to do when the removal procedure is carried out ingrown hairs:

  1. You can not "pick" any objects inflamed area to get the hair. So you can carry infection and get a scar or spot on the skin.
  2. You can not squeeze and compress the skin (as in removing pimple) to get a hair, the scar may remain.
  3. Once applied the scrub, you need to complete the procedure, causing any means peeling. But it is necessary to moisturize the skin well before that, since no moisture can get skin irritation.
  4. They should not be immediately after depilation procedure removal of ingrown hair.

If you're doing it right, you spend allprocedures, alternate the methods of hair removal and hair continue to grow, it is desirable to make an appointment with a specialist. It helps to find out the problem and tell you how to care for your skin at home.

prevention methods

These simple tips will be able to observe every woman interested in that its skin on the feet is always smooth and free of inflammation.

  1. A hot bath or shower will not only revealpores and cleanse the skin from dirt and allocated fat skin. It is dirt and excess oil provoke inflammation, which leads to the emergence of folliculitis. Before you perform the procedure to remove hair using cream, wax or epilator, you need to take a hot bath or shower. Hot water will warm the skin, enlarged pores and remove the hair will be much easier, and, along with the hair follicles.
  2. Before you carry out waxing procedure peeling peeling needs to be done with the help of a soft gentle scrub.
  3. If you use the machine, choose the good, which are equipped with a sharp blade and have a moisturizing strips. This will keep the skin and do not hurt her.
  4. After the procedure, it is desirable to put on your skin cream that prevents hair growth.
  5. A few days after the procedure, you can do a day peeling using a scrub and sponges.
  6. Try to moisturize the skin.
  7. It is undesirable to shave before going out, sauna, swimming pool, as well as to access to the beach.
  8. Undesirable aftershave treatments wear tight leggings, jeans and thick tights. The ideal time for hair removal - in the evening before bedtime.

Beautiful legs - it's easy. And it will be more expedient to carry out all the procedures not only at home. Experts recommend regular visits to beauty parlor and conduct professional hair removal procedure.

If you belong to the category of people who believe,that all the steps to get rid of unwanted hair takes a lot of your precious time, then you can enroll in a course of laser hair removal or. But that's another story. The main thing is to follow the skin and responsible approach to hair removal. And then the problem of ingrown hair will get you a party. Good luck!