Effect of odors on surrounding people


Tidy man with the smell of cleanliness and pleasantspirits will surely love to everyone. However, some people are so addicted to synthetic fragrances, which sometimes is so close to becoming unbearable. So for those who like different flavors, but still thinking about the people around him, you should not choose harsh odors, particularly in public places.


  • 1 How to use fragrance
  • 2 Do perfume series Need
  • 3 Storage spirits
  • 4 Subtleties of use and application of fragrances

How to use fragrance

Sharp odors can cause irritation, and in this case does not matter how strong aroma, and it is in harmony with your personality.

Use spirits need to competently apply theirdry skin in places where palpable pulse. And in order to achieve a good and stable effect, if possible, use the entire series (shower gel, lotion or cream, deodorant).

By the way, in order to scent last longer,Apply it on all the important points, and even better clothes. Deciding to use one or another flavor, do not refer to the fact that you like to smell someone else. The aroma should be suitable for you and be an individual. Thus, it often happens that at first glance, unpleasant odor when used becomes the best.

Do we need a series of perfume

Experts believe that the use of the wholeseries means a particular flavor allows a woman to achieve a more stable smell. Indeed, if the daily use of shower gel, lotion and deodorant, and then apply perfume before leaving, the effect will be much better.

Despite the fact that the deodorants have a differentappointment, many use them just because they have an odor. Of course, in addition to hygiene products, there are special sprays intended for this purpose, but they are very unstable. As for body lotions, they can be very useful not only suitable for skin care and as a basis for perfume.

If for some reason your skin does not tolerate perfume, fragrance, apply on hair, clothes, handkerchief. For a more pronounced and persistent flavor, many aromatic oils are applied to the skin.

Keeping spirits

In fact, to keep spirits is quite difficult,since they are poorly retained. So if you do not use them too often, it is necessary to give up the big bottles. Lids should be tightly sealed, do not expose the bottle to direct sunlight. Please note that the more light falls on the bottle and the warmer the place of storage, the faster they will become unusable.

So prefer to keep perfume in a dark, cool place, not forgetting about the package. Because of this you will be able to prolong his life for a long time and enjoy the enchanting scent!

Subtleties of the use and application of fragrances

Going out in the morning from home, do not pour the polflakona. It is very impractical, as gentle fragrance will become a stench intrusive to others.

Ideally, the need to have a small vial, andDuring the day, the smell of update. Many manufacturers produce all types of the same flavor - perfume, perfume and eau de toilette. If finances allow, you can purchase more than one species, using the toilet water in the morning, afternoon and perfume spirits in special cases.

Apply fragrance on the curves of the body is necessary, behind the ear, on thehead, hair. Also, use the fragrance after a bath, so it is better absorbed. To the best possible use scent of perfume, you need to ... to scatter them in the air in front of you and go forward. Just be careful, spraying perfume: remove valuables (spirits can damage the luster of pearls, amber and some stones).

How do you choose clothes according to the weather andlife circumstances, so choose and flavors. Like a wardrobe in which to store your clothes, you can create your own locker with flavors that will fit your mood and style of clothing!

Each person varies according to the situation. Your fragrance will help you to be different all the time, wherever you are: at work, in the evening a walk or on a holiday with friends! Create your own collection of fragrances for every occasion!