What are the pros and cons of nail gel-based?


Mandatory component beautiful and well-kepthands - a healthy nails. If a woman on the nature of the nail plate is thick and strong, then it is only manicure enough that you can do yourself.

Another has to produce the same capacityGel nails - it is modern and the most popular way to strengthen the nail plate, which gives the image of uniqueness and glamor. In addition, this method helps simplify hand care.

Before visiting a beauty salon, every youngwoman is given these questions: What are the advantages of gel nails? What are the technology of the process? How to care for the new nails? Answers to these questions can be confident in the fact that in reality the need to visit a specialist beauty salon to bring their own hands in order.


  • 1 Types of gels for nail
  • 2 Advantages and disadvantages of using nail gel
  • 3 Technology nails using gel

Forms for nail gels

This technology involves the use ofModern special material which is applied to the nail plate in a liquid form, and only begins to harden under the action of ultraviolet rays. The special lamps are used as a source of ultraviolet radiation. The gel helps to make the nails smooth, long and shiny.

This material is divided into threePhase system. Single-phase system - is to use the universal gel, which links, models and strengthens nails. Similarly buildup occurs using acrylic. The gel is more loyal to the nails, it brings less harm, and does not turn yellow in the sun and after hand contact with sea water.

Nail gel using a two-phase system - a drawing of the two components. The first produces a clutch of natural and artificial nail and the second makes it more durable plate.

Three-phase system - three specialcomponent to their necessary functions. The first layer engages the natural nail with an artificial material. Second - models, gives the perfect shape and texture, and the third - creates strength, and subsequently will safeguard the nail plate from external influence.

Specialists use two ways to buildNail Gel: building on tips and capacity on the lower and upper forms. Tipsy - artificial nails is the perfect size and shape. They adhered to the nail plate, and then brush applied special gel.

Exactly TIPS becomes part of a new nail. Such a method is ideally suited to owners of short nails that want them badly lengthen or change shape significantly. The second way - it is the attachment plates for the cosmetic application of the gel. After the solution dries, the plate is removed.

Advantages and disadvantages of using nail gel

Any innovation has its "pros" and "cons" and modern nail gel is no exception.

The advantages of this method include:

  • the possibility of the formation of the desired length and the desired shape of nails;
  • strengthening the nail plate;
  • hands look well groomed and beautiful;
  • protection of the natural nail plate from inappropriate external influences;
  • winner gets rid of all of the habit of biting his nails.

Deficiencies in increasing gel nailsHardly ever. It should be noted that it is necessary to make a correction once a month, to the dried material is not cracked and broke. The procedure to perform better in the professional beauty salon to build was made by a qualified technician.

Only a professional will do the right thing, and thus will not form a cavity between the natural and the artificial plate, where infection can occur.

Technology nails using gel

First, there is a preparation - hand sanitizers,removes the cuticle and the nail plate is thoroughly grinding to coupling gel was qualitative. Thereafter, the primer is applied to remove excess liquid. The next step is a direct application of the material with a brush.

It is impossible to gel in contact with the skin, therefore,treated to the cuticle is left half a millimeter. Now the material must be dried under a lamp with ultraviolet rays. It is worth noting that this radiation is more and more nail protection against fungal diseases.

When one layer dries coating producedsubsequent layers with drying. This is done several times until the nail will not be strong and solid. If during the process the woman feels a burning sensation on the nail plate, then it is better to stop the drying.

This suggests that the gel layer is very thick. In this case, the master must cut down the thickness of the material with a special polishing sawing. Last stage - the design, the design of which will depend on the time, tastes and desires. Professional master and possibilities of modern design can create real masterpieces with rhinestones and different processing technologies.

The entire procedure takes two to three hourstime, and the result of quality work are a professional firm and strong nails, as well as chic and stylish manicure. Artificial nails should be kept clean, hand wash only liquid soap and cuticle from time to time to lubricate the cream.

The only way your hands will bring joy and delight their nails aesthetics, durability, unique shape and beautiful design. Suppose the result is always happy, because it is fashionable, stylish and beautiful!