Effect of exercise or fitness for life

You want to look good and excellent healthfeel? And you know that this can help you exercise. Many fitness clubs offer a variety of services, and to understand what suits you individually - this article will help.

"Nothing depletes and destroys human
how long physical inactivity "

Effect of exercise or fitness for life
You want to look good and excellent healthfeel? And you know that this can help you exercise. Many fitness clubs offer a variety of services, and to understand what suits you individually - this article will help.
To date, fitness includes the basic elements of aerobics, Callanetics methods, training on simulators, weight training, swimming (or popular in recent aqua time).
Another difference of fitness - it's what is not"Amateur" is allowed. If a person every day runs 2 km, and then 30 minutes of swimming, it does not mean that he is engaged in fitness. Fitness - this system. To compile your own set of best to consult a fitness instructor who will select for you the necessary elements of the many types of load so as to strengthen health classes, and do not undermine it.


Running is the most simple form of exercise
Jogging is the most simple and accessible technically views cyclic exercise.
Effect of Running:
+ People who are regularly engaged in jogging, strengthening health, increases efficiency. Also, often the person receives pleasure from the running process.
+ This is an excellent means of detente and neutralize negative emotions. Running improves sleep and mood, increases efficiency. Especially useful evening jogging.
+ Reduced cholesterol content in the blood,triglycerides. This type of exercise is effective in reducing body weight through activation of fat metabolism. After the run the working muscles for a few more hours continue to consume more oxygen, and this leads to additional energy consumption.
- Not Recommended running "jog". It is running at a speed of less than 6 km / h. When running "jog" is possible leg injuries, and cardiovascular and respiratory systems almost stronger. Use for walking exercise, if you can not fully run. Allowed and even recommended to alternate running and walking.

Swimming. Water aerobics

When swimming lessons you will feel the benefits, both for weight loss and for overall health
When swimming lessons you will feel the benefits, both for weight loss and for overall health. This type of exercise develops endurance and has beneficial effects on the heart and lungs.
Effects on humans:
+ Improves the overall tone. During the voyage the body struggles with water resistance, and the work is absolutely all muscles of the body.
+ Swimming does not traumatize the joints, but rather restores their mobility. In the water, you can not fear that damage the joints, and move smoothly and freely.
+ In the water you can do water aerobics. Exercise in water is recommended in osteochondrosis and other diseases of the spine. When doing water aerobics is a constant massage activates the metabolism.
+ The kidneys are supplied with blood more efficiently,It promotes the prompt excretion of toxins. In addition, the water reduces the risk of congestion, so women with varicose veins exercise in water are essential.
+ In addition, the water does not have to sweat and no sense of debilitating fatigue, here everyone chooses your stress level. From regular training improves well-being in the water.
- The only negative - if you are engaged in the swimming pool, where the water contains chlorine - can dry out the skin, so it is recommended to use special cosmetic moisturizer.


Shaping - a method of changing shape and health of women organism
What is it that is different from the shaping aerobics? At least once in life each of us to ask ourselves this question. Some of us have already received an answer. And some - get reading this article.
Shaping - a technique focusedchange shape and health improvement of women, including a special program of exercise and proper nutrition system. For women of all ages, with different athletic training shaping has the following impact:
+ Allows complex to implement all directions of the plastic transformation of the body to increase or decrease the volume of the muscle tissue; decrease body fat.
+ Shaping system - a complex physicalconsistently throughout exercise and loads all muscle groups, including those involved in weak "everyday life." Varying the load to specific areas of the body and controlling the metabolic processes in the recovery period (by the correct organization of food and rest) can solve various problems of formation physique.
+ Characteristic for shaping workout isthat is loaded in it muscles, slightly involved in daily life. The choice of these muscles, just and expedient methodically, as opposed to the "hardened" muscle groups, they offer a wide scope for significant energy and morphological changes.
+ An effort of ensuring the implementationlast repetitions of exercise "through I can not", and mental stress, aimed at overcoming pain in working muscles, leading to increased production of the hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine can stimulate glycolysis and tissue respiration, as well as the mobilization of free fatty acids from fat depots
After the end of the muscle at the end of training, we can observe the following effects on the body:
- A significant loss of energy by the body as a whole, including the reduction of reserves of liver glycogen, fatty acid consumption of fat depot.
- Depletion of energy resources in the workingmuscle (glycogen and other carbohydrates, lipids, etc.)., accumulation of blood in the muscles and large amounts of lactic acid, high blood levels of hormones and metabolic products. These changes in the body cause metabolic activation within a few hours after muscle work. At the same time, it is necessary to allocate the restoration of energy reserves: the synthesis of CRF lactic acid oxidation and resynthesis of the glycogen it.


Pilates - inactive sport, in which the load on the muscles of the central part of the body increase the body's overall tone
Pilates called inactive sports.
Some say that Pilates classes can die of boredom, and without waiting for the result. Others believe that it is the only sport that actually improves health.
Closer to the truth, after all, the second. This type of gymnastics was developed by Joseph (or Joseph) Pilates nearly a hundred years ago. His childhood was in poor health, and active physical exercises were contraindicated for him. After numerous studies, Pilates concluded that when the load on the muscles of the body (the press, hips, etc.) increases the tone of the organism as a whole.
He created a special method of physical exercise, which highlighted six main principles:
1) Concentration. During the exercise one should not think about their problems, focusing maximum attention on every move.
2) Control. This is the basis of the method. Those. you need to constantly monitor the correct exercises that must be executed gradually, from simple to complex.
3) The load on the central part of the body muscles.
4) Smooth movements.
5) Proper breathing. Due to this, the cells at the desired extent supplied with oxygen, and improves the coordination of movements.
6) Discipline. Because Pilates in the main thing is not the number of movements, and the quality of their performance.
According to one classification relates to Pilatesfitness type «Body & Mind». Pilates very similar to Callanetics. The same smooth, slow. The same combination of elements from many kinds of gymnastics, both western and eastern.
+ And the effect is roughly the same - flexible, strong body in the absence of inflated muscles. But the ways are different.
+ This type of gymnastics are also very democratic. There are no restrictions on age and initial physical fitness. Almost ideal for people with poor health, especially if we remember its history. Furthermore, Pilates helps during rehabilitation after injury.
- Pilates does not give quick results. Here you need to work and work. Truly this exercise for those who are in a hurry.
- The biggest danger - it's all kindsstretching. They are especially common in beginners who are trying to deal with on their own. To begin better still in a fitness club. Here, the instructor initially will monitor the quality of movements, and suggest, as necessary.


Yoga - are physical exercises aimed at stretching, improved posture
The word "yoga" is translated from Sanskrit as "Us""Unity", "concentration", "effort". Not for someone no longer a secret that this doctrine originated in India. During the 5000 years of its existence it has become a yoga and philosophy, and art. But what really did not expect the followers of this doctrine, since it is the fact that in the distant future, those exercises that they used to reach the perfection of the spirit, will be used to achieve the perfect body. Modern humans are to yoga as a gym. But from this it becomes less useful.
And although now separated form of the so-called fitness yoga, the essence of exercise for many centuries virtually unchanged.
+ Yoga does not accept any law enforcement techniques, but perfectly develops joint flexibility and mobility.
+ Physical exercises aimed at stretching, improves posture, thus helping the difficult spine in his daily work. As a result, employment is improving coordination of yoga.
It may seem that the exercise of theirsteadily and slowly have no effect on the muscles. But this is a mistake. Yoga stretch your muscles and make them stronger, and, in addition, also "pull" internal
+ Yoga perfectly helps cope with stress. Breathing exercises will be taught to relax and stay calm in the most difficult situations. This is not a complete list of advantages of yoga. However, there are some "pitfalls", its own rules.
- First of all, during class you must beheat. Then you will be much easier to relax and joints become more mobile. Another, no less important, the council - not in a hurry. Do not try at the first attempt to perform complex physical exercise. You can get injured. Therefore, as soon as you feel pain, you should immediately stop.
- "Distract" The body should not be anything fromclasses. Therefore it is best not to eat anything for 3 hours before the workout. In addition, if you want to lose weight, you should know that after practicing yoga for a long time will not want to eat. As with all these kinds of gymnastics, yoga requires patience, calmness and caution. Then you will no doubt achieve success.


Stretching - this exercise, designed to be flexible muscles and joints flexible and mobile
Stretching - a complex of physical exercises designed to ensure that your muscles are elastic and joints flexible and mobile.
Experts believe that stretching has a positive effect on the human body:
+ Due to the stretching of muscles for them comes more blood, they relax and become more elastic;
+ Joints acquire greater mobility, resulting in increased flexibility;
+ Best prevention against salt deposits;
concentrated, deep breathing has beneficial effects on the brain, especially after a hard day;
+ Possibility to engage in their own home, at a convenient time for everyone.
Several rules for stretching lesson:
better to stretch less than too much;
every posture stretch to keep within10-30 seconds, that is, so long to disappear, even slight stress. If it does not, then stretch it was too strong and it must necessarily weaken in order to achieve the desired, pleasant sensations;
you must breathe slowly, deeply and evenly. You can not hold your breath. Each physical exercise, start with inspiration. Only when the slopes must first exhale;
during the exercise keep a stable position;
during the execution of each exercise, concentrate attention on the part of the body, which stretch


Callanetics - this exercise, aimed at stretching and muscle contraction
Callanetics. What is it? First of all, a fashionable word, which appeared relatively recently. In essence this exercise, aimed at stretching and contraction of muscles.
The author of this gymnastics - Callan Pickney - includedin all sorts of complex exercises, were forced to work all muscle groups. These include dance movements, elements of yoga, breathing exercises and some more static types of physical activity.
Callanetics is considered to be gymnastics for the "lazy". She measured and calm. There is no jumping and running. Due to this reduced the likelihood of injuries.
It is alleged that 10 hours Callaneticsrejuvenate the body for 10 years. Sami exercise is that by taking the right position, hold it 1-1,5 minutes. From the side it seems that it is quite simple, but in practice it turns out that at the beginning of more than 10-15 seconds muscles do not stand up. It is believed that 1:00 Callanetics is 7 o'clock classes classic gymnastics or 24 hours of aerobics. However, the impact is not on the muscles, and the harmony and flexibility.
+ Callanetics calms the nervous system, normalizes blood pressure and helps with osteochondrosis.
+ Very helpful considered this kind of gymnastics for women in the postpartum period. Improves posture, tightens the stomach, normalize spinal condition.
However, also need to be careful when doing Callanetics.
- The number of movements at performance of physicalexercises can range from 30 to 100. All of them must be carried out smoothly and steadily. Quitting classes need as soon as they appear soreness in the muscles. Otherwise, due to overload can disrupt ligament.
- Usually, the first results appear after 2 weeks. However, all this is strictly individual and this kind of gymnastics, like any other, requires constant and careful work on oneself.


Body flex - is breathing exercises
What is the "Body flex"? This breathing exercises developed by American Greer Childers. The impact of this complex exercise:
+ Her exercises enrich the blood with oxygen.
+ In addition, "Body flex" strengthens the abdominal muscles and massages the abdominal organs, which helps to cope with the problems of the bowel and constipation.
To master the "Body flex", you need to learn"Belly breathing", or in other words, to make a deep diaphragmatic breathing. At birth, we all breathe the stomach and the chest remains virtually immobile. As we age, we grow in tension and our internal organs, including the muscles of the diaphragm, are becoming more and more tense. So stop breathing in the middle of the chest and lungs, we use only 20%, as we breathe only their upper part. Meanwhile, people over the centuries have used deep diaphragmatic breathing to improve their health and well-being - in fact correct breathing, we clean the cells of the organism in a natural way, increasing lung capacity, Curative cardiovascular system, strengthens the immune system.

The basic formula for your success on the road to a healthy body:
Nutrition + + internal harmony of physical exercise.
It is important to remember that without any component of this formula, recovery will not work.
Be healthy!