Hydrogen sulfide baths

Taking any bath after a hard day,People will be able to relax and unwind. But this is only at first glance. Baths and have a curative effect. If you are advised to try hydrosulphuric bath - do not give up, and you will feel like you are returning to power.

Even in ancient times people have come to the conclusion that taking water treatments can improve your health. But if you do not plunge in plain water, and the healing power, you can get rid of many diseases.

Particularly useful to the human body bathhydrogen sulfide. I'm sure you're familiar with unpleasant odor, something vaguely resembling the smell of rotten eggs. So it will be fragrant bath with hydrogen sulfide. It is noteworthy that the human body very quickly gets used to the unpleasant smell, and after a few minutes will not feel it. Therefore, there is no sense of smell to abandon the procedure, since the use of such baths - essential.

A little history

With gray humanity met inantiquities. Mention of sulfur fumes can be found in the work of Homer. Then the people believed that toxic fumes of sulfur - the other phenomenon that was "transferred" to them by hostile neighbors. A little later, a substance widely used for cooking fuel mixtures.

Accumulation of hydrogen sulphide - a natural phenomenon,which is found in the composition of volcanic gases. Also, sulfur can be found in dissolved form. It lies at a depth of the Black Sea. Many scientists still believe that the name Sea was due to large concentrations of gas. At sea, the hydrogen sulfide is at a depth of over 150 meters and if you omit the object deep under the water, under the influence of gas it will turn black.

It is important

In large amounts of hydrogen sulfide becomes poisonous. That is why the Black Sea, in those places where there is a large concentration of sulfur, there is vegetation and life.

If you breathe in the concentrated hydrogen sulfide, isIt can cause sudden death. If contact with the substance of a lower concentration, the person may feel severe headache, seizures may start in some cases. Therefore, the substance may be useful only in low concentration, for example as a natural mineral sources. They are on the resorts and in other countries.

The secret of the hydrogen sulfide

The resorts offer us to take hydrosulphurica bath that contains a minimum amount of sulfur. sulfide mineral water (low concentration of hydrogen sulfide) used for procedures that affect the human body in different ways.

Spa provide the following effect:

  1. Heat (effects of hydrogen sulphide).
  2. Mechanical (different temperature indicators of water plus the hydrostatic pressure).

A substance penetrates the skin into the body: its mucous membranes, tissues, organs and cells. It is noted that the enhanced blood circulation lasts a short time, so the gas is withdrawn quickly. But in spite of the short exposure, hydrogen sulfide, "have time" to start the reaction of many body systems.

Depending on this, hydrogen sulfide baths are separated:

  • on the low-concentration;
  • average concentrations;
  • strong;
  • with a very high content of hydrogen sulfide in the water.


Useful properties of hydrogen sulfide baths are obvious. They have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, improve blood circulation, promote the normalization of pressure. You can also get rid of the inflammation, relieve pain in muscles and improve metabolism.

After the procedure, blood circulation improves, dilates blood vessels. Therefore, these baths are often prescribed to people who are prone to blood clots, and to improve the tone of the body.

The substance has a beneficial effect on the skin, helps heal cuts and wounds.

Hydrogen sulfide is considered a natural antioxidant,therefore enjoying the procedure, we help the body get rid not only of many diseases, but also contribute to slowing down the aging process.

This recommended procedure?

First of all, hydrogen sulfide baths shows people with such diseases:

  • neuroses;
  • dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system;
  • in renal diseases and gynecological diseases;
  • with intoxication;
  • in diseases of the joints and muscles;
  • in diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • prophylactically, to improve body function.

You can recommend a course of treatment, if you have such skin diseases:

  • acne;
  • eczema;
  • psoriasis;
  • ichthyosis;
  • burns.

About contraindications

You can not take a bath, if there are such diseases:

  • heart disease;
  • arrhythmia;
  • rheumatism;
  • cardiac ischemia;
  • kidney disease;
  • tuberculosis and lung disease;
  • inflammation of the nose and throat;
  • fungus;
  • weeping dermatitis;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • asthma;
  • epilepsy;
  • diabetes;
  • benign tumors.

In addition, the procedure is not desirable to make women during menopause, because hydrogen sulfide baths can trigger heart palpitations, increased pressure and cause bleeding.

Undesirable breathe fumes of hydrogen sulfide and people suffering from mental disorders. The substance can cause anxiety, insomnia and even cause hallucinations.

Rules of admission procedures

To sulphide bath benefited, itIt must be taken no earlier than two or three hours after eating. Doctors are advised not to plunge into the water on an empty stomach. If you take several treatments, do a two-hour break in between.

When you bathe, you can not smoke and take alcohol. It is undesirable to go in for sports, it is better get plenty of rest.

It happens that after the bath the person has a weakness, and dizziness. In this case, you should consult with your doctor. He may revoke the appointment procedure.

Also, it is possible that after the adoption of hydrogen sulfide baths can rise pressure and temperature. This will mean that your body needs this kind of treatment is not appropriate.

Doctors prescribe reception baths with hydrogen sulfidecourses. Because it is impossible to get relief by taking only two or three treatments. Also the doctor or nurse will control the water temperature and the concentration of a substance in water.

Home treatments

What about those who can not affordto go to a spa? There is a solution - you can cook your own therapeutic bath. But, of course, she will not have exactly the same therapeutic effect as in spas. This is due primarily to the fact that the concentration of the therapeutic substance in water is controlled by special devices.

But conventional mineral bath (with the addition ofmineral water and salts) may well take and at home. Remember that when the water temperature from 30 to 34 degrees, you can get a tonic effect, and at a temperature of about 40 - to get rid of colds and relax the muscles.

Do not miss the opportunity to heal your body. And if you were offered treatment hydrogen sulfide baths - do not give up, after ten treatments you will feel a surge of strength. Good luck!