Moisturizing face masks

It's no secret that the human body to80% of water. It is therefore not surprising that the facial skin requires regular moisturizing in order to have a fresh and youthful appearance. After all, from a lack of moisture wrinkles, flaking and premature signs of aging. Today, there are many ways to skin hydration, one of the most effective and simple methods - it masks.

Benefits available

Moisturize - is an important procedure in the general carefacial skin. Lack of moisture leads to thinning of the epidermis, respectively, the skin becomes loose and loses its elasticity. Particularly relevant are moisturizing mask with age as the skin begins to lose moisture faster.

If you regularly use masks to hydrateface, our skin cells and will receive the necessary amount of moisture, which is able to flush out toxins and different pollution and oxygenate cells. And this is the first step towards their full functioning.

It is worth noting that you must face moisturizingany type of skin, and only in some cases it becomes necessary. Cosmetologists strongly recommend the use of masks, moisturizing face with:

  • dry skin type;
  • peeling and inflammation;
  • feeling of tightness;
  • constant use of foundation.

If you have one of these problems, and it prevents you from enjoying a full life, quickly and effectively with it will help you cope moisturizing facial mask.

Rules of application

Many female representatives veryoften complain that they moisturizing mask did not help. Experts argue to get the desired result, you need to learn how to apply the mask correctly. From this depends on many things - if it is properly applied and to fix, then there is a big probability that the moisture that is to saturate the face evaporate quickly and does not give effect. healingandbodywork tell you about the rules that must be followed to achieve at home moisturizing quality.

  1. Before you apply a moisturizing mask, the face should be cleaned. Do it best with a scrub that suits your skin type.
  2. The face mask is no longer hold for 15-20 minutes.
  3. In no case can not be a mask to wash off under running water, so as not to lose all its protective properties. Delete it should be gently with a damp towel or dry cloth.
  4. Once you have removed the mask, the person must be lubricated with a nourishing and moisturizing cream.
  5. Apply a moisturizing mask for dry skin is not more than 2-3 times a week, and for oily - just 1 time.
  6. Important! Masks are not subject to long storage, so it is prepared in the home immediately prior to use.

On a note. If you have very dry skin in a moisturizing mask, you can add a little nourishing cream.

All these different

Many people had the misconception that the moisturizing mask is necessary only for those who have dry skin. This is not so! Let's see who and what masks are best suited.

Tomato in aid.

To cope with the problem of oily skin face andis to organize the work of the sebaceous glands and narrow pores, it is necessary to use a mask that deeply moisturize and give the face a healthy glow. To prepare it at home, you will need one tomato and starch. First you need to peel a tomato, showering him with boiling water, then grate. Then add the resulting slurry for 1 hour. L. starch and mix until smooth.

For dry skin.

In a special moisturizing procedure requires dryskin on the face. For this purpose it is desirable to use components and vegetable oils. To make a mask at home is necessary to 2 tbsp. l. crushed chamomile flowers pour 1 cup boiling water and let stand for 30 minutes. Then strain, and the remaining mush of chamomile add pre-warmed in a water bath of olive oil (1 tbsp. L.). Also added to the mixture for 1 hour. L. aloe juice or glycerin.

Mask with aloe.

The masks for the face, in need of moisture, withYou can successfully use the pulp or juice of aloe. A big plus of this remarkable plant is that it can be used in pure form, without mixing with other products.

On a note. With the existing acne and inflammation on the face of great help to cope aloe juice.

To make a mask at home must aloe juice mixed with water in proportions and 1x1 twice weekly face wipe liquid.

It is also possible to 1 tablespoon. l. juice mixed with egg white - for oily skin or the yolk - dry. Stir until smooth and apply on face. Beauticians recommend to carry out a course of 8 masks (2 times per week), and then make a break for 3-4 weeks.

For beautiful skin.

The main ingredient is a simple but very effectivemask that moisturizes the skin - the grapefruit. This mask is wonderfully suited for combination and normal skin. To prepare this mask you need 1 egg yolk mixed with 1 tbsp. l. grapefruit pulp. But it is worth noting that before applying the mask, it is desirable to wipe the face with a slice of grapefruit to purify.

Intensive moisturizing.

Cucumber mask - a kind of first aid for dry skin. With a range of components it intensely moisturizes and brightens the face.

For its preparation should be rubbed on a finegrater 1 cucumber, add 1 ch. l. vitamin A oil and mix thoroughly. If you mask was very liquid, add a little yogurt or sour cream.

Oil masks.

Very popular today enjoyMasks made based oils. They are able to not only actively moisturize the face, but also to create a breathable film, which also protects against moisture evaporation and allows the skin to breathe.

To prepare it, it is necessary to mix for 1 hour. l. olive oil and unrefined oil, add a few drops of sea buckthorn oil and peach, and 1/2 hours. l. aloe juice. All mix thoroughly, then mix a little warm up and apply to cleansed face and neck.

Nourishing honey.

Honey will help moisturize the skin perfectly at home. It should be noted that this mask is suitable for all skin types.

To do this, 2 tbsp. l. honey melt in a water bath to cool to room temperature, add 1 yolk and 1 hour. l. any vegetable oil. Thoroughly mix all ingredients and apply on face.

Banana puree.

The composition of most moisturizing mask includes a banana. And this is not surprising, because it has a cleansing and saturating properties.

To prepare it, you need a separate bowl, mash with a fork half banana, add 2 tbsp. l. yogurt and mix until smooth. Then apply the mixture evenly on the face.

On a note. For oily and combination skin can be replaced by a banana apple, grated on a fine grater.

Water balance.

Restore water balance in the skin of the face can helpoat flakes in combination with various moisturizers. To prepare the masks must be 2 tbsp. l. steamed oatmeal and 1 cup of hot milk for about 15-20 minutes. Then add 1 tbsp. l. lemon juice and honey. All mix thoroughly until smooth and apply on face.

Milk effect.

It has long been proven with the positivehand in the preparation of masks dairy products. For example, to cook one of these masks will need 2 tbsp. l. sour cream, 1 egg yolk and 1 tbsp. l. finely grated fresh carrots. All the ingredients mix well and apply on face.

On a note. Oily skin is necessary to use sour cream with a low fat content and dry, the opposite - higher.

Another component which can be added tomilk mask - is cheese. It contains natural ingredients that gently and deeply moisturize the skin. To make a mask of curd, you can just slightly dilute the product with milk or water, and can be enhanced also with vitamins, adding a fruit, such as mashed kiwi or fresh orange juice.

To always look irresistible, optionalbuy expensive cosmetics, which, incidentally, can not always boast of efficiency, and sometimes, on the contrary, can harm health. Therefore, in order not to risk, try to cook a hydrating mask for the face at home from natural products. After a few treatments you will feel how your skin will become silky and elastic, and confirmation of this will be the admiring glances of men.