How wonderful to wake up

How wonderful to wake up

There are no complicated tips for every woman who wants to look as lovely in the morning, as well as during the day:

- For 15-20 minutes before bedtime open the window and have a goodVentilate the room. Sleeping baby will be provided to you, and also the oxygen is very useful both for the skin and for the whole organism. Of course, it is better to leave the window open all night, but not for long, and catch a cold, so it is better to restrict the usual airing.
- Go to bed as early as possible. From evening until four in the morning in the skin produces a maximum the hormone melatonin - active fighter with stress and free radicals. The sooner it intrudes on the shift, the better for the skin.
- To start should never fall asleep withcosmetics. The thing is that the process of renewal of skin cells run it at night, so purified in the evening the skin is able to take all the most useful components of night creams and tonics.
- If you have skin problems, you can overnightto carry out this procedure: Spot apply to clean skin remedy for acne, and then on his face - Moisturizer cream. Well proven pharmaceutical gels and Kuriozin solkoseril, joint works they reduce inflammation and heal wounds.

Dry pimples help zinc paste. But get ready for the fact that your face will be spotted, because the paste is completely dense structure in white. In any case, self-treatment is not recommended, because the funds must be prescribed by a doctor after an appropriate examination.
- To the morning facial skin look good beforea dream to make a mask. Especially good cleansing mask, lifting and masks from edema - they stimulate the blood circulation and the withdrawal of excess fluid from the body.
- The skin should be cleaned a few hours beforeSleep. If you wait, when finally tired, then there is a high probability that allow toxins, dirt and makeup to stay on the skin of his face all night.

At night, the large influx of blood to the head, and this time, when the skin of the face strongly absorbs everything that is on the surface. So the first secret of beauty wash your face for a few hours before bedtime;
- To the morning the skin shone with freshness, not before bedtimeTake the time to do foot massage. It will speed up the process of removing toxins from the body. And twice a year, in autumn and spring, during three weeks every night apply the cream with glycolic acid or enzymes - this will even out skin tone. Also, before going to bed can massage the abdomen in a circular motion in a clockwise direction-it helps digestion, and, therefore, clear skin.
- Sleep on a pillow or two. If you want to face in the morning was beautiful, fresh and without edema, then during sleep the head should rest for 5 -10 cm above the body. This will improve the flow of blood and lymph during sleep, and the face will not accumulate liquid.
- Try to sleep on their backs. If you like to sleep on your stomach, remember that this is very bad for the skin. The head is too heavy to allow it to press on your face all night. Dermatologists say they can determine which side sleeping man by the number of wrinkles on his face - if a person likes to sleep on his right side, the wrinkles will be more to the right, if the left, then to the left.
- If you want to wake up in the morning with the taut skin on the face, without edema, and with prominent cheekbones, during dinner, give preference to foods rich in protein and low in carbohydrates.

At night, it is not necessary:
1. Apply a thick layer of night cream. Rule bigger is better in relation to the night cream is not suitable. The dense texture of a mask, the skin can not breathe, disturbed thermoregulation.
2. To develop a quality night cream a night shift, apply it for half an hour before going to bed with a thin layer to clean skin, and five minutes later is required to dab a napkin;
3. Drink a lot. Late fluid intake, even water and yogurt, provoking edema.