How to bring salt from the body

With excess salts in the body can collideeach. Initially, the problem seems to be "pustyachkovoy", but with the expiration of the time on this basis often develop the disease the spine and joints, which can cause serious consequences. That is why each of us should be familiar with the methods of removing salt from the body. About them today and tell healingandbodywork.

Why do we use salt?

Salt or in other words, sodium chloride - oneof the most essential and necessary products to maintain human life processes. Probably none of us is your daily diet without this ingredient. And no wonder! After all, salt is involved in many processes in the body. For example:

  • chlorine ions contained in the salt crystals, can not form hydrochloric acid, which regains a major role in the digestion of food in the stomach;
  • Sodium ions are involved in the transmission of nerve impulses. Some scientists even believe that excessive salt intake lowers the pain threshold in humans;
  • Sodium ions are also affect human muscle activity, in particular the reduction of muscle fibers and others.

Despite these positive effectssalt intake, it should be done in moderation. Since daily dose of the ingredient consumption for a healthy person should not exceed 2-2.5 grams in that in one teaspoon is about 10 grams of salt. It should be noted that according to statistical average person consumes daily approximately 20 grams of this component. Yes, these data are not comforting, because it is said "salt - white death". That is why it is important to know the techniques and be able to balance the electrolyte balance in the body.

How dangerous surplus of salt in the body?

Excess salt in the body manifest themselves locally,and have a generally negative effect on all organs and systems, which are responsible for the normal flow of the processes of human life. So, not having a specific purpose, the salt crystals accumulate and slowly withdrawn from the fret the whole body. In addition, salt in the body overabundance adversely affects the balance of water, because, as is known, this product retains moisture. By the way, this property of salt is often used in arid regions where water supplies are drying up. Violation of the water balance of a person facing severe edema and hidden. It should be noted that the salt also affects blood pressure. It is able to improve it and even cause chronic hypertension. Therefore, the use of large quantities of salt in people predisposed to the disease, is not recommended. Moreover, an excess of this product is shown in the body in the form of persistent fatigue, headaches, "gravity" in the back, legs and other unpleasant symptoms. Often an overabundance of salt causes more serious disease. In this regard, pharmacists, doctors developed together with drug therapy, the purpose of which - removing excess salt from the body. But this problem can be overcome with the help of folk remedies, moreover, without the side effects.

How to bring salt from the body?

Increase the intake of water. Proper fluid intake - this is the most simple and effective method of salt excretion. That water is able to dissolve the salt deposits formed. Therefore, the more salt you eat, the greater the consumption of water, the only way it will be displayed in a natural way, passing through the kidneys and other organs diuretic system. It is worth noting that the need to drink in uniform amounts throughout the day. There is a certain system that called "drip irrigation". According to her drink the water you need a sip every half hour. Also, the water should meet the following criteria. She must be:

  • clean;
  • non-carbonated;
  • savory;
  • unboiled.

Physical exercise. We all know that we sweat profusely during exercise. I think everyone is aware that the taste of sweat - salty. This is because the sweat output by excess water and minerals from the body. Due to perspiration leaves and excess salt. However, only when the physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day. It is worth noting that during exercise is necessary to use water in large quantities to maintain an appropriate balance of water and minerals.

Limit salt intake during a meal. Yes, of course, hardly anyone imagine daily diet consisting of unsalted soup or porridge. But, there is a specially designed diet low in salt in the food. They are all based on the same principle - waking up early in the morning, the man himself measures the daily dose of salt (2 grams) and stretches it for the whole day. In this case, one gram of "given" to the main courses, and the second is used to podsalivaniya products. Adhering to this diet, you will quickly clear the body of excess salt and protect yourself from it in the future.

The use of infusions of herbs. There are a number of herbs that are able to bring salt from the body and rid the body of this type of deposits. Among them are:

  • horsetail;
  • bearberry;
  • sunflower root;
  • knotweed;
  • Potentilla marsh.

All herbs are prepared according to the same recipe: one brewed beverage that you need to drink a course of 10-20 days.

Juice therapy. This is perhaps one of the most effective and that much important, enjoyable ways to salt excretion. Juice therapy is to treat the natural juices of fresh-pressed. Before the start of the course is to stock up on plenty of fruits and powerful juicer, because a minimum amount of juice a day - one liter. Freshes suitable variety: apple, pumpkin, carrots, oranges, etc. The main benefit of juicing at a salt excretion from the body - the balancing of fluid in the body.. In addition, it is the easiest way to saturate the body with vitamins and beneficial trace elements.

The use of "natural stimulants". Under the phrase "natural stimulants" are meant products that activate the natural elimination of salts from the body. the most common and effective among them are:

  • black Eyed Peas;
  • bow;
  • beet;
  • green vegetables;
  • zucchini;
  • caffeinated beverages (tea, coffee).

With abundant use of these products is extremelyit is important to remember about maintaining a healthy water balance. For example, one cup of coffee is "drink" two cups of water, etc. Moreover, it should increase the intake of foods, which is composed of potassium, because often this component "washed" with the excess salt. It:

  • dried apricots;
  • bananas;
  • seaweed;
  • almond;
  • raisins;
  • lentils and others.

Follow the salt balance in the body is crucial. MirSovetov recommends that very serious about this issue and at the first symptoms of salt "blockages" to appeal to people's methods of struggle with this disease, and healthy eating. But do not forget about traditional medicine, it is only a qualified technician is able to correctly diagnose the excess salt in the body and assign the correct treatment without damage to health.