How to whiten teeth

Unfortunately, over time, not only yellowpages of books, but also teeth whitening therefore necessary for each. After the yellowing process is completely natural and natural, but it spoils our smile and gives the age, which is not everyone wants to talk about.
How to whiten teeth
Unfortunately, over time, not only yellowpages of books, but also teeth whitening therefore necessary for each. After the yellowing process is completely natural and natural, but it spoils our smile and gives the age, which is not everyone wants to talk about. What's the matter? The bottom line is that the glare of teeth attached to the enamel - the outer protective layer of the teeth. After time, the enamel becomes thinner, and through it starts to appear yellow dentin - the inner tooth substance. Those who immensely enjoys the sweetness, it is necessary to warn that their teeth are prone to yellowing in the first place. Why? Sugar is digested by bacteria that live in the mouth because of this acid is released, corroding enamel, which in turn covers the teeth imperceptible to the eye with tiny pores. And these fine pores are retained pigments of coffee, tea, berries, red wine, juice, cola, and other staining foods. Very noticeable traces of their stay on the teeth also leave the cigarettes and tartar.
Modern dentistry today provides a wealth of services for teeth whitening that will help restore your smile shine and pristine whiteness.

Professional whitening (ZOOM Technology)

Professional teeth whitening typicallyconducted in dental clinics or specialized centers. As the popularity and value, it takes pride of first place. What is its essence? Dentist special gaskets insulates the teeth from the gums and mouth, and then applied to the teeth whitening gel ZOOM (it usually contains 25-30% hydrogen peroxide), which is activated by a specially designed lamp light. Then the doctor treats teeth fluoride to strengthen tooth enamel. It takes only one procedure to the teeth become lighter to 8 shades! By the way, it should be mentioned that now in the dental centers also use ZOOM-2 technology that not only whitens the teeth, but also treats them, restoring the tooth enamel.
The cost of such procedures from 400 to 1200 dollars.
This type of whitening is not really suitable for people with high sensitivity of the mouth and teeth.

Laser whitening

Laser teeth whitening is reminiscentProfessional teeth whitening in the dental center. It differs in that the laser is used to activate the bleaching material. However, according to supporters professionals, this method is more efficient, and result from the laser whitening is noticeable immediately after the procedure. And after 2-3 sessions of teeth color changes a few shades. The principle of the procedure is simple - in the teeth of hydrogen peroxide gel is applied and then each tooth is lighted with a laser. the laser emission time, which affects the tooth takes less than two minutes. Advantages of this method is that the process is quite fast, absolutely painless, is performed without anesthesia and lasts for many years. It is desirable, of course, after the procedure to give up smoking and consumption of coloring products, to ensure that it was not necessary to carry out repeated by teeth whitening procedure. A disadvantage of this procedure is that it is expensive, the cost, both for the bleaching of teeth is from 800 to 2000 dollars.

Whitening at home

There is also another method of whitening teeth inhome, it is called "night" bleaching. It can be carried out by, after consultation with your dentist. How is it carried out? The doctor makes the casts of your jaw and manufactures them plastic cases, which are very similar to boxing mouth guard. These "caps" are filled with a special bleaching solution, put on your teeth and leave overnight or for 1-2 hours during the day. The duration of this procedure depends on the sensitivity of teeth. This bleaching solution is generally less concentrated than in outpatient bleaching (3% hydrogen peroxide). This teeth whitening takes a duration of about two weeks. Smokers also have to devote more time to the procedure. The effect persists for a long time, almost the same amount of time as in the professional treatment, but a big plus is that the "caps" are you and you can use them more than once.
Among the latest innovations in teeth whiteninghome, you can also call the Blend-a-med White Strips - special strips with bleach, you need to stick to the teeth. It's not very convenient, especially since there are doubts about the quality of bleaching gaps between the teeth.
You can also mention about Colgate Simply White -whitening gel, which is applied to the teeth with a brush, then freezes and holds, while there will be washed away by saliva. Course teeth whitening should be carried out from 10 to 14 days. Overall, the result is noticeable, but not as much as in professional whitening, and does not occur quickly.

Folk remedies

Those who do not trust modern medicine andIt is trying to stick to my grandmother's advice - it may be advisable to rub lemon peel teeth from the peel (white flesh), or rinse your teeth with lemon juice. Some are used for teeth whitening birch ash and salt. To remove plaque can use any abrasive, from baking soda up to the river sand.

Whitening toothpastes

In recent years, the television broadcast is fullcommercials toothpaste, convinces us an exceptional opportunity to whiten your teeth for a small price and with minimal effort. Typically, these pastes contain solvents or abrasive materials that remove stains from the enamel surface. These products must meet stringent requirements for efficiency and safety. Unfortunately, in practice, things are not compatible, so in comparison with the above procedures result from their use is not so stunning. Not to mention the fact that the constant use of whitening toothpastes with abrasive materials can be very negative impact on your teeth.
The following is a list of the best-known whitening pastes:

Domestic toothpastes:
New Pearl Whitening
New Pearl Soda Bicarbonate
SPLAT Whitening

Imported toothpaste:
Agys Double White
Aquafresh Whitening
Beverly Hills Total Protection
Blanx (all kinds)
Blend-a-Med Soda Bicarbonate
Colgate Sensation Whitening
Lacalut White
Rembrandt - Whitening Fluoride

This is not necessary to whiten teeth

Patients with periodontal disease, with cariousdental lesions should start to try to correct the existing problems, to teeth whitening is not created then additional problems and inconveniences. Patients who wear braces or who have artificial crowns on the front teeth fillings or teeth whitening procedure is not recommended, as the result will not be the desired effect due to the uneven bleaching. Pregnant women and children under the age of 16 should also refrain from tooth whitening.

Helpful advice

Before and after bleaching try to strictlyfollow the rules of dental care. And to smile for a long time remained pure white, try to drink "beverages coloring" type of cold coffee, tea, cola, juice through a straw, and then rinse your mouth or brush your teeth. By the way, drinking through a straw protects teeth from the ravages of sugar and harmful acids.

So, you are armed with the necessary knowledge andadvice, decided on the most suitable for you method of teeth whitening. Now you can safely go on the procedure to the dentist. It is best to choose a clinic that is for you the most attractive or well-established in your city. Well, if you are a bit strapped for cash, it is enough to visit any supermarket, where you will find the bleaching agents that lower cost will help to make your smile dazzling unsurpassed.