How to whiten the skin

Someone once came up with that girl must leatherresemble porcelain and be like silk. And since then, that just does not do beauty, to become even more beautiful. Whiten your skin can be a variety of ways: to try to do it at home or seek help from a specialist.

home bleaching

There are people who believe that skin whiteningat home - a waste of time. And for good reason. Use the gifts of nature, you can make your skin clearer and smoother tone. In this case, the aid will come whitening facials. It should immediately be noted that such procedures can not be abused. It is best to alternate them with regenerating and nourishing masks.

The composition of domestic masks mainly include vegetables,fruits and berries, may be cucumber, raspberry, lemon, parsley, and other products that are rich in vitamin C sufficient to use a mask for one of these components. If you have oily skin type prevails, then as an additional bleaching agent hydrogen peroxide can try. Only use it often do not need to, since it may be irritation and redness.

The best way to give a light skinshade - this is a lemon. Its juice is good for whitening the face, besides lemon - it is also a storehouse of vitamin C. To prepare the masks can be taken as juice and whole lemon whole. To do this, cut into slices of lemon and apply them to the skin areas that need to be bleached. Then rub the skin a little and a few minutes to hold on this place a slice of lemon.

To whiten your freckles, you need to mix the juicelemon, potato starch and water boiled. And this lotion to wipe the skin. There are even more severe with a bleaching agent instant effect - 1: 1 mix of lemon juice and vinegar, and water. This lotion will suit owners of oily and normal skin. And if the skin is prone to dryness, you need to add in a mixture of glycerol.

Not only whiten the skin, but also to improve itsthe state is able to mask the egg and lemon. It smoothes the skin and nourish it. To prepare a therapeutic mixture, it is necessary to mix a teaspoon of lemon juice to the beaten egg white. Apply the mask on the skin and kept for 15 minutes.

Very often women are bleaching the skincucumber. To prepare the cucumber lotion must be finely grate the cucumber and add the three tablespoons of vodka. Let it brew for two hours cold. Thereafter, the cucumber lotion is necessary wipe the problem areas.

To prepare the whitening mask of carrot,must be finely grate one medium-sized carrots, add to it a third of a teaspoon of lemon juice and one chicken egg yolk. In order to achieve consistency of sour cream, it is necessary to add a mask of oatmeal. Carrot mixture is applied on the face for 15 minutes and wash off with warm water.

Whitening skin scrubs

In addition to cosmetics store, it can be quiteeasy to come up with their own compositions useful for skin whitening. The most important thing - to choose the correct database. If a person has dry skin, it is wonderful to take a scrub, based on almonds or finely pomelenny semolina. But oily skin well succumb grinding a mixture of crushed fucus or buckwheat. A coffee scrub is well suited for bleaching of normal skin, which has a pale color and a non-uniform structure. To prepare medical scrub to mix steamed oatmeal and coffee grounds, in a ratio of 1 to 1. Add to the mix a few drops of your favorite essential oil. The resulting mixture should be applied on clean skin of the face, and after 10 minutes remove a circular motion. Treatment should be repeated once weekly for three months. Thus, the skin will slowly and gradually updated, and therefore will have a fresh and healthy look.

If you prefer to use ready-madeproducts, then you need to know that scrubs with whitening effect can be of two types - enzyme, which remove dead skin cells using enzymes and mechanical, which physically removes the top layer with seed, microspheres and the like. Enzyme is better to use in the care of delicate and thin skin, but hypersensitive, they can provoke irritation. The second kind of scrub will be appropriate for oily, porous and dense skin. How to use the funds, usually written on the packaging, but general guidelines are as follows: twice a week for oily skin and once - for dry.

Ultrasound whitening

This method offers women skincaresalons. It is based on the ability of ultrasonic waves in combination with professional makeup removing dark spots on the skin. After ultrasonic whitening skin as it receives new powerful impetus to the recovery. In addition, ultrasound helps the active components of the mask is better absorbed and penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis. And this is due to nourishing, moisturizing and firming effect of the procedure.

If the skin has a dull appearance, porous structure andhypersensitivity with a tendency to couperose, beauticians prescribe a course of ultrasonic peeling, which will be used whitening serum. Duration of the course depends on the individual needs of the skin.

Radical methods

There are radical patients whofor the snow-white skin ready to go to a surgeon. And their services will offer many treatments that have as powerful an impact not only on the skin, but also on the whole body, then the required rehabilitation period. After these procedures, you can not sunbathe, including in the solarium, and you need to carefully take care of the skin, restoring the barrier properties of the skin and use protective cosmetics.

There are different methods of skin whitening surgerymeans. For example, microdermabrasion, which is assigned to the sluggish and dull skin with enlarged pores. This method is based on the combined action of oxygen and fine sand.

Another method, which is administered to the skinpostugrevymi spots and uneven terrain - a deep peeling. It is based glycol or a fruit acid, retinoic, phenol and trichloroacetic. After a chemical peel wrinkles are smoothed, increases elasticity. But we must be attentive to the fact that this method may cause exacerbation of chronic herpes.

And for prematurely aged skin is usedlaser resurfacing. This procedure is similar to the depth of plastic surgery. The laser is not only clean spots, but the deep wrinkles.

Alternative methods

There is in the arsenal of fashionistas and beauties and moreoriginal methods to bring the color of the skin to the desired ideal. So, if the skin is the lack of heterogeneity of its color, then can come to the aid of "camouflage cosmetics" as colored correctors. For example, the red color neutralizes the green concealer, apply it to the area of ​​pimples and irritation, yellowish good handle blue and orange will serve well in the fight against brown spots. As hromoterapevty say, red generally makes a stable production of the skin pigment. Therefore, sometimes it is enough to buy glasses with red glasses or spend every day for half an hour in a room with red walls and stained-glass windows, and the skin itself will take a uniform and pleasant color. Such skin that glows health, has a smooth tone and beautiful color, always attracts the eyes, and is the standard of beauty.