How to visually reduce the nose

The fashion industry has long been the world dictates your canonsbeauty. With covers of glossy magazines, we look down at the girl with the ideal persons: velvety smooth skin, big eyes, lips and seductive smooth proportional noses. What about those whose appearance is far from perfect?

In this article, I would like to pay attention to the mostprominent part of the face - the nose. It is different for each individual and gives the appearance, brings a certain flavor, and in addition, it is believed that its size and shape indicate that certain properties of nature. Despite everything, it is imperfect nose becomes the cause of many complexes in its holder. Rectify the situation, you can use a radical method - rhinoplasty. If all goes well, the former owner of a prominent nose will soon see in the mirror of the reference profile. But do not forget about the cons of such an operation: risks present during surgery, not always getting the expected results, as well as the high cost, not available to everyone.

Less durable, but more secure way is a visual reduction in the nose using small tricks of makeup and hairstyles. MipSovetov talk about them in this article.

The visual decrease in the nose due to hairstyles

Choosing the right hairstyle or haircuthelp correct the shape of the nose. Large or wide, it will significantly stand out from the smooth styling and long, straight hair. Women with problematic nose should give preference haircuts medium length or short. But the most important - is to give volume curls. Thus, even the most imperfect profile will look much more attractive. Make a neat bouffant at the back and locks, located close to the face, tighten the tips inward. You can also make a hairstyle "ladder", thus cutting the front hair at different levels.

The owner of a large nose need to take care ofthat face was so open. It is better not to wear bangs. If its presence is crucial, you should choose one that only partially covers the forehead slanting, asymmetrical, jagged and combed to one side. Thick, long, smooth and straight bangs only underlined the lack of appearance.

It should be noted that the color of the hair is also ablemake their own adjustments. Avoid dark colors - they only emphasize the imperfect nose. The shades of blonde, brown or light brown will be the most correct one.

The visual decrease in the nose by means of accentuation

A small trick for the visual correction of the noseIt is to draw attention to other parts of the face. In the case of the general help bridge of emphasizing the lips. Highlight them using bright lipstick or gloss. Give lips fullness and sensuality in using highlighter, to outline small, barely perceptible strokes.

Owners of the long nose is to allocatethe upper half of the face. Beautifully painted eyes and thick eyelashes will attract all the attention on himself. Eyebrows also play an important role. They should not be too thin, light or straight, as this will only exacerbate the situation. Try to make eyebrows pronounced color and of medium thickness, adjust the bend with tweezers.

Correction of the nose with the help of make-up

Visually reduce the nose will help toapplying makeup. The trick to this method is to use not one but several shades of foundation or corrector. As a basis you need to take the color that most closely matches your skin. Also it means you will need a half-tone lighter and half a tone darker base. Pay attention to the texture - it should be quite dense and matte to maximize hide skin imperfections and does not cause a greasy shine. Complexion thus should be natural and natural. Owners of freckles is not necessary to choose the means of dark scales, and too transparent.

Before you can adjust the shape of the nose, should bealign the tone of the epidermis, camouflaged redness and age spots. Apply the cream should be uniform, the best special sponge - it will help avoid unwanted divorces from fingers. After preparing the skin, proceed to the main routine. Consider the way to reduce the visual nose with dry corrector. As the tools we need to achieve this objective:

  • wide brush with a flat base;
  • fine brush;
  • dimming corrector;
  • highlighter.

Correction wide nose

Visually narrow excessively broad nose can be manipulated by the following:

  1. We take a broad brush and dip it in the darkening corrector.
  2. Before applying it on your face, you need to remove the excess. To do this a couple of times holding a brush on the back of his hand.
  3. Then draw a line on the side of the nose, dropping from brow to his wings.
  4. We do the same with the other hand.
  5. That nose is not turned into a long, slightly darken the tip.

Fix long nose

Adjust the long nose a little more difficult than wide, but still possible. To do this, we use the following sequence of actions:

  1. Apply concealer obscuring his nose on both sides, leaving a thin line of light in the center.
  2. If in addition to the length of the nose is different and more excessive width, its lateral parts should also be toned.
  3. Use the highlighter makes it easy to smear on the bridge of the nose, starting from the nose and ending at the level of the nose wings.
  4. In order to avoid the contrast effect, cover the face with a thin layer of powder.

In addition to dry corrector can also be usedFoundation. In this case, you need to remember about the accuracy and do not overdo it with the amount. A thin uniform layer of cream allows the skin look natural, natural and attractive. The contrast between the tones should not be, so the shades of the border should be carefully shade. The easiest way to apply the agent with a sponge, it is also possible to easily remove the excess, if any, will be. After all the manipulations usual pat face with a paper towel, but better - cover a light layer of powder, so color transitions are smooth and invisible. Keep the powder to tone consistent basis.

What can be regarded as an ideal nose?

Despite the fact that the taste and color of comrades there, still there are a number of characteristics in the world, which can determine the proper standard of the nose:

  • its length is equal to the height of the forehead;
  • at the bottom of a shallow depression in the ground must be present;
  • the angle between the nose and upper lip is 90 °;
  • the tip is soft enough, but not fleshy;
  • width of the nose section is the eye;
  • the shape of the nostrils resembles a drop;
  • the distance from the base to the tip is not greater than one third of the total length.

Whatever it was, most of us arefar from the concept of the ideal, the main thing to remember one thing: Love yourself as you are created by nature. Living in harmony with itself gives a feeling of happiness and serenity and self-confidence, beauty and individuality acting on the opposite sex like a magnet.