How to use olive oil for the face

About useful, one might even say, it isthe miraculous properties of olive oil mankind knew even in the most remote antiquity. The unique and unmatched Nefertiti Cleopatra, knew exactly how to use olive oil for the face, and the whole body. It may be precisely because of this, they have become famous throughout the world for its beauty, and even remained for centuries, these standards of beauty that are watched by millions of women and men, even after so many years. After all, for every girl and woman is very important just to look good at any age, it is important to catch the admiring and sometimes even envious glances. To help quality care for facial skin and maybe the most olive oil, well known to every housewife, and are available in almost all in the kitchen.


  • 1 What our ancestors knew?
  • 2 Clear the face of pollution
  • 3 delicate skin around the eyes can not tolerate neglect
  • 4 Everyday skin care - it's easy and pleasant

What our ancestors knew?

In fact, the cosmetic industryjust could not stay away and not to use such a valuable and high quality, in terms of beauty care of the dermis, the product. Scientists have assembled, how to use olive oil for the face, the people, and then we conducted research and created numerous cosmetics, creams, masks, scrubs and so on, on the basis of olive oil. However, many of the fair sex prefer not to rely on the quality of industrially produced creams and use only natural cosmetics, ie to prepare cosmetics alone, for myself. Of course, it is quite justified, although it is possible and takes away a bit more time and effort to care for themselves. But is this is the price for a beautiful appearance and excellent mood? Not at all!

What is the main benefit for your face, a product such as this oil:

  • Olive oil - a natural product, because init does not contain virtually no harmful substances such as parabens and others that could damage the dermis, on the surface, or at a cellular level.
  • This product is completely hypoallergenic, ie,Never and no one has not yet been identified allergic reactions to olive oil. Apply it is possible at any age and in any amount, it does not hurt.
  • Oil from olives contains a hugevitamins, including also the most essential vitamins for our epidermis. For example, retinol, or as it is called vitamin A can qualitatively nourish the skin, moisturize and help trap moisture for a long time.
  • Additionally, most vitamin-most women, itVitamin E, or tocopherol. This is generally the real storehouse of all kinds of "goodies". The main function of tocopherol - binding free radicals, which significantly rejuvenates the skin, prevents premature aging and skin aging, and so on.
  • Olive oil can help "spur" all the processes in the dermis, increase metabolism, and is suitable for absolutely any type of skin, from the super-dry, until combined and hypersensitivity.

How to use olive oil?

Clear the face of pollution

With a total benefit of olive oil for the epidermis,and in general, for the whole body, we can say we've already figured out, but before you proceed to the process, you need to understand how to use olive oil for the face, because few will just be smeared with them. Such a procedure is unlikely to give exactly the effect you expect. Start, perhaps, you need to cleanse your dermis from outside contamination, what olive oil can also have a very big favor.

  • The most simple, basic way

The first way to clean the face with olive oilvery simple. Take a clean cotton ball and dip it in fairly hot water, and then gently squeeze the remnants of moisture. After that. Apply a little oil on the surface of the disc and slowly, along the massage lines, wipe your own face. Such a method is perfect for removing makeup residues and makeup, and just for clarification at the end of a hard, working day.

  • Peeling with olive oil

Procedures for purification is just not enough, andwhereas the aid may come a radical means as peeling, the more so on the basis of olive oil, it will become even more useful and of high quality. But do not forget that peels itself - deep cleaning treatment of the dermis, so do not do it more than once a week. However, this product is gentle enough.
Complex, again, there is nothing available and thispeeling completely any girl or woman, wherever she lived, and in the countryside, outdoors, and in the huge gassy city. Take two tablespoons of bran can be used wheat, rye or oats, and mix with exactly the same. the amount of oil. Then a few minutes apply the mixture on your face, gently massaging it. Rinse with warm water need, and then cold wash to close the pores. Do not forget that before the exfoliation procedure, it is advisable to steam the face of a decoction of medicinal herbs such as chamomile.

  • Olive Mask of wrinkles

This retseptik talks about how to applyolive oil for the face, if you want to achieve high-quality cleansing and anti-aging, anti-aging effect. Based on the effect of acid agents, because try not to overdo it, though in fact, nothing wrong, should not happen.
Squeeze the juice of one lemon and add it,approximately the same amount of olive oil, mix well. Wipe your face with the mixture should be careful not to touch the area around the eyes, and you can use a clean one, and even two times a week.

The delicate skin around the eyes can not tolerate neglect

We all know that not every cosmeticmeans may be suitable for the delicate skin around the eyes. The dermis is where a thin, highly vulnerable to injury, tender and vulnerable, and therefore treat it, have very carefully.
However, there is a tool that does not hurtthe skin around the eyes, and as you already guessed, this olive oil. Moreover, the product can not only help with the wetting of the problem area of ​​your face, but also help get rid of this unpleasant, but quite common phenomenon as "crow's feet" wrinkles.
For use, olive oil slightlypreheat to you it seemed a little warm and neatly hammer, pat the skin under the eyes and eyelids. Keep this masochku need thirty or forty minutes, and if you wish, you can even leave until morning, that's for sure no harm will not bring.

Everyday skin care - it's easy and pleasant

In addition to the original procedure, which can beproducing once or twice a week, such as peeling and super-purification, you must also know how to use olive oil for the face every day, without fear of consequences, and making high quality softening own skin, more fresh, young and beautiful. Let's give a couple of quite logical, practical advice, following which, you are sure to pick up for themselves care with olive oil and, of course, will be satisfied.

  • Periodically lubricate your skin a littleheated olive oil does not hurt anyone. For dry skin, this product will bring the elasticity, hydration and nutrition, for oily and combination, also be useful, as will saturate it with vitamins, without clogging pores. Additionally, olive oil can remove peeling effect, when used two or three times a day.
  • Dry skin is perfectly perceives maskolive oil, and fruit or berry gruel prepared immediately before the procedure. Perfectly suited bananas and apricots, persimmons and cranberries, gooseberries or currants, the choice is wide enough.
  • Combination and oily skin perfectly respond to the mask with olive oil and grapefruit, perfect as kiwi, grape, strawberry, raspberry, peach, mountain ash, and so on.
  • In order to feel the realanti-aging effect, you can make a mask with cream cheese, egg yolk and, of course, thus, extra virgin olive oil. Take two tablespoons of fat cottage cheese rather, it is desirable to use a home, and to do it you can quite independently and thoroughly mix it with a tablespoon of olive oil. When the mixture is smooth, add to one egg yolk and stir again. Apply the resulting mixture should immediately, and after fifteen or twenty minutes, rinse with warm water. The Council also add a teaspoon of honey. After these procedures, the skin becomes fresh, smooth wrinkles, and his face is literally shines health.