How to use coffee for the person?

Coffee scrub at home

Like it or not, and almost all the people are very fond of fragrant, invigorating drink, and many, and does not represent their morning without a cherished, hot and invigorating cup of coffee.

Naturally, the drink is a drink is necessary tomind, not allowing the body to strong shocks, because coffee contains a huge number of substances that can revitalize our organisms with you, enhance metabolism, spur heartbeat, affect blood pressure and so on.

But all this, well-known facts, and tellthis again is hardly necessary. Especially because we are talking about something else entirely as the same one noble drink, and to be honest, do not drink.


  • 1 Who came up with that coffee grounds, is suitable not only for divination - is unknown, but well thought out!
  • 2 What will the coffee scrub your skin
  • 3 What you need to know and have to be used in cosmetic procedures coffee house
  • 4 Some of the most simple coffee scrubs
    • 4.1 The simplest scrub "five seconds"
    • 4.2 Coffee choice for dry skin
    • 4.3 Beauty-face mask of coffee

Who came up with that coffee grounds, it is suitable not only for divination - is unknown, but well thought out!

Coffee scrub for the faceCoffee grounds attracted people since ancient times. It is not known for some mysterious reasons, wizards and witches, and the main en masse, they, nevertheless, were charlatans and magicians, use a dark mush left over from drinking a cup of coffee, as Ouija accessories.

Maybe it loads the fact that the coffee wasquite expensive, and drink it could only person secured because Divination was considered something of an elite, something that is not available to everyone and everything, and maybe due to the fact that the coffee itself seemed to everyone who used it in antiquity , mystical. Enigmatic and mysterious. History is silent about it, and God bless her.

However, there is coffee, or rather from the coffee grounds, thereanother purpose, is used as abrasive substance in scrubs and peels, to high quality, fast and reliable own clean dirt from the dermis. Solid particles are milled coffee beans have a revolutionary effect, although in scrubs, of course, add a variety of abrasives.

For example, the widely popular scrubs and peels from apricot pits, walnut shells, sea minerals and salt, and even ordinary sugar.

But for coffee grounds, there is a special place incosmetic industry, as the exfoliating, abrasive action and its properties do not end there, as the coffee scrub at home will be able to do any of the fair sex, who only this wish.

What will the coffee scrub your skin

What are the objectives pursued girls or women,which do not emit thick, from the usual cup of coffee in the morning and collect and use it for cosmetic purposes, and what might be useful, the same would seem to have already served their service, coffee pulp:

  1. The first, naturally, is notoriousexfoliation. Pieces of freshly ground coffee, past treatment with hot water, because it is already brewing in the coffee machine, or in Turku, softened somewhat, because the skin can not hurt, but clean it from all sorts of dirt, pretty good quality.
  2. Coffee grounds able to positively influence theblood flow in the dermis, as well as to improve the natural removal of subcutaneous fat. That is, we can say with certainty that the coffee grounds are fully capable to save you from excessive fat content of the epidermis.
  3. Scrub of coffee, freshly milled grainsextremely helpful and affects the freshness and beauty of your outer dermis. The skin becomes much cleaner, it looks much younger and fresher than before the procedure.
  4. This scrub, made by coffee groundsquality can deal with such a common problem, a real scourge of our time, cellulite, which literally stormed, modern girls and women. Especially lovers of fast food, and to whom to approach something close to five meters can not be, not what it is.

Do not forget the fact that the coffee itself has a tonic effect. Coffee scrub at home, and is sure to be toning your dermis.

The substances contained in coffee beans, and ifyou are a little "theme", then you know that this is not only caffeine, are able to penetrate deep into the epidermis, and act, as it were, from the inside, they can break down fats, thereby adjusting the fat content of the skin.

What you need to know and have to be used in cosmetic procedures coffee house

Firstly, it should be clear to himself thatcoffee cake, it is so called thick, this is not a toy and can be significantly hurt yourself and your skin. Because the coffee scrub to prepare at home, as well as to apply it in practice, it is better with caution to avoid unnecessary injuries.

The mask of coffee for the person: recipesHow correctly to do this scrub as it is better to use and what precautions to respect, remember not difficult:

  1. Select the coffee is not so difficult, anyway,but the best option - it is the use of the grounds, which remains the drink that you have used successfully for other purposes. But, if desired, the coffee can be brewed specially for cosmetic procedures.
  2. For the coffee scrub best fit the coffee,which is quite small, or, in extreme cases, the average milling. Coarse grain grinding, can significantly injure the skin and lead to the desired results are not.
  3. For the coffee scrub can miraculouslycome as a meal of black, roasted coffee, and fashioned, green, where a lot more antioxidants, can keep the youth and freshness of your dermis.
  4. Scrub their coffee is best for the body, forhands and feet, and his face and chest area, it is best to keep. Although, if you choose a very fine grind coffee, then with extreme caution, it still can be used, and receive at the same time, remarkable results.
  5. Try to use the thick, the rest of thebrewed coffee, which has a sharp, bright smell of coffee, because it may indicate that it retained much caffeine and other substances that may affect the epidermis unpredictable. In this case, green coffee, of course, fit better, since it is much less dangerous.
  6. Do not use scrubs for instant coffee,because, first, you absolutely can not know how and what substances could get there, and secondly, the loading dose of caffeine contained in it, probably not very much like your delicate skin.


Some of the most simple coffee scrubs

Of course, we should also offer you a fewthe simplest recipes, how to cook the coffee scrub at home, without the use of some fantastically-expensive or completely unavailable components.

In fact, it is difficult anything, after all, is not, and to cope with the task, will be able to complete any girl or woman.

The simplest scrub "five seconds"

For preparing a cup or requirespecial saucer for cosmetics, if you have one, a teaspoon of coffee grounds, or simply coffee grounds and any body wash, for example, designed for the soul.

Simply mix coffee with gel in the cup, and then light, massage movements, put on the skin. You can leave the scrub for a few minutes, gently massaging the skin, then rinse with warm, not hot water.

Coffee choice for dry skin

It would seem, for dry and sensitive skin, it is bestmanage by other means, and coffee leave for other purposes, but there is a way to apply it also in this version and extract significant benefit. To make the coffee scrub for dry skin, you need to almond oil, honey and cane sugar.

At the fifty milliliters of almond oil,Take a pair of teaspoons of all of the above, and your ready to scrub. Use it must be especially careful careful, because dry skin hurt easily.

Beauty-face mask of coffee

According to one of the "experienced" recipes, you canalso prepare coffee scrub mask for the face and home as well. It is necessary to mix a tablespoon of natural, honey, a teaspoon of coffee meal and then add back even a teaspoon of olive oil.

Which are increasingly in recent years appears tothe kitchens of each family, carefully all mix. Apply this mask-peeling on the face must be carefully and gently and then rinse thoroughly with cool water. The result is waiting for you, simply amazing.

Do not also forget about caution and solike coffee scrubs have a number of contraindications. The most important thing - if you have an individual, personal intolerance of coffee, do not even try to make such cosmetic products as coffee tends to be absorbed into the skin, which can lead to allergic reactions.

Do not use coffee scrubs, if availableskin diseases or dermis is extremely sensitive and irritated. In other cases, be sure to use a coffee scrub, and the result is that you will feel and see in the mirror, be sure you will appreciate.